Mom and Iggy

This is Momof1 and Iggy!

Top:The Newlyweds: Wendy and Aaron    Bottom:Wendy, Aaron, Cory, Melani and Aaron, Jr.

The top picture is the happy couple: Wendy and Bullet!
The bottom picture is Wendy and Bullet with their kids, Cory, Melanie and Aaron.

Shotgun Wedding

The newlyweds, Aaron and Wendy are in the center holding son, Aaron. Standing behind them after the "shotgun" wedding are, from left to right, RBL, Leene, Ivy, Madame, Rozie, Aragorn, Gamaw, Whitewolf (behind Gamaw) and Momof1.

Sarem and Emily

My RL sis-in-law and neice: Sarem and Emily.

Leene and Ivy

This is Leene and Ivy1, my cyberdaughter and my soul twin, respectively.
(This song is for you, Ivy!!!)

Leene, Whitewolf and Iggy

This is Leene, Whitewolf and Ignat.

Madame, RBL, Ivy and Rozie

This is, from left to right, Madame, Rainbowlady, Ivy and Rozie...four foxy femmes!!! (heshe)

Playinout, Yen-yang, Dinam, RBL, Madame and Gamawdaffy

This is from the mini-cbq in Indianapolis...starting at the left and going around the table is
Playinout, Yen-yang, Dinam, Rainbowlady, Madame and Gamawdaffy.
(We have no idea who the man drinking the beer in the window behind us is!)


And finally, this is me once again!

PJ, Nathan and Staci

This is what my son got me for Christmas-- a mouse pad with this picture on it! Cool, huh??

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