Greetings! And blessings to you in these difficult times.

Final passage ceremonies are those that are performed when one has left this physical plane behind. The ceremonies can be performed in the home, at a funeral home, at a graveside or somewhere that has meaning to the family and/or friends of the one who has passed. What they entail will depend entirely on the family. The ceremony can be seen as a memorial, a celebration, a belated birthday party into the spirit world, or whatever other intent the family needs.

Please note: I do not charge for any of my ministerial services. My own personal beliefs dictate that I freely make available the information that has been freely given to me. I don't believe that it's fair, just or moral that only those with the extra money to afford to pay for seminars or a minister's services should be allowed to marry or receive spiritual counseling. Bottom line is that I leave any monetary remuneration to the discretion of those involved. As a guideline for those who feel so moved, pay what you can afford or what you feel it was worth.

For those who don't live in PA or who live quite a distance from me, my ability to perform your ceremony will depend on my own financial situation due to gas prices and the possible need to spend the night due to distance.

Please use the link below to email me about any questions you may have. I look forward to sharing this most important occassion with you.

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