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Probably More Than You Wanted to Know ;-)Self-discovery, revelations and coming out as a bisexual womanA semi-FAQ sheetMultiple Monogamy (Polyamory)Lessons learned from a lost loveHow I met my wife...For my best friend (next to my wife, of course...Causes I supportDomestic Violence and Its Effects on Families and SocietyA search for human contact; inmate correspondencePictures from the first annual CyBerQue
The Purple Hat ProjectMy Syndicated ColumnRainbow's End MinistriesMidi files to downloadRequest one of the books I've written!Exposed! Unmasking the Agenda of the Radical Religious RightThe Rainbow's End Free Background setsRead one of the books I wrote!
My spiritual journey...a continuing sagaWill you make your own choices or let someone else do it for you?More of my spiritual beliefs and personal philosophiesAstrological interpretations: COMING SOON!Prayers based on ancient Nordic runes: A model of spiritualityCalculate your biorhythms everyday!
My wife's homepage: her mind isn't as scary as she wants you to believe...hesheMusic and quotes to inspire and reflect upon. An oasis for the soul.What if you got an email from God?What if the entire population of the earth only numbered 100?Inspirational and Humorous StoriesLiving Memorial to Seven Brave AstronautsUtne Reader

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