I have received many inspirational and humorous emails since coming online, and thought I would share them with you. Some have been circulating for years and are known to be fabrications. But there's nothing to stop someone from learning a deep spiritual truth from a work of fiction, so I put them here anyway. Some of them have the author listed (or at least the author I was told is responsible for the piece), but for many, I have no idea who wrote them. If one of these is yours, please email me and I will either remove it or give you proper credit for the work as per your request (with proper proof of ownership, of course). Enjoy the following stories that make some good food for thought!!

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All the Good Things
How to Give Your Cat a Pill
Right Now...
The Law of Life
Choosing Our Attitude
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
It Started with a Smile...
The Most Beautiful Flower
The Paradox of Our Age
Feeling Overworked?
The Cold Within
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Believe in Magic
Don't Ever...
The Birdies
The Bill of No Rights
Your Call
The Christmas Angel
Insurance Claim
A Mother's Pride
I've Learned...
The Rules of Life
The World According to Student Bloopers
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Beauty Tips
Benefits of Struggling
How to Know If You're Ready to Have Kids
Learn to Listen
Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky
How the Grinch Stole Marriage
A Happy Marriage
Aircraft Problems
The Pastor's Kitten
The Mousetrap

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