Are you in need of a speaker for your meeting? If so, I'd be honored if you'd consider me for that role. While the following list are the areas where I am most knowledgable, I am also a quick learner and have a gift with words that allows me to explain complex ideas in more simplistic terms.

Let me give you just a short example. In mid-2002, a radio talk show was discussing the case of a Florida woman who was Islamic. Her faith required her to wear the burqa in public, even for her driver's license picture. The state of Florida had no problem issuing her that license wearing the veil until after 9/11. Then they suddenly revoked her license because she would not have her picture taken without the veil.

The callers who were calling up to express their opinions were making statements like, "We all have to follow rules we don't like sometimes, like getting our cars inspected." And "I had to remove my dark glasses that I need for a medical condition when I got my picture taken." And even "If she doesn't like the rules, she can go back where she came from." Even the talk show host was stating that sometimes the security had to be taken into account.

I called the radio talk show and was put onto the air. I said something along the lines of, "This woman's faith tells her that removing that veil in public is a sin. That would be the equivalent of telling every Christian that they had to take the Lord's name in vain before they could get their picture taken. How many times do you think that would be allowed before there was an angry outburst from the Christian community? Comparing the violation of her faith and her first amendment rights with laws that protect everyone from unsafe vehicles is comparing apples to oranges. And for those who are telling her to go back where she came from, what are you going to tell her if she was born in the US?" The radio talk show host simply said, "I never thought of it that way before."

For just one moment, at least, I was able to help him feel what it was like to be in that woman's shoes and he understood why she was so upset. That too is one of my gifts: to see the many sides of an issue and to understand why those in opposition feel as they do, even if I don't agree with them.

Most speeches, except for keynote speeches, are in the 10-20 minute time frame. If you need something shorter or something longer, that can also be arranged. Please use the email link below for any questions you may have.

  • Civil rights
    • Gay rights
    • Religious rights
    • Abortion rights
    • Discrimination
  • Spirituality
    • New Age
    • Christian
    • Jesus followers
    • Putting spirituality to use in our daily lives
  • Taking personal responsibility for everything in one's life
  • Abuse Issues
    • Domestic violence
    • Sexual abuse and its aftereffects
    • Relationships with abuse survivors
  • Inspirational/motivational
  • Bisexuality
  • Growing up the black sheep

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