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The Rainbow's Other End...

where the path to the pot of gold
is paved with tolerance, understanding,
compassion and love.

Welcome to the Rainbow's Other End. This page used to be in Tripod, but they demanded that I edit it at least once a month or they were going to delete. it, I figured that since I had signed up for a free home page with no strings other than the ones I had agreed to (pop up ads, etc.), they had no business telling me how often I had to edit my page, so I moved it here.

If you've come here from The Rainbow's End or you know me from chat (or those really lucky ones who know me personally), you know I can really get up on my soap box at times. Well, this is gonna be a page filled with soapboxes. Kinda like my Choices page at Angelfire. But maybe not so deep. Since I started this page, I've made a lot of changes to my homepage and become involved in some projects that allowed me to do what I had intended to do here but allowed me to do it while reaching a bigger audience. As a result, much of what I had intended to put on this page can now be seen at One Spirit Project where I am proud to be the resident visionary. So while I encourage you to keep reading here, I also encourage you to visit One Spirit Project.

Most of the stuff that's going to appear here will be more personal. What it's like trying to blend two families into one with the added "complication" of it being a same sex relationship. What it's like to wake up one day and realize your twelve and a half year marriage is over. What it's like being bisexual and the misperceptions encountered. What it's like being the black sheep of the family. What it's like being involved in a polyamorous relationship. My views on things such as angels, channelling, crystals, psychic abilities and other New Age topics, as well as what New Age isn't!

Thanks for stopping by.

With Love and Light,

Rainbowlady (aka Shelly)

of POD

I am so honored to have had my "What New Age Means to Me" page selected as "Best of the Pod" for the Spirituality Pod for the week of Aug. 25, 1998. Thank you to those who selected my page for this honor. Unfortunately, it's no longer in Tripod, but it still got the award, so I left it up there.


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