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If you're at this page, then chances are you're looking for someone to conduct your wedding/commitment ceremony. You've come to the right place whether you want a spiritual/religious ceremony or one that is completely secular. This is your wedding/commitment ceremony and how it takes shape is completely up to you. You can choose from one of the prepared ceremonies I have already written centered around such themes as Love, Unity/Oneness, Commitment, Happiness/Joy, etc. or you can create your own ceremony, using your own words.

If you intend for this to be a legally binding marriage, you must conform to the requirements of your state of residence which includes in virtually all states the purchase of a marriage license. Some states require a waiting period between applying for the license and issuing it. Pennsylvania (my state of residence) requires a three day waiting period, so don't go down on the first and expect to be able to marry on the third.

If you're outside the state of Pennsylvania or West Virginia, I will have to check as to the conditions (if any) that may be required of me before I can legally marry you. This may take some time. Some states require out of state ministers— or even in-state ministers— to register with the state. How long this process takes will vary from state to state, so please allow enough time for me to comply with any state regulations.

Unfortunately, one requirement to be a legal marriage, in every state except Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Iowa, California, New York, Minnesota, Washington and the District of Columbia, is that the ceremony involve one male and one female. At this point in time, Oregon, Nevada and New Jersey have have domestic partnership laws that bestow the same benefits of marriage but may not recognized outside of the state.

However, by the tenets of my faith, I am free to marry any combination of consenting adults as long as I make it clear that such a marriage will not have any legal standing in civil courts. At least not yet....

I also offer premarital counseling in learning to communicate, understanding our "roles" in a committed relationship, resolving spiritual differences, dispute resolution, etc.

Please note: I do not charge for any of my ministerial services. My own personal beliefs require that I freely make available the information that has been freely given to me. I don't believe that it's fair, just or moral that only those with the extra money to afford to pay for seminars or a minister's services should be allowed to marry or receive spiritual counseling. Bottom line is that I leave any monetary remuneration to the discretion of those involved. As a guideline for those who feel so moved, pay what you can afford or what you feel it was worth.

For those who don't live in PA or who live quite a distance from me, my ability to perform your ceremony will depend on my own financial situation due to gas prices and the possible need to spend the night due to distance.

Please use the link below to email me about any questions you may have. I look forward to sharing this most important occasion with you.

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