There have been a lot of links presented in the various articles found on these pages, but, as of 9/8/05, this page contains over 300 more. They demonstrate the level of deception, reveal the lies and spotlight the chicanery that are going on in this country. Some highlight the dangers we face both from actions of the current misadministration and from the legislation they're creating. Some reveal the latest antics of the mouthpieces, the pocketed politicians or the organizations exposed within these pages. Many are links to stories about current events that are the result of past actions of the RRR and their puppets and are warning signs of what lies ahead for all of us if we don't change the direction in which this nation is heading. Given that the RRR in large part controls and/or approves of the policies of this administration and the Republican party in generally, many of these sites our anti-Bush and/or anti-Republican.

I had attempted to note which sites required registration or were pay per view, but so many have gone from being free to being archived and my computer automatically logged me onto so many sites that I can't even say anymore which are which. During periodic checks to verify the links are still active, if I find a link which is now an archived and for sale article, I will make a note of it if I can't find the same article reprinted elsewhere.

For the most part, I have kept the name of the article the same, so if the link takes you to a newspaper, for example, and the article doesn't come up, search the newspapers archives for that title. You may have to be satisfied with a short synopsis if you don't want to pay for the article, but it's often there if you want to read it. You can also google the article's title: often, some group or another will post the entire article on their site.

Some sites have changed how they name articles but if you type the title of the article into their search engine (using quotes around the title), it should pull it right up. Another alternative is to google the author if it's someone who rights a regular and/or nationally syndicated column. I've also found a site called Find Articles that says it has over ten million articles archived. Not all of them are free, but you might find what you're looking for there.

In some cases, where an article has disappeared, I've shortened the link to the main source and you'll have to do a search of the site to see if it still exists or check the archives.

Any quotes in a description of a group are taken from the groups website.

In an effort to help return readers find new links easier, beginning today (8/16/05) I'm going to be put the date it was added to the list. Undated links can be assumed to have been added before 8/16/05.

I've broken the links down into categories to make them easier to navigate. If you have a link you think should be here, or find a broken link on this page, please email me.

You can now also sign up to have notifications sent to you when new links are added to this page. Just click on the "Monitor Changes" button below and it will open a new window where you can enter your email address. When anything changes on this page (meaning just the links page), it will notify you.

If you're still checking to see if I'm still updating links, the answer is I haven't for a long while. There are two main reasons. The first is that I now work full time outside the home as opposed to working from my home, which allowed me more access to the computer. And the second is that in April, 2008, my house burned down and we spent the next 4 1/2 months living in a motel. While we've been in our new home since late August, 2008, it's taking me quite a while to get my computer back up and organized. I lost quite a bit of data from the hard drive of my old computer, but I saved quite a bit as well. So I'm in the process of updating links and getting rid of old ones that no longer work.

Once I get that taken care of, I will most like NOT be adding any more new articles or links given that we now have a new administration and Bush et al are gone. However, I WILL keep this page up so that people can see just how bad things can get and I still hope to show some diehards just how damaging the agenda of the radical religious right really is when they get their hands on the strings of government. In the event that the RRR gets back in control, I'll just keep adding on.

As of January, 2010, I have updated as many links as I could. I fixed some broken links on the other pages where it was possible and where it wasn't, I left in the old link just so one could try to find it for themselves if they wanted. I'm going to be redoing my main page but the link for the Exposed! pages will remain prominent. We've lost two of the leaders of the RRR since I started these pages: Oral Roberts and Jerry Falwell. But don't worry. There will be others to step up and take their place, spreading fear and hatred and discrimination in the name of God and Jesus. I'm still keeping tabs on these kinds of groups, so if you find a group you want me to check out, email me and I'll be glad to do what I can.

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Alternative Families

The following sites have resources for alternative families— those not fitting the "one mom, one dad and 2.3 kids" model.

  • COLAGE: COLAGE stands for Children Of Lesbians And Gays Everywhere. It shows real gay families which, contrary to the misinformation being put out by the RRR, are as healthy, happy and prosperous as "normal" families.
  • Family Equality Council: Resources for GLBT families, their friends and allies.
  • Interracial Family Circle: While this site is for a Washington, DC group, it has some nice articles and links to other resources available for interracial families and individuals of mixed race.
  • Human Rights Campaign: The Human Rights Campaign is an advocacy group for the GLBT community.
  • Get Busy: Get Equal: The ACLU's campaign to help end discrimination against GLBTs.
  • Blended Families: Almost half of marriages in this country end in divorce. When someone remarries and has kids from a prior marriage, trying to blend two families into a cohesive and healthy unit can be tough.
  • Single Parenting Central: For parents who are raising their child alone, either by choice or as the result of death or divorce.
  • (9/2/06) Unwed couple sues town over housing flap: A small town in Missouri has decided that "family" does not include unmarried couples. When a couple who have been living together for 13 years moved there earlier this year, the town refused to grant them an occupancy permit for their home because they didn't meet the definition of "family" the town had come up with. When they began living in the house anyway, the town threatened to start fining them $500 a day!

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Alternative Media

The following sites provide either articles and/or links to newspapers, magazines, news services and other media outlets that present more balanced and/or progressive news instead of the tripe presented by the RRR/neoconservative controlled mainstream media outlets.

  • Common Dreams: This site carries not only the headlines from around the world (often from a progressive point of view), it also carries links to many of the world's news services, newspapers, radio stations, television networks as well as articles by columnists of all persuasions.
  • Zenzibar's Alternative Culture Directory: Politics and Government: Listings of webpages of alternative political and government sites, from accuracy in media to which politicians are getting paid by whom.
  • Utne: The online version of the wonderful magazine "Utne" (formerly "Utne Reader").
  • TruthOut: An alternative information site for issues from health to the environment to current affairs.
  • Democracy Means You: Articles, blogs and even some humor you won't see in the mainstream media.
  • Democratic Underground: "[DU was set up] to protest the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush and to provide a resource for the exchange and dissemination of liberal and progressive ideas."
  • "Nonviolence.Org is an entirely virtual new[s] media organization."
  • Take Back the Media: The myth of the "liberal media" is being pushed by the RRR to cover up how much control they and conservatives have over the news we get. TBTM seeks to counter the spin and misinformation in the mainstream media and once again make "fair and balanced" reporting truly fair and balanced.
  • Reason Online: "Reason Online is updated daily with articles and columns on current developments in politics and culture. It also contains the full text of past issues of the print edition of Reason. Reason Online is entirely free."
  • Center for American Progress: A great source of information that the mainstream media fails to mention and/or spins.
  • (8/17/05) The Official Noam Chomsky Website: An inspiring alternative thinker whose insight is both timely and frightening.
  • (8/17/05) Undernews: "Undernews is the online report of the Progressive Review, edited by Sam Smith, who has covered Washington under nine presidents and edited alternative journals since 1964. The Review is an online journal and archive of alternative news. It has been on the web since 1995."
  • (9/3/05) Witness: From their "About Us" page: "WITNESS uses the power of video to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. By partnering with local organizations around the globe, WITNESS empowers human rights defenders to use video to shine a light on those most affected by human rights violations, and to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools of justice."
  • (10/31/05) Religious News Online: Religious news from all over the world collected from various news sources. This site allows you to submit stories you have found or to comment on stories that have been posted. Some of the comments are as enlightening as the stories themselves.
  • (3/15/06) Ironic Times: While the exterior of this paper is humorous and sarcastic, the stories it covers are real and they offer an insightful view of the news with a chuckle thrown in for good measure.
  • (3/20/06) Common Ground - Common Sense: From their mission statement: "This is your opportunity to participate in a nationwide discussion of the issues our country faces. We call all Americans to raise their voices against special interests and stand up for our Democracy."
  • (3/20/06) World News Trust: "World News Trust is an independent progressive news media project."
  • (4/07/06) Infoshop.Org: A great source of alternative media. Don't let the "anarchist" label lead you to disregard all the material you'll find here.
  • (8/29/06) Book tops charts before it's published; Influential bloggers, promotional video make 'Patriot' a hit: Maybe the progressive community has found a way to more effectively counter the RRR's mouthpieces.
  • (3/3/07) Political Radar: A political blog from ABC News that, I believe, is about as well-balanced and fair as you're going to find in the mainstream media today.

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Anti-Hate Sites

The following groups/articles focus on solutions to the hatred that is rapidly growing in the US towards those who are not white, heterosexual, Christian males.

  • Hate Rock: Are you worried that your child is hearing hate music? Here's a list of white supremacist and hate rock bands.
  • The Hot Sound of Hate: Your child might come home with a "white power" CD they received free in the parking lot of their school. Read how the "white power" music industry is trying to get a bigger share of the market. [Note: This leads to an excerpt that you can read if you're willing to try a free trial of some program. You can also go to this site which doesn't give you any more of the article but it does also give you a whole list of related reading.]
  • Deconstructing Hate Sites: An excellent article about the tactics used to promote hate. Many sites seek to mask their hate-filled messages. If you're concerned about a site you come upon or your child starts visiting regularly, see if it meets these criteria.
  • An offshot of the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Teaching Tolerance" program, this site keeps you up to date on discriminatory and unconstitutional legislation that's in the pipes as well as incidents of discrimination and hate crimes. It also includes wonderful ideas about what you can do to combat hate in your own life, your own family, your own neighborhood.

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Public Interest Groups

The sites/articles below deal with consumer advocacy, from product safety to the global economy.

  • Public Citizen: This national non-profit public interest group advocates for consumer interests in auto safety, environmental and energy programs, global trade, and health research.
  • (9/9/05) State PIRGs Working Together: A coaltion of various state public interest research groups working together to advocate for laws in the public interest, including a sound environmental policy.
  • (9/9/05) The Center for Public Integrity: Investigative studies on the political process in Washington and in all 50 states.
  • (10/31/05) The Website of Political Research Associates: This is a website of "political research associates".
  • (12/16/05) Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington targets government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests. We will help Americans use litigation to shine a light on those who betray the public trust."
  • (2/12/06) The Center for Cooperative Research: "The History Commons website is an experiment in open-content civic journalism. It provides a space for people to conduct grassroots-level investigations on any issue, providing the public with a useful tool to conduct oversight of government and private sector entities." This place has an excellent and very detailed time line for the events of 9/11.

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Church/State Issues

The sites/articles below deal with rebuilding and reinforcing the wall of separation of church and state. They also demonstrate how actions by the RRR and this misadministration are destroying your first amendment rights.

