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Get Involved

Here are some simple things you can do to help:

  1. Participate! On October 11, wear a purple hat. If you really feel you can't wear a purple hat, wear something purple on your head. Let yourself be seen. One of our goals is to stand up and be counted. We can't do that if you wear a purple hat and stay in the house all day. So plan your errands for that day and wear your purple hat with pride!
  2. Spread the word! We want to make as big an impact as we can. We can't do that if no one knows about PHP. Need suggestions on how to get the word out? Here are a few.

    • Post the URL for PHP on message boards, newsgroups, email lists and forums you visit regularly. PLEASE do not do cross-post, spam or post messages in forums where you are not a regular visitor. This may cause hard feelings. If we want our rights respected, we have to respect the rights of others as well. (We even have some samples for you to use! Link will open in a new window.)
    • Write a letter to the editor of your paper informing them about PHP. When writing a letter to the editor, make it brief and to the point. Tell them the date, why they should participate and how to participate.(We even have some samples for you to use! Link will open in a new window.)
    • If your church is an affirming church, ask if you can insert a notice about PHP in your church bulletin or newsletter.
    • Tell co-workers, family and friends about PHP.
    • Send the URL to friends and family on your contact lists for the various instant messenger services, Facebook, Twitter, My Space and other social media pages.
    • Contact your local GLBT center to see if they have a web-page or newsletter where you can post a small announcement about PHP.
    • Visit GLBT owned/operated/friendly businesses and see if you can put up a flier. We have two fliers that you can download and print out here and here. (You'll have to use your back button to return to this page.)
    • If you have your own website, use one of our banners or buttons to provide a link to PHP. If you want to create a custom link of your own, that's fine with me (as long as it's taseful. ;-) )
    • Contact your local TV or radio station and inform them about PHP. Print out the press release and distribute it to your local media. Many stations in smaller communities make public service announcements about community events.
    • If you're in college, post a notice on your school's bulletin board or message wall or wherever it is that students post ads about books for sale, roommates wanted, etc. Also talk to your campus' GLBT club, if there is one, and see if they can help promote it.

    I'm sure there are some very creative people out there who will come up with a lot more ideas.

  3. Talk about the need for gay equality in general. Open people's minds to things they may not have thought about before. Make them aware of the discrimination that is taking place. If you need help in countering some of the arguments used against equal rights for gays, particularly gay marriage, we've created a page of counter-arguments for the most popular anti-gay rhetoric.
  4. Support PHP. The only thing you really need to do to support us is to put a link on your front page and then let us know if you'd like a reciprocal listing on our LINKS page.
  5. Make a donation to PHP and become an official sponsor. Individuals, businesses, and organizations welcome!

More to come, I'm sure, as we figure out other ways that you can help... ;-)

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