The web has become the modern day equivalent of the yellow pages and anyone who doesn't have a site online is missing out on business opportunities. Website design isn't all that difficult, but it can certainly be time consuming, especially if you don't want a standard, run of the mill webpage from a cookie cutter template. With a customized page, you can change your appearance every week if you want: you can change with the seasons or decorate for holidays and you don't even have to worry about storage space for decorations!

In addition to doing the actual layout of your site, Rainbow's End Press can provide you with custom graphics, from background sets with matching buttons/bars to the incorporation of your existing logo into the background or other graphics on the page. Any background sets custom made for your page will become your copyrighted property for your exclusive use. If you already have your own backgrounds and graphics picked out, we'll use those to build your website.

And if you don't want us to design your page but would like us to design you a background set or a custom graphic, we can do that too!

Email me if you'd like more information, including pricing, for any of the services offered by Rainbow's End Press.




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