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My Wedding Vows to P.

My Gentle Wildflower:

I started these vows half a dozen times. Every time, I ended up asking myself how I could ever hope to express something as unlimited as my love for you with something as limited as words. Then I suddenly realized if I ever wanted to kiss the bride, I better find a way.

I sometimes have to pinch myeslf to make sure I'm not just dreaming you. That someone as beautiful, as kind, as compassionate, as understanding, as wise and as loving as you actually exists, let alone loves me. We have a connection that defies any explanation other than "We are meant to be." When you cry, my heart aches. When you hurt, it breaks. But when you smile, it melts. When you laugh, it soars on wings of pure joy. And when you look into my eyes and I can see and feel the depth of your love for me, it is filled with what I can only describe as awe. It will never cease to amaze me that you love me. Completely and unconditionally. I have never been loved like that before by another human being and I thank God for bringing you into my life. And I thank you for the wonderful blessing you are bestowing on me today as you become my wife and I become yours.

It's said that the ony thing that doesn't change is that everything changes. But there is one thing you can count on that will never change— these vows I now make to you.

I promise to always be honest with you. To never hide what I'm feeling just to avoid rocking the boat. To admit I've made a mistake instead of lying to save my pride.

I promise to listen and to hear what you're saying. To ask if I don't understand instead of assuming I do.

I promise to support you in your endeavors. To help in any way I can to fulfill your dreams. To work together to fulfill our dreams.

I promise to honor you. To never do or say anything with the intention of causing you shame, embarrassment or harm in any way. To not take you for granted.

I promise to respect you. To never ask for more than you can give. To not assume I know you better than you do. To respect your individuality, your privacy, your boundaries and your beliefs.

I promise to grow with you. To face the fear of trying new ways when old ways no longer work for us.

I promise to be true to myself because I can never be true to you unless I am first true to myself.

I promise to walk beside you on this journey we call life. To walk down not only the gentle, easy paths during the good times, but also up the rocky, difficult paths of the bad, secure in the knowledge that together, we can overcome any obstacle in our way.

And most importantly, I promise to love you— unconditionally and eternally— from this day until I draw my final breath in this existence and beyond.

I love you, my beautiful wildflower. Forever and a day.

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