  • Americans United for the Separation of Church and State: This group seeks to stop the dismantling of the wall of separation of church and state. Contrary to the RRR propaganda, the group is not only for atheists.
  • The Jesus Landing Pad: "Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel move"— yet we're supposed to believe there's no government favoritism of faiths.
  • Negotiators Add Abortion Clause to Spending Bill: This article is archived and only viewable for a fee, but the synopsis demonstrates one of the problems with how laws are passed now, as well as the lack of separation between church and state.
  • Bush wants marriage reserved for heterosexuals: At the urging of the RRR, Bush proposes the FMA: the first time the US Constitution would be used to take away rights rather than protect them.
  • Ex-Aide Questions Bush Vow to Back Faith-Based Efforts: Not only did Bush fail to provide what he promised, but what DID get allocated went mostly to those groups already receiving federal aid and very little to groups that it was originally targeted to help.
  • Pledge protester faces recall vote: A 13-year veteran of they city Board of Trustees in Estes Park, Colorado, is facing a recall because he refuses to stand for the pledge of allegiance because he objects to the use of the term "under God", claiming it violates Section 3 of Article VI of the US Constitution.
  • Justices Agree To Hear 2 Cases On Display of Commandments: In addition to the Texas case, there is another case involving a forbidden display of the commandments in Kentucky. Whichever way the rulings go, it appears as if it will only deepen the rift between the RRR and their supporters (including the masses they have deluded into thinking that civil liberties are under attack by groups like the ACLU) and the true defenders of civil liberties.
  • Bush, White House Push 'Faith-Based' Agenda Despite Mounting Record Of Misuse: Faith-based initiatives are not only unconstitutional but they don't work. And yet this misadministration keeps pushing for expanding their role in society.
  • Faith-Based Initiatives: The Texas Freedom Network has studied the first five years of faith-based initiatives, a program Bush instituted in Texas before using executive order to bypass the checks and balances of our government in order to implement these violations of separation of church and state as national policy. From this article, you get the history and a general overview, but you're also provided links to the final report that came out in 2002 as well as other articles detailing the disaster Bush calls "charitable choice." This is a PDF file and you'll need a reader to open it.
  • Faith Without Works: "After four years, the president's faith-based policies have proven to be neither compassionate nor conservative," writes Amy Sullivan in this look at faith-based initiatives.
  • Justice Unit Puts Its Focus on Faith: The Justice Department is charged with defending the nation's civil rights laws. So when employees of the Salvation Army were being fired for not being Christian, they turned to the DOJ for help. Surprisingly (or not, if you've been following this misadministration), the DOJ took the side of the Salvation Army.
  • Scalia 'Disturbed' About Church-State Separation 'Lie' : And he's not the only one. Three of the nine US Supreme Court Justices, including Scalia, believe that the US Constitution does not forbid states from establishing government-run churches. Scared? You should be...
  • (8/16/05) Dangerous Religion: Written by Jim Wallis of Sojourner's, this wonderfully written article illustrates why combining church and state is such a dangerous idea, especially when combined with this misadministration's imperialistic tendencies.
  • (8/16/05) The Truths That Are the Foundation of the Government of the United States Are Separate and Distinct From, Even Though They May Be the Same As, Truths Drawn from a Particular Religion: Written by Robert C. Cannada and published in the National Lawyers Association publication, NLA Review.
  • (9/3/05) Frist Backs Bush on Teaching 'Intelligent Design' in Schools : The man who many think may be the next Republican nominee for president wants public schools to each "intelligent design"� the RRR's new and deceptive name for creationism.
  • (9/3/05) House Leader Takes on Supreme Court: Tom DeLay, that "shining example" of honesty and integrity, addressed the "Justice Sunday II" rally and attacked the "activist judges" on the US Supreme Court. An "activist judge" to the likes of the RRR is any judge who rules against the RRR's agenda.
  • (10/31/05) Intelligent design part of effort to restore faith in public life: "Creationism" wasn't politically correct, so they've changed the name to "intelligent design", but it's still the same old thing. And they want to teach it in high schools. The most recent debate is taking place in Dover, PA, my home state.
  • (11/24/05) Kansas education board downplays evolution: There's a classic line in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy turns to Toto and says, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto." We might have to adapt that a bit to "I don't think we're in reality anymore!" The state's education board decided to put a religious theory on the same level as a scientific theory. Now, proponents of the "intelligent design" say it's not about God, yet when the electorate of Dover, PA voted out every single one of the school board members who had approved the teaching of ID in their school district, Pat Robertson said they'd just voted God out of their town.
  • (11/24/05) Falwell fighting for holy holiday; He'll sue, boycott groups he sees as muzzling Christmas: Jerry Falwell's at it again, vying for his place in the spotlight. Forget the fact that federal recognition of Christmas is a violation of the First Amendment. If you don't acknowledge it enough for him, he'll take you to court or ask everyone to boycott you.
  • (12/5/05) KU course to seek to challenge creationism: Kansas became the center of controversy again with the recent approval by the state's board of education to teach intelligent design along-side evolution in science class. Now the University of Kansas is delivering a blow to the board of education: they're going to offer a class on how intelligent design is a modern American myth.
  • (12/31/05) Judge rules against 'intelligent design': A victory for the US Constitution as a judge in federal court rules that the Dover (PA) school district cannot teach "intelligent design"— which the judge correctly pointed out was simply renamed creationism.
  • (2/12/06) Cut, Thrust and Christ: From the story: "Debaters are the new missionaries, having realized they can save a lot more souls from a seat at the top—perhaps even on the highest court in the land." Their goal is to stack the courts to make this a Christian nation...a democracy where majority rules rather than the constitutional republic where individual freedoms are protected from their mob mentality.
  • (2/12/06) House backs bill saying life begins at conception: The Indiana House of Representatives has passed a bill saying that life begins at conception. Now wait and see how long it is before abortion is outlawed in Indiana.
  • (2/12/06) Vatican paper article says 'intelligent design' not science: Even the Vatican recognizes that "intelligent design" is not a scientific theory.
  • (2/12/06) Bush Appointee Steps Down from Post at NASA: Just days after a story broke in which said appointee instructed NASA scientists to use the word "theory" after every written mention of the Big Bang and amid a controversy regarding limiting reporters access to a global warming expert, George Deutsch resigned. Appears he also lied about having an undergraduate degree. Such nice people this misadministration hires, huh? [Also see the NY Times story, A Young Bush Appointee Resigns His Post at NASA]
  • (3/20/06) ALERT: Bush Orders Homeland Security To Help Religious Groups: As if faith-based initiatives weren't enough, now the Department of Homeland Security is being ordered to make sure that churches get the "help" they need. Again, this was done by executive order, not through Congress or the legislative process.
  • (3/20/06) $500 Million for federal "bigotry based" initiative?: A very detailed and well-referenced article detailing the lack of oversight or accountability of this misadministrations "faith-based" inititiatives as well as pointing out the obvious: that it's government sponsored legal discrmination and bigotry.
  • (4/07/06) The missing link: In several Arkansas school districts, teachers are prohibited from mentioning the "e-word": evolution. Even in earth sciences classes, the teachers must say that some rocks are "very, very old" but cannot say they're millions of years old. Why? Because the school administrators are afraid of a parent getting bent out of shape. So rather than give an irate parent the option of opting their kid out of the class, the schools are denying all students a well-rounded education based on facts.
  • (4/22/06) Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: In a wonderfully satirical spoof of those attempting to push intelligent design on public school children, Bobby Henderson has a gut-splitting site you really should check out.
  • (4/22/06) Congress Moves To Except Religious Schools From Gay Rights Laws: If the schools receive any funding from the government, they must adhere to anti-discrimination laws. If not, they can discriminate all the want.
  • (8/29/06) Following the Money: How a small group of ultraconservative religious with a political agenda have threatened the stability of the Episopal church. Sound familiar? You could substitute United States in there and it would hold true for the RRR.
  • (8/30/06) Conservative Christians Criticize Republicans: An article detailing how much power that small group mentioned above actually has over the Republican party.
  • (9/1/06) Ideology won't prevent cancer: There's a vaccine that seems to prevent cervical cancer, but it may not ever be available to the public. Opponents charge that immunizing young girls will lower their sexual inhibitions and they may fornicate before marriage! And these aren't just radical fringes of groups: some of the people who hold these beliefs are Bush appointees to places like the Center for Disease Control.
  • (9/1/06) A Medical Crisis of Conscience: Then we have pharmacists who choose to practice medicine by refusing to fill prescriptions if they disagree with either the use of the pill or the doctor who prescribed it.
  • (9/1/06) Bush to stem cell community: Drop dead: And if the above isn't enough, we have Bush using his own personal faith to veto a bill that could literally save the lives of millions.
  • (9/2/06) Evolution's Backers in Kansas Start Counterattack: Democrats and moderate Republicans are challenging many seats held by school board members who support the teaching of intelligent design. Many of the moderate Republicans have pledged to support the Democratic candidate in the general election if that's what it takes to get rid of those who support the teaching of intelligent design.
  • (10/16/06) Judge halts Bible giveaway at school: It's 2006 and there are still some people who don't get what freedom of religion means. You just have to shake your head sometimes and wonder...
  • (11/30/06) School Prayer: A Community At War: This is an ongoing battle in rural Mississippi where only 10 years ago, officially sanctioned school prayer was still an everyday reality.
  • (11/30/06) Historical Documents That Demonstrate Separation of Church and State: The following links are just a few examples of documents and writings by our founding fathers that show that the US was meant to be a secular nation and that church and state were meant to be separate forever.
  • (3/3/07) Pastors Guiding Voters to GOP: Not only is it against the law but it's hypocritical as well for a church that advocates honesty and integrity to so blatantly violate the spirit of the law. The Bible is full of examples where Jesus chastises those who hold to the letter of the law but do not uphold its spirit. [Note: The original story is no longer available, but this excerpt gives you a good idea of the story's content.]
  • (3/3/07) As Exemptions Grow, Religion Outweighs Regulation: An article that does a great job of showing the favoritism towards Christian organization by our government and the harm caused by the faith-based initiatives signed into law by Bush.
  • (3/4/07) Christian Defense Coalition: Many evangelicals 'feel used, taken for granted' by GOP : This article emphasizes the extent to which the radical religious right feels it is entitled to "control" the Republican party agenda.
  • (3/4/07) Dennis Prager's meltdown: In November, 2006, American's elected the first Muslim congressman who chose to take his ceremonial oath of office with his hand on the Qur'an. Conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager declared that anyone who didn't want swear on the Bible did not have to serve in Congress. Make sure you check out the other links as well for more rantings about how this is supposed to be a "Christian" country.
  • (3/4/07) Ellison's Oath On Koran Roils Conservatives: A wonderful article that shows the double standard of Christian fundamentalists and their lack of respect for freedom of religion in this country.
  • (3/4/07) Religion for Captive Audience, With Taxpayers Footing the Bill: Thanks to the executive order that allows faith-based organizations to receive government money yet still violate the US Constitution, situations like this one— where inmates who enter into an evangelical Christian "rehabilitation" program— receive special treatment and more perks. Not all Christians, though, are welcome, particularly if you are Catholic.
  • (3/4/07) Park Service Can't Give Official Age Of Grand Canyon For Fear Of Offending Creationists...: Yep. You read that right. The Park Service employees are forbidden from giving the age of the Grand Canyon in case fundamentalists get upset at the idea that the earth is older than their faith says it is. The last time science took a back seat to religion, Galileo was jailed for saying the earth revolved around the sun.
  • (3/4/07) Foundation Wants Stricter Rules for Splits: The commonwealth of Virginia joined the vast majority of states in outlawing gay marriage in 2006, thanks in large part to the push from the "Family Foundation of Virginia". Now, this same organization wants to make it harder for couples in Virginia to get a divorce— but only for couples with children. Can you guess what denomination Family Foundation of Virginia is? And they have a direct association with Dobson's Focus on the Family. My guess is that IF they get this passed, the birth rate in Virginia will bottom out as couple's won't want to have children if they're going to be forced to stay married to someone they no longer want to be married to.

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Reclaiming Our Constitutional Republic

The sites below strip the mask of the claims of the government that their policies and legislation are "patriotic" and "humantarian". They seek to return the power in this country to where it belongs: in the hands of the people, not business or corporations or other special interests. There are also stories about what some are doing to reclaim those rights on an individual basis.

