Below is a short synopsis of each of the books I have written. Descriptions that are followed by a rainbow flag deal with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and/or intersexed relationships. Those that have "*****" after the number are now available for reading. Others will be added as time allows.

The Greatest of These Is Love
Kelly Carver is making preparations to start college in the fall. While she has always had unique "talents", like being able to tell anyone where anything they lost could be found, nothing could have prepared her for the events that followed. Within the first few weeks of her arrival at Manchester University, Kelly experiences a spiritual awakening that allows her to tap into the consciousness of another dimension. She has vivid and disturbing dreams that come true. One recurring dream, however, eludes her understanding ...until she meets Jake Dennison. In a moment of utter lucidity, she sees her future, including the manner of her own death. She knows that she has a choice to make: to follow the path she foresees or to turn aside and wait for another to lead the way...
Book #9201

What Price Love?
Brianna Waverly runs into a childhood friend in a bookstore. Diane's invitation to dinner at her father's house is eagerly accepted. Little does Brianna suspect the outcome of her meeting with Victor Rotterman after so many years. Although more than twenty years her senior, Brianna knows in her heart and soul that Victor is the man she is to spend the rest of her life with. She reveals a very guarded secret to him, but keeps the most guarded-- her love for him-- to herself. When neither one can deny their feelings any longer, and after Brianna is diagnosed with cancer, the two marry clandestinely and keep their marriage a secret from Victor's five children. Brianna's attempts to heal her body of the cancer that is rapidly destroying it open the door to other abilities she was not aware of-- abilities that lead her to the forefront of a spiritual movement. But will she be able to fight off the darker side of the powers she has been given before it destroys her marriage to Victor?
Book #9302

What Goes Around
Sassy Hailey McCormick Riley arrives at the hospital to find Luke Nilson sitting alone in his wheelchair in the physical therapy room, angry and bitter at his paralysis from an accident. Despite her youth, Hailey possesses a wisdom beyond her years and soon finds herself falling in love with Luke. Over her parents' objections, the two marry. When Luke dies as the result of the injury he suffered years before, Hailey finds herself facing trial for his murder. She is suddenly released one day due to the efforts of a white supremacist, whose very ideas curdle Hailey's blood. So why does she feel herself falling in love with him?
Book #9303

Mariah Kohl has found work as a stable hand. Her fellow coworkers think she is deaf because she hasn't spoken for as long as they've known her. But she has taken a vow of silence until she finds what she's looking for. When she meets Kyle Landers, she knows her quest is over. She returns home and awaits the summons she knows will come from him. She turns up at his front door and within a short period of time, they're a couple. Then Lisa shows up....
Book #9404 Of special interest to GLBT community

Love Conquers All
Rachel Houghton falls in love with Matthew Castigliani, a man many years her senior and her roommate's father. Their relationship gets off to a very rocky start until Rachel is a passenger on an airplane that crashes in the mountains. She and a baby boy are the sole survivors of the crash. Matthew and Rachel adopt the child and raise him as their own, never seeing any need to inform their daughter, Kira, that her brother was adopted. Then Kira realizes something that devastate her...she is in love with her "brother"...Follow three generations of Rachel's family as they learn the lessons of love.
Book #9305

Cassandra Bartollo opens her own book store in a rather "undesireable" part of town. By the end of her first business day, she is sure she made a mistake. But when Deniko Williams arrives and claims responsibility for the lack of business and threatens to run her out of the area if she doesn't pay his "protection fee", she gets very angry. Determined to fight back, she was completely unprepared to fall in love or to suffer the consequences of a love others felt was wrong...
Book#9306 *****

Answer to a Prayer
Tyler had come to Sam's rescue more than once, so it took her a while to realize that the love she felt for him was more than just like a brother and even longer for him to realize that Sam was a woman instead of the closest thing he had to a kid sister. But life's about to throw them a curve that neither had anticipated.
Book#9307 *****

