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In Response to The Other Black Sheep

Dear The Other Black Sheep:

I wish you had bothered to leave an email address or some other way to get in contact with you so that I could respond to your cryptic message in my guestbook. But you didn't, for reasons unknow, so this is the best I can do. I hope that someday you return to this page and read what I'm writing right now.

Your message in my guestbook told me to reread my letter to my father from a parent's point of view since I was, after all, a parent, wasn't I? Yes, I am a parent of two beautiful sons of whom I am very proud. So I did as you requested and reread the letter to my father as if one of my children had written it to me. Here's a letter I composed to my "child" in response to this letter I "received" from her.

Well, there is it, TOBS. As you may have noticed, I've written it from MY point of view as a mother, not from my father's. I can't speak for him and I won't presume to write a letter as if it were from him. I addressed the issues in the letter as if it had been my child writing that same letter to me. And I based my response on MY beliefs, not my fathers, because again, I cannot and will not speak for him. I'm not sure what you wanted me to see when reading the letter as a parent, and if I've missed your point, please let me know and try to clarify what I'm missing. And please, this time, leave an address so I can get back to you.



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