Sometime in our life, we'll all need someone to talk to just to share some "secret" with. That "secret" might be that we cheated on our partner, it might be that we stole something from our place of employment or it may be a fear about a test result or pain from something our loved one said to us that we feel we can't talk about. It may be a crisis of faith: why did so many innocent people die on 9/11? Why did my best friend have to be killed by a drunk driver? How can God allow so much evil to happen?

When you are in need of prayer, or simply want to express something to someone who is not going to judge you or condemn you, send me an email. In the subject line put "Prayer Partner". You can rest assured that no one other than myself will see your email and that I will join you in prayer and/or pray for you if that's okay with you. If all you want to do is vent, feel free to do that. If you have a specific request and would like it sent out to a prayer chain, let me know that too and I will forward it on. Your email address and your name and any other personal information will be removed from your request. When I send the request to those on the prayer chain, it will be using the BCC feature so that no one's email address is visible to anyone else.

If you would like to sign up to be a member of the prayer chain, here's what you do.

  • Send me an email using the link below and in the subject line put "Prayer Chain".
  • Once you sign up, your "job" is to find two friends who want to be part of this chain and explain to them that it's their job to find two friends who have to explain to those two friends that they have to find two friends, etc.
  • Whenver a prayer request for the chain comes in, it will be emailed to you and you will pass it down the chain to your two contacts, who will pass it on to their two contacts who will....get the picture? ;-)
  • Please use the BCC feature so that the request doesn't contain the email addresses of everyone who received it previously. If your email program does not have the BCC feature, please take the time to remove any email addresses from forwarded email.

The subject line of all prayer requests from this site will be "REP Prayer Chain Request". If the chain goes out to just five people from my email box and remains unbroken for only ten links, there are over 10,000 people now praying for the request. There is never a charge for a request for a prayer partner or for a request that a prayer chain be activated.

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