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I received an email today that threw me for a bit of a loop. This is the text of the email message I received:

Well, I didn't have any idea where on the many, many pages that make up the several websites I own/run that I had used the offending phrase (I don't want to write out that phrase in case they decide to take me to court for doing so.) So I did a search of my domain name and that offending phrase. And I came up with this article, which originally had the offending phrase as a title. That was it. The title of an article I wrote ten years ago or more. I don't even use the phrase IN the article. Just as the title. I'm not trying to make a profit off the phrase. I'm not trying to steal their business. It was simply the title of the article and a simple way to explain what channeling is. And I get the above email message. I was, to say the least, a bit put off by what I saw as extreme pettiness. So I darted off a quick email in response with the subject line "You've got to be kidding..."

Now, using the logic of the individual who sent me this email, no one can use that phrase on their website or anywhere for that matter! (Of course, the writer of the email offered no proof of who s/he was and whether or not s/he owned said trademark. So maybe it's someone trying to make the trademark owners look bad. I'll see what kind of response I get from my return email.) So if you ever run across that term on anyone's webpage or in any book or magazine/newspaper article you may read, make sure you send an email to the address the writer provide- - to alert him/her to the fact that someone is violating his/her trademark. And if you hear someone speak those words aloud-- even a pastor, for example who might use those words in a sermon-- make sure you tell that person that s/he is violating a registered trademark.

For grins and giggles, I typed the offending phrase into the search engine that also means a one with a hundred zeroes after it. (I don't want to use the search engine's name in case I get sued for using it on my personal not for profit website.) I wonder if all 2,140,000 hits got the same email I did....

Now, back to your regularly scheduled article....

Channeling is the phenomenon whereby another non-physical spirit brings us information we would otherwise not know-- or at least not know that we know. Many times channeling takes the form of a spiritually advanced entity "taking over" the body of a human being in order to actually speak or write otherwise impart spiritual knowledge to human beings. In some cases, the human "host" has no memory of any information being channeled. Perhaps two of the most famous examples of channeling are the popular "Conversations with God" books by Neale Donald Walsch or the "Seth" books by Jane Roberts.

I'm willing to bet that most of us have had some experience with channeled information. Women, especially mothers, seem to have a sort of "pipeline" to channeled information. Like when you know something happened to your child by there's no way you can really "know" because you're miles away. And yet you "know" and when the phone rings, you've already started preparing yourself for the news. That "gut feeling" that proves true is channeled information. Or when you're pondering some question and suddenly you simply know the answer-- that too is channeled information, although most of us find some other explanation for it.

I've had tons of experience with channeled information. I've written countless articles, emails, books (well, I can count the books actually), letters, journal entries...and much of it is channeled information. So many times, when I'm writing, I'll be simply typing, not really paying attention to what is being written. It's almost as if I'm in a trance, and yet when I read it, it all makes sense (although sometimes I do have to read it and ponder it before it sinks in.) Or I'll get asked a question seeking advice and have no idea how to respond and I'll simply start the reply and before I know it, there's a wonderful response written. In my books, especially, I've noticed the channeling work being done. I'll have some idea of how the characters are going to behave/react/speak and where the story is going to go only to find that it turns out nothing like I had planned but it's still a wonderful story. I clearly remember the first book I ever wrote-- having so many "loose ends" and wondering how I was going to tie them all together and then sitting down one afternoon to write and coming away with all of them tied together by something that had never occured to me before.

Some of my most obvious channeled work is stuff that will never be seen by anyone else. It involves my conversations with three angels who are my companions and guides. Many a night I spend sitting in my room with pen and notebook in hand, writing down questions and then writing down the answers as they came to me. I have several of these angel notebooks, although in the past I have taken more to simply asking and listening than to writing down what is revealed to me.

Another method of channeling I use quite frequently is a pendulum. I have a crystal that I have on a piece of thread. When I have a simply choice to make and don't know which is best for me, or I'd like some information that can be acquired from a series of "yes/no" questions, I'll use my pendulum. I spend a few minutes centering myself and I speak my intention to know the truth and/or to find out what path is best for me. I then ask the pendulum to show me what way it will swing for "yes" and when it swings, I say "thank you". I then ask it to show me what way it will swing for "no" and once it has done so, I say thank you. (Please bear in mind that I make no movements and sit perfectly still while doing this. Others have watched me do it and have even taped it and the tape shows the pendulum suddenly stopping and swinging in the opposite direction.) If the information I request is not about me, I ask that the answer be given only with the permission of the other individual's higher self. If that permission is not given, then I receive no answer. This has only happened once: when I wanted to know what gender someone's baby would be and the parents wanted to be surprised.

Prayer, meditation-- call it what you will-- sets up a communication with the Divine, yet most of us believe this is just a "one-way" communication. We ask and God listens and that's the end of the communication. But it's not. God speaks back to us through the conviction with which we hold our faith, the certainty when we know a prayer has been answered (before there is any "evidence" that it has been answered), "intuition" and "gut feelings" and even through "coincidence". Like when you're pondering whatever happened to someone you knew in college and suddenly you get a call from that person. Or you're trying to find the answer to a question and a book literally falls on your head (or lands on the floor in front of you) that HAS that answer. Virtually every faith ever followed by man has made declarations along the lines of "God will provide for your every need". It's just that most of the time, we simply don't pay attention and don't hear or notice what God is telling us in return.

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