[NOTE: The following letter and pages were specifically designed to accompany charts that I do for those who request them. If you have had your chart done by someone else and wish to interpret the chart by using these pages, please realize that some of what I write will not apply to you since not all astrologers provide the same information.]

Dear Friend:

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you to gain possible new insights into yourself-- your actions, your emotions, your desires and your thoughts. But before you delve into the information on the following pages, I ask you to please keep several things in mind.

First and foremost, your natal birth chart shows the conditions that surrounded you at the moment of your birth. These conditions include what I like to refer to as "tools" you can use to help you to overcome any "negative" traits that you may possess. If you're an adult reading your own chart, please keep in mind that many of these conditions may have changed as you matured from newborn to the present.

Second, the things revealed by your natal chart are under your control since it's always within your power to change what you don't like about yourself. You control your stars-- they don't control you unless you give them that control. And you do that by not doing anything to prevent what you see as "negative" things from occurring. Energy follows the path of least resistance, and it's always easier to follow the negative path because it means doing nothing. (It's easier to turn a blind eye to someone in need than to do something to help them, for example.) Since the interactions of the planets (called aspects) are nothing more than the flow of energy, the negative will come about if you do nothing to prevent it.

Third, the natal chart is not to be used as an excuse for any type of behavior. If you tend to be lazy and say "My chart says I'm a lazy sort of person", you're allowing your stars to control you. And simply in making that choice, you assume responsibility for your actions because your stars normally don't control you-- you've chosen to give them that control.

When first reading the enclosed information, your initial reaction will probably be one of confusion, especially if you're unfamiliar with astrology. The first thing anyone does when taking over a new business is to take an inventory. That has already been done for you since your natal chart is simply an inventory: a list of things you have and a list of things you need. And in order to meet your highest potential, you must use the things you have to get what you need. However, right now, that inventory is scattered around several pages and you must organize those pages. If you follow the simple steps outlined below, you should be able to take complete stock of your business.

Take out several sheets of paper and a pen or pencil. Mark one sheet "Tools", mark one sheet "Things to Fix" and mark the final sheet "Either".

Begin reading the appropriate pages one at a time. As you read about the Sun in whatever sign you were born into, you'll notice that it lists several attributes, like conscientious, ambitious, jealous and cunning, for example. Write the first two on the sheet marked "Tools" and the third on the sheet marked "Things to Fix" (you need to "fix" the tendency to become jealous) and the last one on the sheet marked "Either" (cunning can used for both good and bad.)

As you continue through the pages, whenever "conscientious", "jealous" or "ambitious" is mentioned again, simply place a mark beside your original listing. When you reach the last page of traits (which will be about the rising sign), you'll have a list of probably fifty or even one hundred or more things that are considered tools and the same amount that are considered needs. If you choose, you can now rewrite the list beginning with the most frequently used tool or need and work your way down to the least used. (The latter will be the ones that were mentioned only once.) Your inventory is now complete and you can begin acquiring your needs using your tools. You'll find that one tool can be useful in fulfilling several needs.

I have also included information about the various planets that may help you to understand your chart even more. The information for each individual planet is listed before the specific aspects for your chart are listed. Since this information is used for all charts I do, it may contain some information that doesn't apply to your chart. For example, you may not have any conjuctions to the Sun, but I have included the meaning of conjuctions to the Sun in the general information about that planet.

There is a package of information that I call General Notes. This includes the symbolisms used in astrology, the meanings of the houses, the differences between the modalities and the elements and other information I felt would be useful to you.

And finally, there are two sheets that demonstrate the "inventory process" as described above. Hopefully, it will clear up any discrepancies due to poor explanations on my part. If you find that you want to better understand your chart, yet are unable to take your own "inventory", I will gladly help you to "translate" your chart if you'd like me to. Please call the number given below if I can be of further assistance. Once again, thank you for allowing me to reach a higher personal potential by giving you another tool to help you to reach yours.

With love and light,
Shelly Strauss
My email is rainbowlady @ rainbowsendpress.com but without the space before and after the @ sign. I'm hoping that keeps the spam down. If not, I'll have to remove the email address.

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