  • True Majority: This group monitors what's going on in Washington with respect to principles of peace, justice, and sustainability. When legislation that's destructive to these goals is on the table and citizen input is needed, they send out email alerts with actions the citizens can take.
  • e-thepeople: An online community dedicated to the principles of equality for all and freedom for all.
  • WAND: Women's Actions for New Directions seeks to harness the power and energy of women, who are historically less violent and less aggressive, to work towards peace, a healthy environment and basic human rights for all.
  • Act for Change: "ActForChange makes it easy for people to become online activists and speak out on behalf of progressive issues. By combining progressive news with opportunities for citizen action, ActForChange is a powerful and far-reaching catalyst for social change."
  • A.N.S.W.E.R.: Act Now to Stop War and End Racism was formed, like many of the groups here, after 9/11 when Bush's extremism became very clear. They're one of the primary forces behind many of the anti-empirialism rallies across the country.
  • United for Peace and Justice: "United for Peace and Justice is a coalition of more than 800 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined together to oppose our government's policy of permanent warfare and empire-building."
  • Not In Our Name: "The Not In Our Name Project is a national network of individuals and organizations committed to standing with the people of the world. As the Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance states, 'we believe that as people living in the United States it is our responsibility to resist the injustices done by our government, in our names.' Our mission is to build, strengthen and expand resistance to stop the U.S. government's entire course of war and repression being waged in the name of 'fighting terrorism.'"
  • MoveOn: "MoveOn is working to bring ordinary people back into politics. With a system that today revolves around big money and big media, most citizens are left out. When it becomes clear that our 'representatives' don't represent the public, the foundations of democracy are in peril. MoveOn is a catalyst for a new kind of grassroots involvement, supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice."
  • US Patriots United: On July 4, 2005, this group of concerned citizens released a treatise entitled "Ten Characteristics of a True US Patriot". The group is now expanding on the characteristics with a series of essays about each point. This group's flier was downloaded more times on that day than any flier ever made available through Freedom Press Handbills.
  • (8/17/05) CIA Agents Letter to US Senate and House: Several courageous former top CIA "employees" write an open letter to the US Congress about the Valerie Plame incident.
  • (8/17/05) Another Battle for Civil Rights: Cheryl Jacques, former head of HRC, continues the fight for civil rights for GLBT citizens.
  • (8/28/05) Democracy Means You: A great site for articles, both serious and satirical, on current events. It has a searchable data base of archived articles.
  • (9/3/05) Deploying Cindy's Antiwar Army: An article that highlights some of the actions of and the growing grassroots peace movement.
  • (9/9/05) Project for the Old American Century: Playing on PNAC much as the ACLJ plays on the ACLU, the POAC is determined to take back control of the country from special interest groups and put it back in the hands of the people.
  • (9/9/05) Impeach Bush Now: A well-written article detailing why Bush should be removed from office.
  • (9/9/05) Has Katrina Saved US Media?: Finally, the media is starting to ask hard questions and demand answers instead of simply swallowing the pablum fed them by the White House and the RRR.
  • (11/24/05) 'Go-getter,' 18, ousts mayor in Michigan: We need more people in this country like this high school student who won election as the mayor of Hillsdale, MI as a write-in candidate.
  • (11/24/05) Talk to Action: Reclaiming Citizenship, History and Faith: A site fighting the RRR and trying to unspin the spin. User contributions make up a good part of the site.
  • (12/31/05) Operation Flabbergasted: Let's Watergate Bush: A grassroots effort, powered by blogs, to force Bush to resign from office just like Nixon was forced to resign.
  • (12/31/05) The "I" Word Watch: A few elected officials have the integrity and courage to call for Bush's impeachment. We need to support them and encourage others to step forward.
  • (1/3/06) Band of Brothers: The elections of 2006 will determine the future of our country. If we do not send a clear and very loud message that we are sick and tired of the corruption and the unconstitutional activities of this current misadministration and within the halls of Congress by voting out those incumbents who have shown disregard for our civil rights and the law and ethics, our nation will not survive. Band of Brothers is a group of men— all veterans of the US military— who are running against incumbents. Check out their site and see if you can support one of them in your state.
  • (1/27/06) US judges back assisted suicide: At last! A court ruling that makes sense! Giving back to the people the right to choose how to live their own life, including how they want to die. Take note at who voted against upholding the constitutionality of the law: Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas.
  • (1/27/06) Judge Rules Md. Law Against Gay Marriage Unconstitutional: Another judge who realizes that the purpose of the courts is to ensure that laws are constitutional and that those that are not, no matter how popular among the people, must be overturned.
  • (2/12/06) Senators considering constitutional amendment to limit war powers: Of course, don't expect this misadministration to obey constitutional amendments...
  • (3/15/06) Quote of the Week: If this quote disappears, check the archives for the week of March 11, 2006. This is a must read quote: one of those that will be remembered for a long time by those of us who are fighting to reclaim our constitutional republic from those who would seek to destroy her.
  • (3/19/06) Neocon architect says: 'Pull it down': One of the primary architects of the neoconservative movement says that it is a failure and needs to be replaced.
  • (3/19/06) Pentagon Told to Release Gitmo Transcripts: Finally, some of the families of those being illegally held in Guantanamo can find out where their loved one is. The Pentago did comply, although the not all the detainees names' were released.
  • (3/20/06) Victory In Dover!: Eleven ordinary citizens chose to make a stand against the introduction of creationism— "disguised" under the new name "intelligent design"— into science class. A federal judge not only ruled in their favor but gave a scathing ruling against the deceptive practices of the RRR and the false claims that it wasn't based on religion.
  • (4/22/06) Feingold announces support for full gay marriage rights: Finally! A national politician who has the guts to stand up for equal rights for all!
  • (4/22/06) The Founders' Revenge: How the People Can Fire George W. Bush: This needs to be shouted from the mountain tops and we need a very real concerted grass roots effort to get this ball rolling!
  • (4/22/06) Supremes won't hear Falwell appeal: Jerry Falwell sued a gay man who created a website called, claiming it would confuse his followers. (They really should be insulted that he thinks they're so stupid!) The site counters the lies and misinformation and bigotry and intolerance one finds on Falwell's site, especially towards gays. Falwell lost his case in the lower courts and sued all the way to the US Supreme Court. What a waste of the court's time!
  • (8/29/06) Time for radical reform of government: The author of this article has some very good points on reforming our government so that it runs as it's supposed to run: as a constitutional republic, not a democracy, theocracy or politcal arm of mega-corporations.
  • (8/29/06) Ohio Churches' Political Activities Challenged: A group of 56 clergy members filed a suit challenging the activities of two churches in Ohio with respect to their support for a Republican candidate for governor.
  • (8/29/06) AM Talk Show Hosts Apologizes for Voting for Bush: And we'd best heed his warning: "The United States of America is a gift to the world, but it has been badly abused and its rightful owners, We the People, had better step up to the plate and reclaim it before the damage becomes irreparable."
  • (8/30/06) Americans Wary of NSA Surveillance: At long last it seems as if the American public is waking up. But waking up isn't enough. It's time for action: time to take back the wonderful nation this misadministration and its puppetmasters have stolen and are seeking to destroy.
  • (8/30/06) Unity08: A non-partisan party who believes that the political machine in the US has been broken beyond repair and seeks to rebuild from the ground up.
  • (9/1/06) Local Marine To Return Service Medal To Bush In Protest: An Ohio Marine will travel to Washington, DC along with several others to return the "War on Terrorism" medal he was awarded, calling it "eye candy".
  • (9/1/06) Not going, and not going quietly: This brave young man from Washington is refusing to return to Iraq on the grounds that the war is unlawful and illegal.
  • (9/1/06) Right Wing Watch: An arm of People for the American Way that focuses on the radical right, especially the radical religious right.
  • (9/1/06) Military Families Speak Out: Members of MFSO have family members in the military, many of them fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. They also refuse to support the illegal invasion of Iraq and demand that all troops be brought home.
  • (11/30/06) Anti-Abortion Group Loses Tax Status: The radical anti-choice group "Operation Rescue" has finally lost its tax-exempt status, something that, IMHO, it should have never had due to its very active politicizing.
  • (11/30/06) Court: gay couples from R.I. can marry in Mass.: Despite the attempts by the Republican governor of Massachusetts to prevent out of state gay couples from marrying in the state using a very old and hardly ever used law, the courts have ruled that even with that law in effect, gay couples from Rhode Island can marry in Massachusetts because there is no law explicitly forbidding gay marriage in Rhode Island. Another common sense ruling that I'm sure will have the RRR sceaming "activist judges!"
  • (3/4/07) SPLC sues immigration agency: Racial profiling and raids on the homes of someone based on race/ethnicity isn't how we do things in America. Or at least it isn't how we should do them. The targeting of illegal immigrants, despite no definitive study that shows illegal immigrants are harming our society, violates the very sentiment expressed on the base of the Statue of Liberty.
  • (3/4/07) Judge strikes down part of Bush anti-terror order: In a victory for Americans (and all human beings), a federal judge has struck down part of the PATRIOT Act. While many may say that this would never apply to them, any curb on the virtually unlimited power the PATRIOT Act grants the president is a good thing. Not that I expect this misadministration to adhere to the judge's ruling since it has shown time and again that it feels it is above the law.
  • (3/4/07) School district to review decision banning book about gay penguins: Surely you can understand why the school district had to ban this book. After all, you can't be showing kids the truth! They can't see that God created some animals gay because they might start to think that God created some humans gay too! And if they start believing that, they might think that discriminating against gays because of how God created them is wrong and they might actually decide that gays deserve the same civil rights that everyone else has! Oh, perish the thought!!! [Note: In case you missed it, that was all sarcasm...]
  • (3/4/07) Washington Same-Sex Marriage Proponents: Require Heterosexual Couples to Have Kids or Face Annulment: This is a classic case of the RRR wanting to have their cake and eat it too. They want to claim marriage should be reserved for heterosexuals because only heterosexuals can have children, yet they don't want to say that all married couples should have kids. If they're not going to make it a law that all married couples must have children, then their argument about marriage being reserved for procreation is invalid. Of course, marriage licenses to those outside the child-bearing age must also be denied.... In case that story disappears, you can also find it here.
  • (3/4/07) Gay marriage critic tried on lewdness: There's a really interesting twist to this story. The original story is under the hyposcrisy section here because there's no way around it: Latham is a hypocrite. He can say he was ministering to the police all he wants, but asking for oral sex is one strange way to minister to a police officer that you didn't even know was a police officer. But here's the twist: no monetary exchange was suggested and both sides agree with this! So what is essentially happening is that he was arrested for asking an undercover cop to do something that is perfectly legal! And in his defense, his lawyer is using the Lawrence v Texas ruling, something that pastors like Latham decried as being the downfall of society! Additionally, another ironic twist is that the ACLU, which everyone knows is a bastion of anti-Christian forces working to undermine the will of God (at least according to the RRR it is), has filed a brief in support of Latham! I'm willing to be that Latham never thought he'd be grateful for the help of the ACLU. [Note: Since news stories on Yahoo tend to disappear, here's another source for the same story.]
  • (3/4/07) U.S. court upholds same-sex teaching to children: In antoher victory for truth and tolerance and diversity, a federal judge threw out a case brought by two sets of parents against a Massachusetts school district that claimed their first amendment right to freedom of religion was violated when the school taught their children that gay families, gay children, gay parents, etc. exist. Funny how those in the RRR want to hide behind the first amendment but don't want to give anyone else that privilege. Unless I'm sorely mistaken, parents have the right to have their child opt out of classes they find objectionable. By seeking to not allow the school districts to teach that gays exist, these parents are seeking to force everyone to learn only what their faith says is acceptable.

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Exposé Sites

The links below are to other sites or articles that expose the dark side of our government and the radical religous right.

  • School of the Americas Watch: Located in Fort Benning, GA is the School of the Americas— even though the government has renamed it the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" in an attempt to hide its ugly history. Used to train assassins and special forces from Latin American countries, the SOA "has trained over 60,000 Latin American soldiers in counterinsurgency techniques, sniper training, commando and psychological warfare, military intelligence and interrogation tactics. These graduates have consistently used their skills to wage a war against their own people."
  • Michael Moore: Whether you love him or hate him, he exposes parts of the government that politicians don't want us to see: the money ties, the buying and selling of votes, the hypocrisy and the greedy grabs for power and money.
  • What Really Happened: "This website is non-partisan, anti-war, and anti-lie. The purpose of this site is to expose deceptions by governments and media used to trick the public into wars and out of their money."
  • David H. Hackworth: This site was maintained by a retired veteran (five years in Viet Nam among his many tours) and seeks to protect the military personel from politics of the day by revealing what the politicians are really doing for vets as opposed to what they say they're doing. David Hackworth passed away in 2005, but his site can still be seen.
  • The Ribald Reign of King George the Second: A rather humorous look at all the Bush foibles.
  • Magniloquence Against War: A look at various atrocities committed with the blessing of the Bush administration.
  • (8/16/05) Why George W. Bush Is the World's Leading Terrorist!: Using the FBI's and Bush's own definitions of terrorism, this site exposes why Bush is the world's leading terrorist.
  • (8/16/05) Sticky Fingers: The Making Of Halliburton: See how Hallibruton, the company formerly run by Vice President Dick Cheney, became the biggest swindler of the US government and the Iraqi people when they were given an uncontested contract to "rebuild" Iraq.
  • (9/3/05) Computer expert testifies elctions in Florida were fixed: A compelling video of testimony offered by a computer expert who said he designed and delivered a program that could fix an election that relied on electronic voting machines 51%-49% in favor of whomever the user wanted to win. After you watch the video, check out the rest of the site by clicking on "Master Menu". While many may chalk it up to conspiracy theorists, the sites owners are believers in the End Times and believe that we're living in them right now. They provide a lot of video and documentation for their beliefs, including information on the Skull and Bones Society.
  • (9/3/05) Meteorologist Steve Gregory Rips Bush: While technically not an exposé site, this entry in Daily Kos by meteorologist Steve Gregory exposes the total lack of preparedness by governmental agencies, particularly the Department of Homeland Security, which, on its website, states that in the event of a natural disaster, it assumes primary responsiblity for co-ordinating relief efforts. Or maybe it was waiting until March 1....
  • (9/3/05) Katrina: What Happened When: This is a blog, so as time goes on, you may need to search the archives for this story. The date on the story is 9/1/05. It details the series of events that led to the removal of funding for the levee reinforcement as well as the failure to act on warnings from NWS about the severity of the storm.
  • (9/9/05) Twenty Things We Now Know Four Years After 9/11: A detailed look at how far back this misadministration has set this country.
  • (9/9/05) American Red Cross: Multi-Billion Dollar Greed
    Storm Brews Over Sept. 11 Funds
    Advantage: God
    Not all of the money donated to various charities to benefit victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks is being distributed to those victims.
      Several articles on the American Red Cross (NOT the international Red Cross or the Red Cross/Crescent organizations of other nations) that cast serious doubt on where the money they collect actually goes. While there's no denying the good the American Red Cross does, one has to ask how much more COULD they do if they used the monies that were given to them for the purpose for which it was given.
  • (9/9/05) We Have Been Abandoned By Our Own Country: The transcript AND video of Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard describing the conditions in New Orleans. This is a heart-breaking account.
  • (10/31/05) Onward (20th Century) Christian Soldiers: An exposing look at the leaders of the RRR.
  • (10/31/05) The Television Evangelists: Another exposing look at the leaders of the RRR, including the billions of dollars they control.
  • (10/31/05) Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281% last year, senator finds: Gee. Imagine that. An administration official profiting from the invasion of Iraq.
  • (10/31/05) Libby's Indictment: Get a closer glimpse of the power held by "Scooter" Libby.
  • (12/5/05) Calif. congressman admits taking bribes: This could have gone under "undercovered stories" as well. One California Congressman takes more than $2.4 million dollars in bribes to steer defense contracts to certain contractors and there's barely a ripple in the press. Bill Clinton gets a little action on the side, which has nothing to do with public trust or abuse of powers, and the Republicans in Congress spend six years and billions of dollars trying to impeach him. Go figure. (Personally, I still think they're embarrassed by Nixon...) But I digress. This is only the lastest GOP official to be charged with a crime. And in this case guilty by confession. At least the man's letter of resignation is a class act.
  • (12/16/05) Open Letter to Bill O'Reilly: It's Bill of Rights, Not Bill's Rights!: This is a great piece revealing how Bill O'Reilly is spinning the American people a tale they want to hear rather than a tale the need to hear.
  • (1/2/06) Fear destroys what bin Laden could not: An excellent article on how Bush has succeeded in destroying the America bin Laden couldn't destroy.
  • (1/26/06) The Constitution in Crisis: This 273 page report is well worth the time it takes to read. If you're not outraged when you finish, check to see if you still have a pulse.
  • (1/26/06) King-George-gate: Myths v. Realities: Unspinning the misleading statements of this misadministration about the domestic spying scandal.
  • (1/27/06) The Christian Right, Dominionism, and Theocracy - Part One: A well-written, very detailed look at the agenda of the radical religious right and their desire to create a theocracy in the US. It's long but well worth the read.
  • (1/27/06) The True State of the Union: More Deception from the Bush White House: Unwinding the twisted "logic" and "reasoning" of this misadministration to reveal what's really going on.
  • (3/20/06) The Memo: This is a long but "must read" article about one high-ranking military official's attempts to stop the torture policy of this misadministration before it started.
  • (4/22/06) The Iran Plans: Another long but excellent look at this misadministrations claims to be seeking a diplomatic resolution to Iran's nuclear program. But we already have forces on the ground in Iran. There is a sort of follow-up article at "Truth Out" that you should read after reading this one.
  • (4/22/06) Bush Administration creates "Secret State Police": The Pentagon is considering merging two intelligence units. The result could be the American equivalent of the SS or the KGB.
  • (4/22/06) Coming home — disillusioned: A former marine's op-ed piece about Iraq.
  • (8/30/06) Whistle-Blower's Evidence, Uncut: A former ATT tech reveals the extent of the NSA spying on the internet and ATT's role in that illegal spying. Wired explains why they published the information despite a gag order from the courts.
  • (9/2/06) Articles by Greg Palast: Exposé articles are Palast's specialty and many articles on this site are worth reading.
  • (9/2/06) Watching Lebanon: Another great article by Seymour Hersh on this misadministrations interest in the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
  • (3/3/07) Book says Bush just using Christians: The former second-in-command of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives has written a tell-all book that shows how little interest this misadministration really has in "Christian values".