Angel Lady
Abby Richland never expected to find herself being "the other woman", especially when Randy told her he still loved his wife and would never leave her. When Abby filled in for a vacationing friend, providing physical therapy in the home, she unexpectedly found herself facing her lover's wife. Even more suprising was the fact that she found herself liking Susan. Then Abby was offered a full time position-- as Susan's live-in personal assistant....
Book #9308 *****

Final Chapter
Becky Eyler wakes screaming from a nightmare, a nightmare that feels so real. Her fiancee again asks her to see a dream interpreter, but she again refuses, saying she is too busy with wedding plans. When her maid of honor arrives in town, Becky goes to the hotel to meet her. In her excitement, she knocks on the wrong door and finds herself staring into the eyes of a man she's never met before. Yet at the same time, she knows that she is to spend the rest of her life with Alec. The wedding forgotten in the overwhelming passion that washes over her, Becky awakes the next morning to find herself the object of a large search. But the real search has just begun. The nightmares return with renewed intensity until in desperation she finally calls a dream interpreter. Under hypnosis, Becky discovers that love doesn't recognize the bounds of space or time. That she and Alec had loved before...150 years before....
Book #9309

Matters of Faith
Sister Morissa Augustine had felt the calling early in her life. She spent countless hours running the local homeless shelter and overseeing the building of a new one. Many of the workers came from the streets themselves, and Zac Hess was no different. In fact, there was an instant personality clash that Sister Morissa did her best to supress. Then one day, Zac reveals that he has fallen in love with her. Her initial reaction is to point out that she is a nun, unable to enter into an intimate relationship. And for a while, she convinces herself this is what she wants....
Book #9310

Let Love Take Over
Aryn Malloy was having one of those days when the flashing lights of a police car appeared in her rearview mirror. Officer Russ Zamora let her off with a warning, but it soon turns into a life sentence. But can Aryn survive the stress of being in love with a cop? Especially one who has a reputation for being "reckless"?
Book #9411

Sight Unseen
Meghan Convers and Cindy Dolan had been best friends for years. So when Marshall, Cindy's husband, begins confiding his wife's strange behavior to Meghan, she is skeptical. But as the months pass and Marshall turns to Meghan more and more, she finds herself falling in love with her best friend's husband. Just as Cindy had planned.....
Book #9412

Pam Prentice and Justine Milton have been best friends since childhood. But when Justine tells Pam she is preparing to undergo gender reassignment, it tests the limits of their friendship. After the transition, Justin has one more bombshell to drop on Pam...he is in love with her.
Book #9413Of special interest to GLBT community

Darcy Lombard often finds herself in places and can't remember how she got there...But somehow she manages to live a relatively "normal" existence until one day she is pushed over the edge and Dacey takes over....When Darcy wakes up in a mental hospital and discovers she has not one but several different personalities, she will not believe it until her therapist plays back tapes of his conversations with her "other selves". Darcy fights to regain control of her life but despairs of ever being able to love because of the fierce hatred and violent anger one of the more dominant personalities posseses. Then she discovers that she is responsible for a series of unsolved and gristly murders...
Book #9414

Second Marriages
Alisha and Jay Mallory have been happily married for several years and are still madly in love when Alisha finally gets to meet Jay's best friend...the man who was supposed to be the best man in their wedding. So why does she suddenly find herself completely and undeniably attracted to Brice Walken? That the attraction is returned is undeniable too. Alisha avoids admitting her love for Brice because she is unable to accept or understand how she can love two men with all her heart. Then comes the day where she is literally holding Brice's life in her hands...
Book #9415

The Reward
Leni Malloy is a young prostitute who meets Ben Horton, a somewhat naive widower, who takes Leni out for coffee and conversation, unaware of her career. Leni finds she enjoys being treated like a lady with no expectation of anything in return and finds herself falling in love. Afraid that Ben will terminate his relationship with her, she hides her employment from him for as long as possible. Her fears are realized when Ben discovers the truth, although he is not angry at her, just saddened by the fact that he cannot deal with her past. But their brief love results in a child and Leni, out of love for Ben and the child, gives custody of the child to Ben. In an attempt to get herself out of the business, she accepts employment as the "consort" for a rich businessman's spoiled son who is attending college. Leni endures his cruel treatment until her contract is up, taking full advantage of the situation by earning her own degree. Her future takes another unexpected turn when she finds herself propositioned by another socialite to be his present a socially acceptable front to his parents so he doesn't have to endure their rejection should they find out he is gay.
Book #9416Of special interest to GLBT community

