There are two types of spiritual instruction.

The first type is very similar to spiritual counseling, but it is mainly meant for those who already have a faith and want to "walk the walk" more than just "talk the talk" but aren't quite sure how to do that. It is aimed at showing them how to act within their faith. How to apply their faith to their daily life and not simply when they go to church/mosque/synagogue.

The second type is actual instruction in the tenets and beliefs of a particular faith. I have studied many faiths and if I don't know a faith, I'm sure I know someone who does. Or can find out about the faith online and do my own research and study before passing that on to you.

I used to have an entire schedule of fees but I was never really comfortable with it. I've read/heard that there's nothing wrong with valuing your time and charging for your services, but the truth of the matter is, especially in times like these, that there are going to be people who simply can't afford to pay for spiritual counseling services. It's not that I don't value my time, but I would rather fulfill what I feel is my own commitment to the Divine than to worry about whether or not I'm charging enough to show that I value my time. My commitment is to serve; the Divine's promise is to provide for my every need and want.

So the bottom line is if you feel the need for my services, call me. I'll do what I can to help. If you feel the desire to make a contribution, so be it. If not, so be it. Pay what you can afford or pay what you feel my services are worth to you.

Disclaimer: I am not licensed by any state licensing board. No minister is unless they also hold a degree in social work and have applied for licensing. My counseling experience is based on my personal experience and guidance from the Divine and relies on your honesty and willingness to help yourself. I cannot solve any problems for you— I can teach you to help yourself but I can't make you learn. If I feel I am unable to help you or that you would be better off seeing a mental health professional, I will suggest and strongly urge you to pursue that course of action.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

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