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Media Contacts

These sites will help you find your elected officials as well as tell you where to send your letters to the editor.

  • Media Contacts: This lists newspapers, magazines, radio and televion stations in all fifty states.

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Racism Issues

The sites below detail the racial disparity that is part of the culture of fear we've all been programmed to believe in as well as the racial discrimination that is still very prevalent today, especially in the criminal "justice" system. This demonizing of racial minorities— especially blacks— is, I believe, part of the RRR's drive to take us back to the 1950s, when times were simpler and life was better— if you happened to be heterosexual, Christian, male— and white.

  • The Psychology of Racism: You'll have to scroll down the page to get to the actual article title and then click on it to read the article. I sent you to this page because there are so many good articles here on all sorts of related issues. Don't be put off by the pages title, "A Strategy for Losers": it aims to provide those who have lost their rights to the majority, the government, etc. with a way to get recover what they lost.
  • Racism and the Death Penalty: An excellent article on Amnesty International Canada's site about race and the death penalty in the US.
  • Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System: While this article focuses on Minnesota's criminal justice system, it is typical of the situation nationwide in the US.
  • Human Rights Watch: An excellent article on racial disparities in the war on drugs.
  • The Night that Justice Got Mugged in Georgia: A star student is sent to prison for ten years for having consentual sex with his girlfriend: she's white and he's black. (3/4/07) Here are some additional links to this story: In Prison for Having Teenage Sex and Marcus Dixon Rape Conviction Reversed.
  • (8/16/05) Modern-Day 'Slave Farms' in Florida: A look at modern day slavery within the US.
  • (9/3/05) The Gospel of Slavery: A Primer of Freedom: A wonderful example of how religion and the Bible were used to justify slavery. The same tactics are being used today to justify the killing of "terrorists" and "insurgents" as well as keeping gays as second class citizens.
  • (9/3/05) AP Stands by Caption in 'Looting' Photo Controversy : Two pictures: both showing residents of flooded New Orleans walking through chest deep water carrying groceries. The caption under the one photo of a black man said he had been looting a grocery store. The caption under the picture of the white couple said they'd found the groceries floating on the surface. Both most likely took the food to survive— but the controversy highlights the fact that most of those who were unable to leave New Orleans were black. Why is one described as "looting" and one as "finding" when both took food they did not pay for?
  • (9/9/05) Leaving New Orleans: Charges of racism with respect to the time and level of response to Hurricane Katrina have been flying since the storm hit. This article is by a New Orleans writer and details the racism that was rampant before, during and after Katrina.
  • (11/24/05) Is 'white' the only color of success?: Confirmation of what many have known for so long but most others refuse to admit: that racism is still very much alive and well and thriving in the US.
  • (12/16/05) Turban Myths: While this is an older story, it could just as well have been written today for all the positive change we've made in dealing with racism towards those of Middle Eastern descent and/or of the Islamic faith.
  • (12/31/05) Cory Maye: A black man accused, convicted and sent to death row for killing the son of the town's white police chief. This article again refutes the claims by death penalty supporters that racism is not an issue in DP cases.
  • (12/31/05) Fox Affiliate Airs Ode to White Supremacist Site: Stormfront is a blatantly white supremacist movement that hides behind a "white pride" mask. A FOX affiliate in South Carolina aired a piece that, if not outright praising the group, failed to disclose its hateful ideology. Yet we're supposed to believe FOX is "fair and unbiased".
  • (1/2/06) Manassas Changes Definition Of Family: Touted as a law to cut down on illegal immigration, the new definition of "family" singles out those whose culture stresses extended families. Many are calling it a racist law.
  • (1/26/06) The Official Home Page of Author/Activist Tim Wise: One of the most prominent anti-racist writers and activists today, Tim Wise has a lot of articles on his site dealing with the racism still going on in this country today and exposing the special privileges enjoyed by whites.
  • (2/12/06) Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases: People of all political affiliations tend to ignore negative statements, even if true, about a politician they like. But this study shows that Republican backers have a greater tendency to be prejudiced against blacks. Of course, the RNC disputes such claims...
  • (4/22/06) U.S. attorney considering federal charges after jury acquits 3 former Milwaukee officers: The all-white jury acquitted all three white officers of beating a biracial man.
  • (4/22/06) Big Business Sees A Chance For Ethnic and Class Cleansing: The systematic exclusion of blacks from the rebuilding of New Orleans, where about 60% of the population was black, is continuing and some would say expanding.
  • (9/1/06) Racial income divide widens, report finds: And yet you hear far too many screaming that discrimination no long happens because it's illegal.
  • (9/4/06) Black students ordered to give up seats to whites: A white bus driver ordered nine black children to the back of the bus because the front seats were, according to her, for the white children! When parents complained, the driver was told to make a seating chart and she again put all nine children in the back of the bus: in only two seats! Nine kids in two seats! What in teh world was this woman thinking??
  • (9/4/06) Buchanan: "The Country I Grew Up In" Was "89 or 90 Percent White. I Like That Country": Pat Buchanan, in an interview with Hannity and Colmes, Buchanan bemoaned the fact that the people of the US were not consulted about the changing racial profile of the country due to immigration. He supports the idea that we shouldn't drastically change that profile without consulting the people. You have to read/hear this to see the dancing around this guy does to avoid saying that he supports limiting immigration of non-whites. And this guy has run for president many times.
  • (11/30/06) Teammates: Allen used "N-word" in college: Racism is often masked once one gets into the political spotlight. But in the end, it comes to light like a buried splinter festering under the skin comes to the surface. I'm so proud of the American public for rejecting a racist bigot as a representative to Congress.
  • (11/30/06) Pat Buchanan, His Fans, and Anti-Semitism: More disturbing info on Pat Buchanan.
  • (11/30/06) Lott On Iraq: 'Why Do Sunnis Kill Shiites? ... They All Look The Same To Me': More racism among our elected officials to Congress. This time from Trent Lott (R-MS). Sadly, that same comment is often used among racists with respect to the black population in the US. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • (3/4/07) Relative Truth: I came across this site while checking for updated information on Marcus Dixon (posted above). This site is a great example of the racial disparity in this country as well as an example of how money is now driving the justice system since the town only went for capitol murder because the state would pay for the trial. It also highlights that lack of resources for survivors of abuse.
  • (3/4/07) Georgia display divides veterans' names by race: Historical or not, to have a segregated list on public display in the courthouse is a slap in the face to all Geogians. Make a note about the segregated list in the updated one so that we don't forget it happened, but don't continue to tacitly endorse segregation by allowing the lists to remain.
  • (3/4/07) One More Enemy: NARTH is well-known within the GLBT community for its rampant homophobia and its false claims that homosexuality can be "cured". It's also well-known that one of the founders of NARTH has no real standing in the field of psychology among his peers. But now it appears as if another member of NARTH is not only homophobic but a racist as well because he thinks blacks were better off under slavery than they were in Africa. And guess what? No condemnation of the remarks by the likes of James Dobson et al...
  • (3/4/07) Va. lawmaker draws fire for slavery comment: Apparently there are more racist bigots who are coming out of the woodwork. Like this gem of a man who is a state legislator from Virginia who believes blacks just have to "get over" slavery. Only problem is that the legacy of slavery is still at work today and until that legacy is halted, then blacks can no more "get over" slavery than a rape victim can get over being raped if it's still happening.

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Constitutional Rights

The sites and articles below concern themselves with the fight to keep your constitutional rights from being taken away by the government, the majority and the RRR.

