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"My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.

What WE, your loved ones, want YOU, the survivor to know

  1. We LOVE you. Unconditionally.
  2. We will NOT "prove" our love by physically, verbally, emotionally or sexually abusing you like others before who have said they love you have done.
  3. We're NOT perfect.
  4. We will make mistakes.
  5. We need you to tell us when we make those mistakes so we don't do it again.
  6. We are NOT ashamed of you because of what you have survived.
  7. We KNOW you are competent of caring for yourself, but we would like to help IF you need/want it.
  8. We trust that YOU know what you need to do to heal and will support you every step of the way.
  9. We UNDERSTAND that you may not be able to fill all of our needs right now.
  10. We need someone we can talk to when you are unable to do so.
  11. We can NEVER understand the pain you have suffered because we cannot walk in your shoes.
  12. We CAN empathize with you because when you hurt, we hurt.
  13. We will perceive things differently because we have experienced things differently.
  14. We cannot be polluted, tainted, defiled or turned into a bad person by loving you or being loved by you.
  15. We will listen when you want us to listen, talk when you want us to talk, hold you when you want us to hold you. You need only ask.
  16. We will follow your lead as you heal, knowing that you are in control of your healing, not anyone else.
  17. We CHOOSE to go through this experience at your side because we WANT to, not because we feel obligated or guilty.
  18. Our actions and words are motivated by LOVE for you-- if you perceive anything we say or do as something other than love, we need you to tell us.

  19. And finally, lest you forget,
  20. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!