Top: Yen-yang, Momof1, RBL, Bullet, Wendy1   
Bottom: Ivy1, Ignat, Aragorn, Maryann

This, from left to right on the top picture,
is Yen-yang, Momof1, RBL, Bullet (the groom) and Wendy1 (the bride).
Left to right on bottom picture is Ivy1, Ignat (holding daughter),
Aragorn (in background) and Maryann in front of him.

Too Sexy!!! Mom and Gamaw

This is ("I got a funny") Momof1 and Gamawdaffy
in Gamaw's cool car dancing to "I'm Too Sexy"


This is the incomparable Gamawdaffy!!! What a cool lady she is!

Top: Maryann and Mom     Bottom: Mom, Aragorn, Maryann, Rozie, Leene, Sarem (holding Emily), Bullet, Wendy1, RBL

This is Maryann and Momof1 on the top picture.
From left to right on the bottom picture, we have
Momof1, Aragorn, Maryann, Rozie, Leene,
Sarem (holding Emily, my RL neice), Bullet and Wendy1 (the newlyweds) and RBL.

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