  • Bill of Rights Defense Committee: The name of the site is rather self-explanatory.
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center: A legal advocacy group that has one ground-breaking awards for victims of hate-crimes from the organizations that push hate on their members.
  • Center for Reproductive Rights: This site focuses on legislative attempts to take away a woman's right to choose.
  • A broad coalition of over 180 national organizations fighting to protect civil rights. "Its mission: to serve as the site of record for relevant and up-to-the minute civil rights news and information."
  • (8/16/05) Tennessee Teen Jailed 9 days for Burning Flag: A Tennessee teenager spends nine days in jail for burning the US flag under a law passed in Tennessee that makes it illegal to desecrate a "venerated object".
  • (8/16/05) Scalia Describes "Dangerous" Trend: According to Antonin Scalia, the right to abortion, the right to physician assisted suicide and the Lawrence v Texas decision are all part of a "dangerous trend": in other words, insuring your constitutional rights is a "dangerous trend."
  • (9/9/05) California Legislature Approves Gay Marriage: California became the first state in the US to pass a bill legalizing gay marriage, but it was vetoed by the governor, who said it overrode the will of the people. Which means the governor of California does not understand the US Constitution.
  • (9/9/05) No questions in 'Town Hall': In March, 2005, three individuals had tickets to an event in Denver where Bush would be speaking. They did not wear any clothing that identified them as "liberals" or even malcontents within their own party. But shortly after entering the venue, they were approached by an official looking man who told them they had to leave. Why? They were seen driving up in a car that had a "No More Blood for Oil" bumper sticker.
  • (9/19/05) Court Vacates an FBI Gag Order: The expanded US PATRIOT Act allows the FBI to issue a "national security letter" to an organization such as a library that allows them to obtain private records. The catch is that the library is then permanently banned from ever telling the individual whose records were checked that they those records were accessed by the FBI. This si the second time that a judge has declared the practice unconstitutional, but it's still happening.
  • (10/31/05) Federal judge declares Pledge unconstitutional: A federal judge in California ruled that teacher-led recitation of the pledge of allegiance violates the first amendment. Chalk one up for protecting individual's rights.
  • (10/31/05) Wal-Mart Turns in Student's Anti-Bush Photo, Secret Service Investigates Him: So much for your right to privacy, right to dissent and all those other pesky rights...
  • (12/31/05) Is the Pentagon spying on Americans?: While this story was one of the first breaking the news, it's not longer a matter of "Is it happening?" The President has admitted it is. But I've included this article to give you an idea of what kind of groups this misadministration considers "threatening".
  • (12/31/05) Bush Secretly Lifted Some Limits on Spying in U.S. After 9/11, Officials Say: So, without authorization or constitutional authority, Bush suspends constitutional rights, then gets mad at whomever leaked the story to the press.
  • (12/31/05) Bush spying claim causes US storm: A look at this story from the point of view of the BBC.
  • (12/31/05) 'Civil Rights,' Bush style: This story was written by a former intern at the Justice Department's Civil Right's Division and illustrates how this misadministration is listening to Pat Robertson and trying to take us back to the times when white, heterosexual, Christian males ruled the world (at least in the US.)
  • (12/31/05) U.S. surveillance moves rile LGBT groups: Gay rights groups who have opposed the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the US military are one of the "threatening" groups that Bush has authorized the NSA to spy on. Remember 1930's Germany?
  • (12/31/05) Yukon school group found on U.S. threat list: And here's another really "dangerous" group: high school kids from the Yukon (Canada) who attended a peace rally in Alaska. The DHS has labeled them a "threat".
  • (1/2/06) Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report: More evidence of the violation of your civil rights by the sitting president. And yes, even if you haven't been personally spied upon, it IS your civil rights that are being violated because there's now nothing stopping them from spying on you unless we impeach Bush and toss out his entire misadministration as well as any elected official who supported him.
  • (1/2/06) US spy agency 'has call database' : Did your phone company or internet service provider help Bush spy on you?
  • (1/3/06) NSA Web Site Puts 'Cookies' on Computers: In violation of federal laws on protecting your privacy, if you visited the NSA website, you probably have a cookie on your computer that would allow the government to track your internet usage: what sites you visted, how frequently, etc.
  • (1/26/06) Homeland Security opening private mail: In violation of federal laws on protecting your privacy, the Department of Homeland Security is now opening private mail addressed to US citizens that comes from overseas.
  • (1/26/06) Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Before 9/11: In violation of federal laws on protecting your privacy and contradicting what Bush himself has said, the spying on American soil began BEFORE 9/11.
  • (1/28/06) U.S. accused of spying on those who disagree with Bush policies: Now we find another lie: not only did he begin spying before 9/11, but he's NOT just spying on "suspected terrorists", but also on those who disagree with his policies.
  • (1/28/06) The Other Big Brother: And it just keeps getting worse. Now the Pentagon admits it has its own domestic spying program...
  • (2/12/06) Educators face blowback for protesting Iraq war in schools: More evidence of the growing restriction of civil rights in this country.
  • (3/15/06) Embattled cleric cites ancestor's example: I'm honored to know and work with this courageous woman in the fight for gay equality. Despite facing the possible ouster from her own church, Rev. Janet Edwards is honoring the love of gay couples seeking to marry within the Presbyterian church.
  • (3/19/06) The Department of Disenfranchisement: Voters in Georgia will now have to show a photo ID in order to vote. What about those who can't afford or are unable to get one?
  • (3/19/06) Data mining program continues after lawmakers order it closed: This misadministration just called it by a new name and channeled funding to that "new" program. Just another example of the arrogance of the current ruling party.
  • (3/20/06) Justice Dept. Rejects Google's Privacy Issues: The Justice Department wants to revive a child protection law that would "strengthen" Internet filters to prevent children from accessing porn sites. It says it wants all identifying information removed, so how can it tell if a site was accessed by a child? Increasing filters will also increase censorship. It is a parent's responsibility to watch what their kids are doing online— or whomever the parent gives that authority to (such as the school or a day care center.) Schools can and do install their own filtering systems, much stronger than those on the internet at large. There is no need for the internet at large to create stronger filters. Hold the parent's responsible of the kids access it on their home computers.
  • (3/20/06) Gonzales Seeks to Clarify Testimony on Spying: Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is backpedaling a bit on his testimony to the Senate Judiciary committee.
  • (4/22/06) Woman off hook over bumper sticker: A woman with a bumper sticker that read "I'm Tired of All the BUSH—" had all charges against her dropped. The question is, why was she charged in the first place? What happened to freedom of speech?
  • (4/22/06) Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room: Remember the right to privacy? Well, if you have AT&T, you don't have any. AT&T set up a special room to gather information that it supplied to the NSA on phone calls made by its customers.
  • (4/22/06) Judge overturns West Palm's clinic buffer law: Women entering health care clinics that also provide abortion services had a 20' buffer zone where no protestors were able to be. Now a judge has struck down this law as being in violation of free speech. What about the woman's right not to be accosted by the protestors? And why are not the "free speech zones" that Bush sets up being struck down as well?
  • (4/22/06) Protesters may get charged for free speech: Here's a novel way to limit the right to free speech and assembly: charge protestors for the extra police and other costs to the city.
  • (4/22/06) Federal judge sides with abortion rights group: Anti-choice forces and the moral police were seeking to require doctors and other abortion provider workers to report to the police the names of any minors seeking abortions on the grounds that consentual sex between minors was a form of sexual abuse.
  • (4/22/06) Court Rules Against Gay-Bashing T-Shirts: A student in a high school in California wore a T-shirt to school that said "Be Ashamed, Our School Embraced What God Has Condemned" on the front and "Homosexuality Is Shameful" on the back. When he was told to remove the shirt, he refused. The Alliance Defense Fund, a fundamentalist Christian legal organization that claims to defend "religious liberties" (only if they're Christian) sued the school district. I strongly support the first amendment, but in a school setting, where kids are faced with peer group pressures and trying to find out who they are, wearing a T-shirt like that is both disruptive and harmful to students who may be gay but who have not yet come out. The goal of schools is to teach and dress codes are an acceptable way to lessen disruptiveness and to keep students safe. Wearing that same T-shirt out in public is fine. Wearing them to a ball game is fine. I'd even go so far as to say wearing them to a college class is fine. Just not to public schools where kids are required to be there and the goal of the school is to provide them with a safe learning environment. [Note: This is a pdf file of the original LA Times article that no longer is available online. You will need a reader to see the article.]
  • (4/22/06) Free-speech outrage: Wenyi Wang may be charged with federal crime for daring to criticize the president...of China: Just moments after Bush finished chastising the president of China for limiting freedom of speech, Secret Service agents arrested Wenyi Wang for exercising her freedom of speech and are considering using an obscure federal law to charge her with crimes that may put her in jail for up to 12 years!
  • (8/29/06) In Leak Cases, New Pressure on Journalists: Remember freedom of the press? Now, this misadministration wants to punish journalists who leak stories that the White House doesn't want known. Think about this, people. Punish reporters for reporting the truth...
  • (8/30/06) Head-scratching follows Garcetti ruling: The US Supreme Court has muddied the waters with respect to free speech for public employees. That means government workers: which could be seen as the court limiting what public employees are allowed to say on the job. Criticise the president if you're a cop? You may find yourself in the unemployment line...
  • (8/30/06) Rick Santorum back in the news: Two women were asked to leave a book-signing event with Santorum after one of his security people overheard them discussing their viewpoints. They were arrested when they refused to leave the public book store. This article is about the settlement of the case filed by the ACLU.
  • (9/1/06) Are Marriages Illegal?: Not just gay marriage. Marriage. Period. An article raises some interesting questions.
  • (9/1/06) Terrorist in a bootleg T-shirt: The author of this article was detained by Department of Homeland Security forces for more than six hours....not for anything to do with terrorism but for a bench warrant and for selling bootleg T-shirts.
  • (3/4/07) The Dollars and Cents of Gay Marriage: An article that undermines many of those opposed to gay marriage for financial reasons, like "it would cost the taxpayer money"....
  • (3/4/07) Newdow Files Suit to Have "In God We Trust" Removed From Currency: I for one hope he wins, although I doubt he will. Although Newdow is an atheist, take note of the quote about the government saying God does not exist.
  • (3/4/07) Case dismissed against pastor in lesbian marriage ceremony: Unfortunately, it was dismissed on a technicality. I say "unfortunately", but I am so pleased Rev. Edwards is still able to minister to her flock. I've worked with Janet on several projects and her untiring dedication to equality for all and her willingness to walk the walk and not just talk the talk are admirable.
  • (3/4/07) Gingrich raises alarm at event honoring those who stand up for freedom of speech: Personally, I wonder why Gingrich was even invited to speak at such an event. But he was...and maybe it was a good thing because we see just how much the RRR wants to dismantle the US Constitution.
  • (3/4/07) FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool: Using a modification to some software, the FBI (and any other law-enforcement agency or even an individual with the capability to do so) can program your cell phone to act as a bug, recording your discussions for future use if they choose. Even if your cell phone is turned off, they can still use the mic as a bug....And there's no law that prevents them from doing it.
  • (3/4/07) Congressman: Muslims Not Welcome In U.S.: Virgil Goode— from Virginia (what is it with Virginia lawmakers?)— wrote a letter to constituents who had written to him about the election of the first Muslim member of Congress. Goode suggested that unless we tighten immigration laws the way he wants them tightened, America will be overrun by Muslims.
  • (3/4/07) Congressman Demands Iraqis Be Converted To Christianity: Two days after the above story appeared, a Congressman from North Carolina said that we cannot win the war in Iraq without "spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace on earth, good will towards men. Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the Savior." And how does one spread a message of "peace on earth, good will towards men" when one is bombing the hell of a nation and seeking to destroy their faith in God? As the bumper sticker on the back of my car says, "Love thy enemy implies not killing them."
  • (3/4/07) Your Mail Is Officially Not Safe: Did you know the government can open any piece of mail it deems necessary for protection against terrorism and read it? It's happening already thanks to another of Bush's signing statements that says how he interprets the law is up to him and not Congress....
  • (3/4/07) Gonzales: "There Is No Express Grant of Habeas Corpus In The Constitution": And this is the nation's highest attorney, charged with protecting our civil rights. And he's denying that one of the most basic of those rights even exists in the US Constitution.

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Under-covered Stories

The sites below list stories that were swept under the rug, silenced or under-reported.

  • Undercovered: Newsweek's list of the top ten stories that should have received more coverage.
  • Project Censored: "The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004"
  • (8/16/05) Bush Admin May Be Responsible for Botching Effort to Thwart London Bombing: The London police had been working on rounding up suspected terrorists after capturing the computer of a captured Al Qaeda leader. When the Bush misadministration announced a heightened security alert during the DNC in 2004, they gave the media too much information while trying to justify that alert. The media found the leader's name and published it, and those still uncaptured by the British police fled, including those who took part in the bombings in London on July 7, 2005.
  • (8/16/05) London Bombers Tied to Al Qaeda Plot in Pakistan: An ABC news story on the link between the Bush misadministration's leak and the London bombings.
  • (9/3/05) Heads Roll at Veterans Administration: Many doctors and psychiatrists are starting to blame "Gulf War Syndrome" on the use of depleted uranium in the weapons used in the Iraq war. Such weapons are still in use now and will continue to contaminate and kill both US soldiers and the Iraqi civilians who are forced to live with the nuclear fall out of the US weapons used against them in their own country.
  • (10/31/05) Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side': Belief in God may not be the "solid foundation" that many believe it is if the results of this study are borne out. In fact, it shows a positive correlation between belief in God and higher murder, abortion, suicide and promiscuity rates.
  • (2/12/06) Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium': Cancer rates among children in Iraq have increased 500-1000% since the first Gulf War due to the use of depleted uranium by US forces. This site contains very disturbing pictures of some of the birth defects of children born since that war and shows the horrors of using depleted uranium. Why do we allow our government to continue to pollute the environment this way?
  • (3/19/06) Did Senator Roberts declare Bush Dictator on MTP?: There is at least one member of Congress— Senator Roberts from Kansas (why doesn't it surprise me that he's from Kansas?) who believes that Bush has constitutional powers that are unlimited by any law that Congress can pass. In other words, Bush is above the law and is therefore, a dictator, since dictators are not bound by any laws except those they want to follow.
  • (3/20/06) White House 'Discovers' Emails Related to Plame Leak: Is Cheney being set up as the fall guy? (Not that he doesn't deserve the fall...) The emails that were "discovered" are from Cheney's office.
  • (8/29/06) Bush challenges hundreds of laws: According the Bush, he has the right to ignore more than 750 laws that are on the books simply because he is president....
  • (8/31/06) Bill aims to make national water standards voluntary: Small water systems may soon have the option of voluntarily following safe drinking water standards. At the same time about half the country's drinking water suppliers are switching to a new water disinfectant that, when running through pipes that contain lead alloys (not uncommon since it's much cheaper), reacts to the alloys and lead leaches into the water supply. Lead levels spiked in Washington, DC after they switched to this new disinfectant. And now, the bill that would make it voluntary for small water systems to follow safe water standards...well, you get the picture.
  • (9/1/06) Farm Program Pays $1.3 Billion to People Who Don't Farm: We're not talking about paying farmers NOT to grow things— that's another subsidy that needs to be looked at. This is about paying people who have no farms at all, but whose land used to be farmland. There are land developers who even advertise that people can collect these subsidies if they buy a home in certain subdivisions. A surgeon in Texas has received close to half a million dollars. And yet when it comes time to slash budgets....
  • (11/30/06) Softball in the Rose Garden: White House press corps failed to challenge Bush's non-answers at press conference: If the press had been as boot-licking and brown-nosing with Nixon as they have been with Bush, he'd have gotten away with Watergate.
  • (11/30/06) Frank Rich: As the war drags on, the lies get thicker: Finally someone is calling the "misinformation" Bush et al put out for what it really is: lies.

