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If one were to read Michael Savage's resume, nothing in it would prepare them for what he has become: a vitriolic, hate-spewing white supremacist. Like Coulter, Savage is another Fred Phelps of the conservative mouthpieces— his extremism surpasses the boundaries of what is minimally acceptable by so much that, if he continues, he will talk himself out of every sponsor his show still has. He will, like Fred Phelps, have his core group of "converts", but also like Phelps, he will continue to abuse even those who support him and look up to him as a role model and leader.

Savage began life Michael Weiner (that's like "whiner" not like "weener") in 1942, the son of Russian Jewish parents. He grew up in the Bronx and eventually obtained a Masters degree in medical botany and a PhD in both epidemiology (the study of epidemics) and nutrition. He wrote several books on natural medicine and for most of his life, made his living as a nutritionist and herbalist, although some of his "cures" seem a bit "out there". Michael Savage didn't begin his radio career until 1994, when he joined as the "counter-punch" to KSFO's liberal show host. Within a year, Savage has his own show during the prime "rush hours". Four years later, he was signed into syndication by Talk Radio Network. Last year, TRN tried to sue the owners of three websites for half a million dollars and seize their domain names because they were disparaging of Michael Savage, but the case was ultimately dismissed.

In early 2003, MSNBC decided to offer Savage his own television show. GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) called on Americans to contact the sponsors of MSNBC and Savage's show and led a very successful boycott that eventually resulted in most of Savage's sponsors pulling out. Despite the boycott's success, MSNBC officials went ahead with their plans and Savage's show hit the airwaves. By all accounts (except perhaps his), the show bombed. After about five months, while talking to a caller about airline horror stories, Savage crossed the line. While on the air, he referred to a gay caller as a "sodomite" and told him he should get AIDS and die. MSNBC promptly fired him.

The filth and hatred spewing from the mouth of Michael Savage belies his claim that he coined the term "compassionate conservative." Savage's name change is more appropriate than the moniker Bush made famous during the 2000 presidential campaign. No one is immune to his attacks, not even his supporters. Such behavior, we're supposed to believe, is desirable— even admirable— in an American citizen? Since when?

Why, when the actions of these mouthpieces go so against the grain of the American ideals, when their hypocrisy is exposed over and over again, do so many people still listen to and— worse yet— believe them? For an answer to that, please read my thoughts on the matter.

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