Well, folks, you asked for it, you got it. Here is the first picture of myself that was ever put on the web.

Rainbowlady©1997 by Jody

©1997 by Jody. Used with permission. Please do not copy.

LOL. No, seriously, this picture, titled "Rainbowlady" was done by a fellow chatter after I half-jokingly requested she paint a picture of me. Although she'd never seen me, she said she tried to capture my spirit. I think she did a great job— I'm really way out there and kind of spacey. LOL. But I wish I had the body this lady does. LOL. Thanks, again, CP.

I've finally updated my pictures. Yeah!

My wife and I with our dog, Sapphire.

My oldest son, PJ

My youngest son, Nathan

I now have some more pictures here from the CBQ. For those of you not familiar with the term, I hosted a cyberque in July, 1997 for a bunch of online chat friends. Sixteen chatters from all over the country— WA, IL, IN, NC, NJ, NY, KS, PA and OH— met at my house in PA. Two of the chatters even got married there that day. It was a wonderful experience...like the meeting of old friends. No awkward silences, just lots of people ROFLTAO...We had a second CBQ the next summer for a weekend this time, but between then and time for the third CBQ, the chatroom we all met at closed and we gradually lost touch, although I still keep in contact with a couple of my former chatting buddies.


This is my beautiful cyberdaughter, Leene! I'm so proud!

Maryann, Maia, Blabby

This is, from left to right, Maryann, Maia and Blabby!

Madame and Rozie

This is Madame and Rozie!

Momof1 and Madame

Momof1 and Madame

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