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These sites/articles pertain to the issues on these pages, but I wasn't quite sure where to put them since they often can fall into more than one category.

  • Whoa! Canada!: This article is a rather humorous look at how Canada, once considered a conservative, reactionary nation, is now a leader in terms of civil rights and individual freedom.
  • From the Wilderness: An anonymous subscriber finances a full page ad about what really happened on 9/11, implicating the US government and sharply critical of Army Secretary Thomas White. White was fired by Rumsfeld three days after the first copy of the ad reached the Washington Post but before the ad ever appeared in public. Was it leaked? You can download a .pdf file of the ad and read what it said.
  • The Buying of the President 2004: For a look at the travesty that is our electoral system, check out this site created by the Center for Public Integrity.
  • Did Bush fix the elections? Why did Kerry throw in the towel so soon?: A look at all the types of voting irregularities across the country.
  • Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election results: The simple red/blue map makes it appear as if Bush won by a landslid. But when one takes into account the populations of those "red states", and adjusts the map accordingly, you get a totally different picture.
  • I Am A Conservative Christian, And The Religious Right Scares Me, Too: A commentary by a conservative Baptist senior pastor.
  • Doomed to Repeat: History repeats itself when we don't learn the lessons from our past.
  • Religious group challenges 'traditional' history: I wasn't quite sure where to put this since this is at least one group who acknowledges that Jefferson's writings were not meant to suggest that Christianity was the faith this nation was founded on. But they see that as a bad thing and call him an "enemy of the Gospel".
  • America Is Not a Christian Nation: From The Conservative Voice, someone who recognizes that the principles used to found this nation were not of Christian origin.
  • (8/17/05) Say G-WOT?: The newest tactic in Bush's "war on terrorism" was to change the slogan...
  • (9/3/05) An Unlikely Conversation With The Cowards in Congress: One commentators pointed castigation of Congress for their failure to stop the Bush regime's destruction of the US. This article lists many of the lies and deceptions of this misadministration.
  • (9/3/05) Careful Not to Get Too Much Education...Or You Could Turn Liberal: There's been a growing movement lately, coming under the guise of a "Academic Bill of Rights" that seeks to limit what teachers can teach in classrooms of universities, implying that learning too much will destroy one's "values".
  • (9/3/05) Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food: The Red Cross is being prohibited by FEMA from entering into the areas flooded by Katrina and providing those stranded with food and water.
  • (9/3/05) Halliburton gets Katrina contract, hires former FEMA director: In the midst of all the death and destruction, favoritism is still being played out. Halliburton receives a contract to repair naval facilities damaged by Katrina— with no other bids taken or sought. [Note: Check out the rest of this site, which monitors the actions of Halliburton, a company whose former CEO is Dick Cheney and who has bilked the US government out of billions of dollars in the rebuilding of Iraq, not to mention the billions in funds that are unaccounted for.]
  • (9/9/05) Katrina Elicits Sympathy, Jeers Worldwide: A look at the reaction from around the world at the catastrophic tragedy in New Orleans and the ineptitude of the US government's relief efforts.
  • (9/9/05) Do You Know What It Means to Lose New Orleans?: A moving editorial by author Ann Rice on the real impact of Katrina and explains why people didn't leave.
  • (9/9/05) 'Katrinagate' fury spreads : What others are saying around the world: this report comes from South Africa.
  • (9/9/05) Multiple failures caused relief crisis: And this report comes from England.
  • (9/9/05) Osama and Katrina: And this report comes from the US, but from a conservative commentator for the New York Times.
  • (9/9/05) Haunted by Hesitation: Bush hesitated...and thousands died....probably a million homeless and displaced. An ecological nightmare....Why is he still in office?
  • (9/9/05) Katrina's Silver Lining: I had a hard time deciding where to put this one— it came down to here or Dangerous Legislation/Policies. I agree Katrina's "silver lining" gives us a chance to really do something about the abject poverty in New Orleans and the other affected areas. But forced cultural integration? Not sure I'm comfortable with that...
  • (9/19/05) The Post-Katrina Era: A nice article that ties together all the failures that made Katrina so much worse than it had to be, including those of the attitudes of the American people and our political structure in general.
  • (10/31/05) Overturning the Gospels: A look at the mistaken belief held by many Christians that the Bible teaches "God helps those who help themselves" and the impact it had on the relief efforts in Katrina's aftermath.
  • (10/31/05) Embattled FDA chief Lester Crawford resigns: One man, despite the assurances of the scientists under him, decides to prohibit the sale of emergency contraception (just like the RRR wanted).
  • (11/24/05) A Failed Presidency?: A great article on just how much of a failure this misadministrations policies are.
  • (11/24/05) What Did Jesus Look Like?: I wonder how many Christians will find a way to say, "No way could Jesus have looked like that!"
  • (12/5/05) US hits 1,000 executions: Notice the state that did the most executions: Texas.
  • (1/3/06) The Unfinished War: A Decade Since Desert Storm: An interesting read and the first glimpses of policy blunders that made the situation in Iraq even worse than it was prior to Desert Storm.
  • (2/12/06) The Missing 13th Amendment: A rather bizarre website: this section of it is interesting. Much of the rest of it appears to be fundamentalist rantings against abortion, homosexuals, liberals and anyone else they disagree with.
  • (3/15/06) Whatever Happened to Courage?: A well-written article asking some important questions that really need to be answered.
  • (3/19/06) Sheriff Ends Policy Of Officers Having Sex With Hookers: I can hear it now, "No, honey, I wasn't cheating on you! My boss ordered me to have sex with that hooker!" What an assinine law and what an idiotic policy. You have to question the intelligence of the sheriff who defended such practice just the week before.
  • (3/20/06) Ohio lawmaker to propose ban on GOP adoption: While this story made me bust a gut laughing, I'm sure there were those who were outraged at the assertion that being a republican automatically makes one bad parent material. That is the same outrage that gays feel every time they hear one of those (mostly Republican) politicians or mouthpieces say that being gay automatically makes them a bad parent. One's political party is about as relevant as one's orientation in deciding suitability for adoption, although there's a recent study that may actually support the Ohio lawmaker's legislation.
  • (3/20/06) Watchdog Group Questions 2004 Fla. Vote : In 2004, in one county in Florida, the computerized voting machines logged more than 100,000 errors— including memory failures! And now we're trying to go to totally ballotless voting machines across the country! How many times in the past three years has a hacker shut down a MAJOR business, whose security measures far outnumber those of the ordinary voting machine? And yet we're going to trust the future election of officials to these things with no paper trail in most cases.
  • (3/20/06) Unable to Reach an Accord, Quinn to Boycott the Parade: Another example of institutionalized discrimination.
  • (8/29/06) The politics Jesus wouldn't do...: A wonderful excerpt from an opinion piece that originally appeared in the Houston Chronicle, but I can't seem to find it there anymore.
  • (8/31/06) Documents show post-war CIA covered up Nazi war crimes: This article is included to demonstrate that our government does not always do what is right. That they don't give us all the facts so that we can make our own informed opinions or choices. That they're willing to hide important information and to "sleep with the enemy" if it will give them "an edge."
  • (9/1/06) Taking My Country Back: This is actually an MP3 that you really should take a listen to.
  • (9/1/06) Let's face it, it's WWIII, Gingrich says: And it's time Bush admits it, says the thrice divorced Gingrich, author of the "Contract with America".
  • (9/4/06) PA-07: Curt Weldon's Messiah: PA Represenative Curt Weldon (vice chairman of the House Homeland Security committee (that scares me)) once helped organize, attended, and spoke at an event, during which the leader of the Unification Church was crowned as "humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent". His office denied it until photographic evidence surfaced. So why did they go if they were later going to deny going? I'll leave the answer up to your imagination. Weldon is a Republican.
  • (9/4/06) Going For Broke: Our economy tanks and what does the Republican controlled Congress do? Make it harder for the poorest of the poor to declare bankruptcy. A look at what causes many families to go bankrupt. The biggest problem? Health care costs. What has this Congress or this misadministration done about those soaring costs? Not a damn thing.
  • (10/16/06) Half Ton of Bomb Material Stored a Few Miles from the White House: Remember how the government is telling us that we're safer now for having given up some of our rights? That we're safer now that we've invaded Iraq? You want to buy some ocean-front property in southern Florida?
  • (11/30/06) Bush's second choice for Vice President to assail GOP over Schiavo, gay rights: When one of their own, and an ordained Episcopal minister as well, suggests that the Republican party is kowtowing to the RRR, even the most hard-nosed supporters should at least start to pay attention.
  • (11/30/06) Church experts say Pope is 'unrepentant': While this story concerns the Vatican and does not directly concern the US, it is indicative of the attitude that has been put forth by this misadministration for the last six years: that Muslims are to blame for the world's woes. To have it echoed by someone as powerful as the Pope is a frightening thing indeed. Another version of the story is here.
  • (3/3/07) List of people pardoned by George H. W. Bush: A while back, during the heights of the Mark Foley scandal, there was a big stink from the RRR about President Clinton's pardoning of a congressman convicted of having sex with a minor. So just to be fair, I'm including the list of people pardoned by Bush's father. You can find the entire list of people pardoned by each president from the US Department of Justice Office of the Pardon Attorney.
  • (3/4/07) Canadian court allows three parents: This is a ray of hope for those who are fighting for equality for all and who want to protect the rights of children. Unfortunately, it's not happening in our country, but it IS happening in our neighbor to the north: Canada.

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These sites/articles are the transcripts of speeches given protesting the Bush misadministration and its policies/practices.

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Lies, Lies and More Lies

These sites/articles are just a small sampling of the lies told by this administration and the massive web of deception they're weaving around the American public.

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Flash Movies

These flash movies put things into perspective.

  • Remind Us: Why did the United States invade Iraq?: Excerpts from speeches strung together to show how often the misinformation about the reason originally given for going to war in Iraq.
  • (9/09/05) Ten Characteristics of a True US Patriot: Are you a True US Patriot? This used to be a flash movie but the movie disappeared and all that's left is the original ten characteristics. Well worth a read.
  • (10/31/05) Hurricane Katrina: This Flash movie shows how FEMA knew as early as 2001 what a hurricane the size of Katrina would do and how this misadministration cut funding for maintaining and improving New Orleans system of levees in order to fund the invasion of Iraq.
  • (10/31/05) Wounded America: See the pictures that the toll of this invasion of Iraq is causing among our soldiers. The piece is outdated, of course, given it was produced in 2005. But I'm sure the pictures are still relevant.
  • (10/31/05) Peace Takes Courage: This site is full of wonderful flash movies and other animations about the invasion of Iraq and the other misadventures of this misadministration.
  • (10/31/05) Why Weren't We Warned?: This is a link to a CNN video that reveals that most people in New Orleans went to bed the night after Katrina thinking the worst had passed. No one told them or warned them that the levees had been breached. [Note: When I go to this link, the title of the video is there, but it says it can't connect.]
  • (10/31/05) 2000: As we've passed the 2000 mark for deaths in the ongoing invasion of Iraq, this is a sobering piece to watch.
  • (10/31/05) Tears: Another sobering piece.
  • (11/24/05) The Battle for America: A Quicktime movie reminding us that what America really stands for.
  • (8/29/06) Depleted Uranium: An educational "slide show" about depleted uranium and how it becomes a toxic, radioactive "weapon" even after a war is over.
  • (8/29/06) The Decider: Another Fiore classic that hits the nail right on the head.
  • (9/2/06) Olbermann Exposes Nexus Of Politics And Terror: While not a flash movie, it is a portion of Olberman's show in which he points reveals the politics of terrorism: with respect to our government!
  • (3/4/07) Freedom from the Press 10/25/06: An animated cartoon from Mark Fiore that illustrates the dangers of some of the policies regarding freedom of the press this misadministration is adopting.

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These sites/articles analyze Bush administration policies with respect to the everything from civil rights of US citizens to the "fate of mankind" in general.

