Domain names have experienced a virtual explosion in the last few years. New categories have been added. In addition to the original .com, .org and .net, there are now .biz, .info, .ws (for businesses), .edu (for educational institutions), .mil (for military) and .gov (for government agencies) and even .name. There are a lot of companies out there who are offering to register your domain name and prices vary drastically.

Once you have your domain name, you now have to find a place to host your webpage. Host sites have an even wider range of services offered from the amount of space offered to how much information you're allowed to transfer to the ability to offer you a secure online shopping site. Some sites will give you a lot of space really cheap, but give a very limited amount of transference. (This is the amount of information that is transferred from the host site to the computer of the person viewing your page. The more graphic intensive your page is, the more transferrence you have since graphics are usually the largest files on your site.) How compatible your host site is with programs like FrontPage and whether or not it will support Java applets, etc. may also be factors in determining which server to use. Another consideration to take into account is how long the server has been in business. The last thing you want to do is to get your web page set up on your server and then have the server go out of business.

Rainbow's End Press can take the hassle out registering your domain and finding you a host site. We'll even work on sites that offer free hosting, like Bizland. (Please note, however, that most of these sites, with the exception of Bizland and Xoom, will not allow you to have a free business site.)

Email me if you'd like more information, including pricing, for any of the services offered by Rainbow's End Press.




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