Each of us has a unique set of experiences in our lives and no one, even if they are a twin, has the exact same set of needs or sees things exactly the same way. Therefore we all have different spiritual needs. Some people need to rely on only what can be proven and so follow the faith of atheism. Some need a faith that offers rules and guidelines. Others need a faith that allows them to choose their own morality.

Faith is, by definition, something which can't be proven. In fact, faith will believe in spite of "evidence" to the contrary. Because no faith can be proven, all faiths are equally as valid. I envision it this way: we're all striving to reach the top of the same mountain and no matter how circuitous your route, no matter how steep and dangerous or how gently sloping your path, they all must eventually lead to the same spot because there is only one spot that is the highest on the mountain.

It is not my goal— and indeed, I find it a mark of arrogance— to try to convert you to my faith. In doing so, I am suggesting that I know you better than you know yourself and that I know what path you need to follow better than you do. In this day and age, there are so many paths to choose from, from fundamentalism to the New Age faiths, from Islam to Buddhism to Shintoism to Taoism to atheism to Wicca to paganism to...well, you get the picture. I was free to choose my own faith without undue influence and I will extend that same right to others.

I have been a spiritual seeker since age four when I began questioning the faith I was raised in. I've read and studied the sacred texts of many faiths. My own personal faith is an eclectic mixture of a little of everything I've encountered. I've read books on such spiritually diverse concepts as creationism and man's divinity. I have a gift of being able to explain complex issues in very simple terms. My "methodology" of helping you find a path that is right for you involves mostly playing devil's advocate and getting you to think about what it is that you believe and why and what it is that you want from your faith.

If you already have a faith, but are experiencing doubts or having a crisis within that faith, I am also quite skilled at helping you from within your own faith once you explain to me what that faith is. I have an empathic ability to sense others emotions and needs and to see to the root of the problem rather than get distracted by the surface issues.

I do not charge for my ministerial services and I am not licensed by any state. My "credentials" are my life experiences, my own faith and the gifts I have been given such as empathy and the ability to find analogies that can make complex issues easier to understand.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

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