  • The New Bush Doctrine: An analysis by George Soros.
  • Neocon Foreign Policy: Make sure you check out the other pages on this site regarding neoconservatives. Many of the commentaries on the various policies is from a European point of view.
  • Is the world better or worse since 9/11?: A look at how the world stands today with respect to terrorism.
  • Why the west is losing: A look at why we're not winning the war on terrorism and never will.
  • The Case Against George W. Bush: A scathing article written by Ron Reagan, the former president's son.
  • Intoxicated With Power: A report by a retired intelligence agency chair.
  • How George Bush changed America: And trust me, it wasn't for the better.
  • Contemporary West-Muslim relations: How Bush's policies are affecting West-Muslim relationships.
  • Why America must not re-elect President Bush: A commentary by George Soros.
  • God Help America: A commentary written after the 2004 presidential election.
  • Welcome to the New Cold War: But this time, the enemy isn't the "dirty communists". It's Europe— at least in the eyes of this misadministration.
  • The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis: How far could Congress get if we, the people, took action?
  • Reject this failed statesman: The real loser in the 2004 election was democracy.
  • Onward Christian soldiers : The tearing apart of a nation as the RRR stands on one side and the secular world stands on the other.
  • The Bush Doctrine: An article by Jim Wallis, a leading Christian author, editor and commentator.
  • What's Going On?: An op-ed piece by Paul Krugman of the New York Times on why "nobody wants to talk about the threat posed by those whose beliefs include contempt for democracy itself."
  • (9/03/05) A Lot of People Hate the Double Standard Nation: An insightful piece on why America as a nation is often so hated by citizens of the world. In truth, it's the reason I myself am so disgusted with the present misadministration and am working so hard to change it.
  • (9/03/05) The Sin of Blasphemy: What does it really mean to be a Christian? Patty Davis, daughter of the former president, examines this question in light of Pat Robertson's call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez.
  • (9/03/05) Who Will Say 'No More'?: Former presidential candidate Gary Hart asks when is the America going to stand up and tell her president "Stop!"
  • (9/03/05) New Orleans: It's about us: Another insightful column by Molly Ivins that discusses how government policies are not "just politics" but have real consequences in the lives of American citizens. It shows us how our apathy and our indifference to what happens in the political arena has helped us get to the point we're at now— where the possiblity exists that there are more than 10,000 dead in New Orleans alone. And the vast majority of them will be poor and/or black.
  • (9/03/05) Why Thousands May Die: Another insightful column in the same vein as Molly Ivins' above that shows how we're all to blame for the disaster in New Orleans by "allowing our collective system of protection, our government, to be hijacked by corporate interests and their politician lackeys."
  • (10/31/05) Our modern-day 'Grapes of Wrath': After Katrina, the plight of the poor— especially in New Orleans— is exposed for all the world to see and it's not a pretty picture.
  • (10/31/05) A Storm-Tossed Boss: A look at how Katrina is affecting the politics of this misadministration.
  • (10/31/05) Governors handle crisis in own ways: Louisianna, with a Democratic governor, and Mississippi, with a Republican governor, both had very different experiences with the White House in the aftermath of Katrina.
  • (10/31/05) Not Lowest and Least: A nice article on how this misadministration is handling the falling approval ratings and the change in the attitude of the American public.
  • (12/5/05) Bush's view of Iraq doesn't square with reality: From MSNBC, a short analysis of the differences between what Bush is telling us and what is actually happening in Iraq.
  • (12/16/05) Bush in the Bubble: From Newsweek (MSNBC), a look at Bush's policies and MO and where he may end up in the annals of history.
  • (12/31/05) The ultimate quagmire: A nice analysis of the results of the election in Iraq that highlight the complete failure of the Bush misadministrations policies and the folly of the invasion.
  • (1/3/06) Analysis: Abramoff plea may rock GOP boat: The boat needs more than rocked, in my humble opinion. It needs capsized and a new crew brought on board.
  • (1/3/06) Has Bush Gone Too Far?: An article appearing in Time magazine that asks the $64,000 question with the really easy answer.
  • (1/26/06) Fixing the law is not enough: A well-thought out discourse on why changing the lobbying laws is not enough to fix the problem of a corrupt government.
  • (1/26/06) The Army of Good Americans: A scathing article looking at those who blindly follow and/or support this misadministration despite the obvious and frequent lies and ineptitude.
  • (1/27/06) Bush Administration in Violation of Constitution and War Powers: A convincing article that demonstrates once again this misadministrations disregard for the US Constitution.
  • (2/12/06) Misstatement of the Union: A detailed article about Bush's misleading State of the Union address in January, 2006.
  • (3/20/06) Why Pardons Won't Matter: The Convention Against Torture: Even if Bush were to pardon every member the military and anyone in his misadministration who knew of, took part in, condoned or failed to report the torture we know happened (and is still happening), it would not prevent those same individuals from being tried in an international court of law.
  • (3/20/06) It Didn't Work: William F. Buckley's analysis of the options available to the Bush misadministration after the obvious failure of the Iraq "policy". Here's another article along the same lines.
  • (4/07/06) Failure of the Media: A powerful, well-documented and sourced article that refutes the notion that the media is "liberal".
  • (4/22/06) The Danger of Hugo Chávez's Successful Socialism: An insightful look into the "logic" used by this misadministration and the hypocrisy of trying to help spread "democracy".
  • (8/29/06) Hostile Takeover— The Corporate Control of Society and Human Life: The sub-title says it all: How Predatory Giant Corporations Destroy Society and People.
  • (8/29/06) The Predator State: A related article in Mother Jones magazine that demonstrates why capitalism really doesn't work in the real world. Or perhaps it's more a case of why the economic structure we have in place isn't really capitalism...
  • (8/29/06) Bush Clears the Way for Corporate Domination: This corporate take over can be tied to the invastion of Iraq and is another step in PNAC's plan for the US.
  • (8/29/06) Russia says UN plan for Iran is 'first step to war': The US government set a dangerous precedent with their "preemptive strike" against Iraq. And now, it looks as though they may be trying to do the same thing in Iran...
  • (8/31/06) U.S. Learns to Live with Less Freedom: Talk about hitting the nail on the head...
  • (9/1/06) Most national security experts of all stripes say America's losing war on terror: I have a secret to tell you. You can't win a war on ideology. We should have learned that from Viet Nam. Or from Israel or Ireland's history.
  • (9/1/06) The destabilization game: An excellent article on why the instability of the world today is something this misadministration has been striving to achieve.
  • (9/1/06) British Petroleum's "Smart Pig": The most recent spike in gas prices was due to British Petroleum closing down a large section of the Alaska pipeline, citing leaks. Only problem is that the leaks were reported ten years ago. On news of the shut-down, the price of crude oil jumped $2.22. BP sells more than 4 million barrels a day. That's more than $8 million dollars in one day going into the pockets of BP. But wait....there's more...
  • (9/4/06) Twenty-first Century Rome: A short but very important article by former Senator Gary Hart comparing the actions of this misadministration to the creation of the Roman empire.
  • (3/4/07) Togetherness In Baghdad: George Will is a well-known conservative commentator. When he says "Cheney still doesn't get it on Iraq", you better be scared.
  • (3/4/07) Time to remove a dictator: A long-overdue article on why we need to impeach Bush and Cheney.

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Dangerous Legislation/Policies

These sites/articles demonstrate the dangers to civil rights and even human life posed by legislation and policies endorsed by this administration and/or the RRR.