Opposites Attract...Sometimes
Niki Dettweiler and Kim Moreland were the closest of friends. When both of them suffered the ugly end of their relationship to their respective boyfriends at the same time, they sought comfort from each other. When Kim finds herself kicked out of the house she shared with her former lover, she doesn't hestitate to move in with Niki before even asking if it was okay. As they find comfort in each others company, Niki soon realizes she is falling in love with Kim. When she finally reveals her true feelings, Kim gets angry and moves out. But Kim soon finds that she misses Niki more than ever...
Book #9417Of special interest to GLBT community

The Rose
Jolene Suskine eagerly anticipated her senior prom but a violent earthquake that left her parents dead and trapped her and the parish priest under the collapsed church put an end to that. Her grief turned to anger at God and she eventually doubted his very existence. As she entered college, she was led to courses that forced her to question her doubts and come to a new spirituality. During the years after the quake, her friendship with Father Damon, the parish priest, strenthened into a bond that eventually grew into a deep and abiding love. But Father Damon's calling was as important to him as his love for Jolene and she did not ask him to make a choice. But when their love was revealed, he was sent away as a missionary. Before he left, he gave her a rose...a rose that would not die.
Book #9418

Red Balloons and Second Chances
Molly Thompson is a rich, spoiled young woman whose parents divorced years ago. Used to an elegant lifestyle, she is angered when her father refuses to pay for her excessive habits. Bent on seeking revenge when he refuses to yield to her demands, she forms a plan that she knows will hurt him the most. Not revealing her true identity, she makes friends with one of her father's employees, Angelo DiLucente, whose lowly position as a janitor "enhances" her plan because of his prison record. Her seduction of Angelo results in an intimate encounter that Molly planned for her father's benefit. When he walks in and finds his daughter in such a compromising position with someone so socially unacceptable, she thinks her revenge is fulfilled. But she hadn't planned how much it hurt her when she saw the pain in Angelo's eyes as he realized that he had been used.
Book #9419

Andy Shapiro was instantly attracted to the young woman she saw at the mall and struck up a friendly conversation with her. The two agreed to meet at the mall the following week, where Andy took a chance and revealed the fact that she was a lesbian to Cathryn, including the fact that her parents were aware of her orientation and supported her. Andy took Cathryn's shocked expression as one of disinterest. Cathryn explained that if she ever told her parents something like that, they'd disown her...which was why she could never tell them.
Book #9520 Of special interest to GLBT community *****

Justice for All
Alana Hearstead eagerly agreed to fly to Seattle to bring back the man who had murdered her brother. Steven Hastings' complete lack of remorse infuriated her, making her even more eager to return him so justice can be served. But a plane crash leaves the two of them stranded somewhere in the Rockies unable to attempt to walk out because of Alana's injuries...
Book #9521 *****

Another Way
Maranda Detig had started on her career path at the tender age of ten when she'd turned in her own sister for a violation of the morality code. Her strict adherence to the principles behind it as well as a genuine talent for speechwriting led to an almost meteoric rise up the ladder of the governmental agency charged with protecting the morals of the nation, the Department of Moral Enforcement. Within a few years, she was writing speeches for senators and eventually the President himself. She was soon to discover, though, that the higher one rises, the further one has to fall...
Book #9522 *****

Chris Donegal always felt unique as a child. And for good reason. But when Chris goes to college, the normal comfort zones Chris had gotten used to disappeared. Making friends wasn't as easy when you had a secret as big as the one Chris had.
Book #9525Of special interest to GLBT community *****

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