  • You Call This a Democracy?: A look at the hypocrisy and policies the Bush administration uses to silence opposition.
  • Aid cuts threatened by US over tribunal: Attemping to influence how foreign governments work and interact by denying foreign aid.
  • Constitution Restoration Act of 2004: This site, run by the Constitution Party (ultraconservative), touts the "benefits" from prohibiting the US Supreme Court from reviewing or overturning any laws that allow things like the public display of the ten commandments in US courthouses or nativity scenes in US government buildings. The Constitution Party itself is scary enough, but this amendment is even more frightening. Fortunately, the amendment went nowhere last session. But don't think that's the end of it...especially now that Bush is in his second reign.
  • 'Time for a Revolution': This is one of those sites where I agree with their assertion that its time for a revolution, that the USA PATRIOT Act is not only unconstitutional but also dangerous, but I disagree with their reasons. Ron Paul is as much a strict constructionist when it comes to the US Constitution as Antonin Scalia, so in that sense, he's just as frightening. But that doesn't negate the validity of the dangers he points out about the USA PATRIOT Act.
  • A Successful War Is Being Waged on the Bill of Rights: A good analysis of the Bush administrations war on civil rights.
  • So Much For Free Speech: Another policy being pushed that removes yet another civil right.
  • Patriot Raid: You never know when the government will come down on you.
  • Interested Persons Memo: Section-by-Section Analysis of Justice Department draft "Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003," also known as "PATRIOT Act II" : Well worth a read if you like true life horror stories.
  • City Commissioner on "Do Not Admit" List: A Fargo City Commissioner, female, Democrat and left-leaning, was placed on a "do not admit" list at a recent Bush speech in Fargo, ND. This is just one of many hundreds of instances in which those opposed to Bush policy are silenced by being denied access and being restricted to "free speech zones", ignoring the fact that our entire nation is supposed to be a "free speech zone". By segregating protesters, the media often doesn't see the size of the protest while "touring" with the president.
  • Permanent Patriot Act Proposed: Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr(R-WI), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has introduced a bill that would make the USA PATRIOT Act permanent! [Note: Sensenbrenner was one of 11 Republicans to vote AGAINST an aid package to the victims of Katrina because he felt the local officials should pay for the relief efforts, feeling they hadn't done enough to prevent the catastrophe.]
  • (8/17/05) FEC grants Falwell the media exemption: Jerry Falwell gave "sermons" touting George W. Bush as the next president before the 2004 election. When threatened with the loss of his tax exempt status, the FEC granted Falwell's "press exemption"— yes, you read that right. Using a technicality because of his ownership of media outlets, Jerry was allowed to endorse and encourage voters to re-elect Bush...
  • (8/17/05) Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens: From the article: "US investigators, including CIA agents, will be allowed [to] interrogate Irish citizens on Irish soil in total secrecy, under an agreement signed between Ireland and the US last week."
  • (8/17/05) Cheney Working to Block Legislation on Detainees: Vice President Dick Cheney is opposed to this legislation because it prevents American soldiers from using torture.
  • (8/17/05) Kissing the 4th Amendment Goodbye: Expanded powers of the PATRIOT Act.
  • (8/17/05) Blair Announces New Anti-Terror Measures: While this is actually about British measures, if allowed to go forward, look for this misadministration to try to enact the same kind of legislation that allows the government to strip even natural-born citizens of their citizenship if the government deems them to be terrorists or promoting violence against "American values".
  • (8/17/05) Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US: Watch the movie "Enemy of the State" after you read this article.
  • (8/17/05) New claims emerge over Menezes death: Shoot to kill policy of the British police may have been abused. We have similar policies in the US, and what is most disturbing about this article is how quickly the initial reports that now appear to have been nothing more than a cover-up were fabricated by authorities, desseminated by the mainstream media and believed by the public.
  • (9/3/05) Meet the Father of the 'Right to Life' Movement: While abortion is still legal in the US at the moment, take a look at what history has shown us about what happens when it's made illegal. This becomes all the more frightening when one considers that Bush may end up appointing up to four US Supreme Court justices. The last major challenge to overturn Roe v. Wade was a 5-4 decision (for pro-choice forces) and one of those five— Sandra Day O'Connor— will resign once her successor is named and appointed.
  • (9/3/05) Conservatives Take Up Academic-Freedom Cause: While the battle rages over whether or not to teach "intelligent design" (ie, creationism) in our public schools, another battle is shaping up in our colleges and universities. Some students are demanding that they not be required to read anything that offends them or their beliefs. They have come up with an Academic Bill of Rights, but universities and professors warn that rather than protecting rights and freedoms, this type of bill will in fact restrict them.
  • (9/9/05) FEMA accused of censorship: FEMA tells the press they can't take pictures of the dead, which have been estimated at various times from thousands to 40,000. They say it's out of respect for the deceased and their families. Now suddenly, there are stories coming out about how there might not be as many dead as they expected! Coincidence?
  • (9/9/05) Bush lifts wage rules for Katrina: This makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. Today, Bush signed an executive order (that means he bypassed the legislative process) that decreed that contractors doing the cleanup/rebuilding of the destroyed areas (including the shipyards where Halliburton received an uncontested contract) can pay their employees BELOW the prevailing wage in that area. So the people these companies hire will be making less money (money they need to rebuild their lives!) and the company will be making more. And THIS is helping how? Just another example of the "compassionate conservative" thinking of this misadministration.
  • (9/9/05) Total Gun Confiscation of Law Abiding Citizens Begins: Police in New Orleans today began rounding up guns from the citizens who still refuse to leave their homes. While I'm no advocate of private gun ownership, I find the setting aside of the US Constitution as it is legally interpreted at this point in time to be a scary precedent to set at this level.
  • (10/31/05) U.S. Attorney's Porn Fight Gets Bad Reviews: I had a hard time figuring out where to put this. On one hand, I'm glad that the US attorney has taken the unwinnable "war on terrorism" off the front burner, but on the other hand, this kind of "task force" is a dangerous precendent to set because they're not going after child porn but porn featuring consenting adults, particularly peer to peer transfer on the internet. Of course, that means introducing legislation that allows "someone" to monitor attachments to email, intercept them and look at them— without you knowing.
  • (10/31/05) Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan: At one point in time, the nuclear arsenal of the US was more of a weapon of last resort: if we were going down, we'd take out a whole lot of other's with us. This newly revised (yet still not approved) policy makes it seems more like a weapon of choice. Changes would allow the use of "strategic" nuclear weapons to be used in pre-emptive attacks against known enemy stockpiles of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. Imagine what Iraq might look like if we'd gone after those "known stockpiles" of WMDs with nukes instead of just bombs made with depleted uranium.
  • (10/31/05) The Reagan Administration and Dissent: A well-researched and footnoted article that shows that this misadministration is only continuing the policies set up by the Reagan administration (who was the first president to get elected with the help of the RRR). Only difference is that this misadministration has more tools and leeway in which to not only enforce but enact these policies.
  • (10/31/05) The bushites And The '1984' Nightmare World They Have Chosen For Us All: Read this one right after the one above and see how this misadministration is continuing this policy and even strengthening it by weakening our civil rights and protections.
  • (11/24/05) Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gets Injected With a Social Issue: This is what happens when you let legislators and religion dictate national medical policies and research. A vaccine that could prevent most cases of cervical cancer may never see the light of day in the US because members of the RRR are afraid it will send the wrong message to young girls about premarital sex. If they succeed in preventing the use of this vaccine, any woman who is now a teen and later dies from cervical cancer will be on their heads.
  • (11/24/05) Pastor irate over sex-ed course: Another case of the radical religious right attempting to set dangerous policies: this time by denying students the right to information that would let them protect themselves from STDs, unwanted pregnancies and even violence as well as information on suicide, drug, tobacco and alcohol use/abuse and other issues of public health and safety. This pastor, who has the option of removing his kids from class when they're learning anything he disagrees with, would rather threaten the entire school district with a massive pullout of students from his congregation to force the school to do things according to his beliefs. He can't see the hypocrisy in his actions.
  • (12/5/05) The Battle for the Control of the Press: This could have gone under "Lies, Lies and More Lies" in the section for the effects of the war on terror. The mainstream media is under attack by the White House in an attempt to limit the amount of information made available to the public as well as the manner in which it is presented. (Ie, they want to press to print their spin and not the truth.) There's a concerted effort underway to take over the media, including public airwaves (both radio and television) as well as the cable networks. [See related story ( "Preachers Oppose FCC Indecency Rule" about how Christian broadcasters are opposed to allowing consumers to order cable channels "a la carte" so that they can refuse any station they deem inappropriate. The Christian stations are afraid their share of the market will go down as less people opt to carry their shows, so they want to keep forcing consumers to pay for what they don't want by forcing cable companies to continue to offer "bundled" programming, even if it contains porn stations. Another example of money over principles by the radical religious right.]
  • (12/16/05) FBI put peaceful protesters in terrorism files Have you attended a peace rally? Signed a petition for peace? You may find yourself with an FBI file and listed as a domestic terrorist if you have.
  • (1/3/06) The Hidden State Steps Forward Bush has stated that he was empowered by Congress to violate the US Constitution and other laws of this nation in order to "protect" you.
  • (1/26/06) Create an e-annoyance, go to jail Buried in a law on domestic violence is a prohibition against cyberstalking that reads "Whoever...utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by the Internet... without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person...who receives the communications...shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both." All well and good until someone posting on a message board using an online handle gets charged with cyberstalking for participating in flame war. Who defines what is "annoying" someone?
  • (1/26/06) ACLU Opposes Patriot Act Provision Buried in the newest version of the grossly misnamed US PATRIOT Act is a provision that allows the Secret Service to arrest anyone who they deem as "disrupting" a major event, including political conventions and the Olympics. An entry at Daily Kos explains the actual provision in more detail.
  • (3/19/06) UAE Co. Poised to Oversee Six U.S. Ports The Bush Administration wanted to allow a foreign nation to oversee and run six of our most important ports. Actually, the number was more like twenty-one, but that wasn't mentioned too often. I don't care what nation it was: it makes no sense if you're trying to claim you're working hard for national security to give oversight of major points of entry to a foreign nation! But what really boggles my mind is Bush's complete surprise that Americans wouldn't support this.
  • (3/19/06) Harvard Study Blasts Bush Education Policy "No Child Left Behind", Bush's main education program, is a virtual failure according to a new study by Harvard. Many states, in order to meet the required percentages, simply lower standards. The vast majority of students pass state competency tests but faile federal standardized tests. At times, the discrepancy can be about 60%.
  • (3/19/06) Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs' Haliburton has been awarded a contract (anyone surprised?) to build detention centers here in the US. Who will be housed in these detention centers? That's the $64,000 question.
  • (3/19/06) New York Times, with same facts, changes Iraq conflict from 'civil war' to having 'endangered future' Remember freedom of the press? Well, now, if you're undermining administration policies, you're a member of the "fifth column" mentioned in the article above about those new detention centers. Why did the NYT change its headline? Where they forced to do so? If so, by whom and why did they give in?
  • (3/20/06) When Americans No Longer Own America From the author of "When Democracy Failed" comes another frighteningly true report about how much of American business and production are controlled by foreign nations or companies.
  • (3/20/06) With bipartisan support, US Senate agrees to Patriot Act renewal Frigteningly, this version of the Patriot Act makes 14 of the 16 temporary measures permanent....
  • (3/20/06) Pay too much and you could raise the alarm Read this frightening piece to see just how little it takes to be suspected of being a "terrorist".
  • (3/20/06) New Jersey bill aims to stamp out Internet forum anonymity This is one of those bills that has good intent: if someone posts defamatory statements about you, you can contact the forum owner and find out their legal name and address. But such information can be made up, unless you also provide some other form of identification or verification, which gives the ISP even more information about you. This in turn allows the government to dip into that information as they have in the past. It also has other dangerous implications. Consider the following scenario. A woman is abused by her ex-husband. She leaves him and "disappears" because he has threatened to kill her. She goes online and in a forum posts about the abuse. Her ex-husband reads the abuse, recognizes that it refers to him, but because she never filed any charges or police reports, claims defamation of character and insists that the ISP release her legal name and address. Then he tracks her down and carries out his threat. Look up some statistics on how many women (and men) are abused every year and consider the cloak of protection being removed from them by this bill.
  • (3/20/06) [Missouri] House GOP Bans County Health Clinics From Providing Birth Control Here you go, folks! The agenda is starting to show even more. Let's keep women barefoot and pregnant...
  • (4/07/06) Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement When the US PATRIOT Act was made permanent law recently, Bush added his own little addendum to the law that said that the oversight rules, which were designed to keep a check on runaway abuse of power by the White House, were not binding and he had no obligation to follow them. In other words, the US Constitution, which lays out the checks and balances of our government, is not valid according to Bush.
  • (4/07/06) House OKs birth control funding ban First South Dakota and Mississippi virtually banned abortions. Now the Missouri state legislature has decided that it will not provide funding to health clinics that provide birth control to low-income women. But it gets even worse! Not only will these women lose their low-cost birth control, but the clinics are prohibited by law from referring these women to other programs that would provide them with low-cost birth control! The legislator who wrote the law (who is, by the way, a woman!) said, "...we don't need to pay for contraception with taxpayer funds." So, rather than pay for birth control, she's going to saddle state taxpayers with 18 years of welfare payments for kids these low-income women can't afford to have and never wanted. Now that makes fiscal sense to me! But that's the Republican party's idea of "compassionate conservatism."
  • (4/22/06) Ohio official invested in vote machine co. Yes, the very same voting machine company whose machines showed that 150% of eligigible voters voted in one Florida district during the 2004 presidential election. And yes, the very same man who was in charge of the official recount in Ohio...
  • (4/22/06) Health insurance may be mandatory in Mass. While the intent behind this bill is to protect public health and to lower costs of medical assistance paid by the state, forcing someone to have health insurance will not guarantee that they will go to a doctor. This bill is a misguided attempt to address what the federal government should address: affordable health care coverage for everyone who wants it.
  • (4/22/06) Panic in the Newspaper Biz A great piece by Molly Ivins that illustrates the danger posed to the freedom of the press due to media moguls. This administration has done more to loosen rules to allow those moguls to gain even greater shares of the market.
  • (4/22/06) Iran issues stark military warning to United States That's because Bush has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Iran in a "limited nuclear war".
  • (4/22/06) Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps These camps are to be build on US soil by a subsidiary of Haliburton!
  • (8/29/06) Bush Says He Tried to Avoid War 'To The Max,' Explains How God Shapes His Foreign Policy And there are those who claim we're not heading towards a theocracy....
  • (8/29/06) Bush Eases Environmental Rules on Gasoline In other words, Big Oil doesn't have to spend any money to protect the environment, so they can make more profits!
  • (8/29/06) HUD secretary's blunt warning A qualified contractor did not get a contract with the government for the sole reason that he didn't like the president.
  • (8/30/06) White House Blocks Investigations Into Spying Guess who stopped the investigation into the NSA spying. What a set up, huh? You get to determine what is national security AND who gets clearance to know about what you have designated national security. So you can essentially do what you want and then when asked to prove it's legal, you say "We can't tell you about the program for national security reasons." You can, quite literally, get away with murder that way.
  • (8/30/06) Attorney general says reporters can be prosecuted for publishing classified leaks But wait! It gets even better! Now you can not only do what you want but you can also put in jail the people who report about the illegal things you're doing! You can shut up those who would expose your unconstitutional activities!
  • (9/1/06) Bush Ignores Laws He Inks, Vexing Congress So much for the separation of powers and the checks and balances the founding fathers built into the US Constitution. Then they say it's because of national security but they can't tell you what exactly they're protecting you from because that too is a matter of national security. Nice scam, huh?
  • (9/1/06) Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed Here's something you may not realize. Many of the "news" stories you see that appear to be "real" news are nothing more than advertisements and they were produced with the backing of companies like General Motors, Capitol One and Intel (among many others.) They're made to look like real news but aren't and the stations more often than not don't tell you that they're not real news. Some even go out of their way to make it look like their reports put the story together.
  • (9/2/06) Chertoff Says U.S. Needs More Authority That's the very last thing we need...
  • (9/2/06) Bush: 'We're not leaving so long as I'm president' Yes, that's it. Cling to your guns no matter what the evidence. No matter what the circumstances, never admit you made a mistake. Or if you appear to admit you made a mistake, blame it on someone else. At least in this article Bush concedes that Iraq had no WMD.
  • (10/16/06) Bush Tells Group He Sees a 'Third Awakening' We have a "president" who is running his misadministration on his personal religious beliefs. If that doesn't scare you...
  • (10/16/06) Bush: 'We do not torture' terror suspects Did you ever think you'd see the day when the "president" of the United States lobbies Congress to pass legislation that would legalize torture of people suspected of being terrorists? How is this going to make the world a better place? How is this going to protect the men and women in our armed forces (of which my own son is one?) If we think we have the right to ignore the Geneva Convention, why do we think other nations won't ignore it as well?
  • (11/30/06) Bush Administration, Senate move to axe reporter shield law One of the cornerstones of freedom of the press is the ability of the reporters to protect their sources. One of the ways to combat corruption is to protect the identity of whistleblowers. The Bush misadministration is attempting to change laws to take away those protections.
  • (11/30/06) GOP Rebellion Stops Voting Rights Act The Voting Rights Act isn't what's dangerous. The fact that the GOP doesn't want to have to put bilingual ballots and doesn't want oversight of voting practices in Southern states that's dangerous. What's really sad is that this act wasn't renewed permanently and that in another election somewhere down the road, we may again be faced with the loss of voting rights for minorities and other "undesireables." [To understand the importance of this act, check out this article and the links it provides.]
  • (11/30/06) Rushing Off a Cliff: Using a combination of fear-mongering and waving the flag of "You're not patriotic if you don't support this", this misadministration has passed into law one of the most dangerous bills ever. A bill that essentially allows the president to declare whomever he chooses to be an enemy combatant and to take them into custody without charges, without access to legal counsel and to hold them indefinitely at an undisclosed location...including US citizens.
  • (3/3/07) U.S. agents question teen: Girl ran anti-Bush page on MySpace: I believe this is a form of fear-mongering: if you express strong dislike of the president, you're going to get a surprise visit from the Secret Service (America's new SS?) Yep, I understand it's against the law to threaten to kill the president of the US. But the girl was 14. And her mother was not allowed to be present during questioning by the SS. And it was, where half of what's written is written only for effect and for kids to get hits to their pages. Yeah, check it out, but use some common sense too!
  • (3/4/07) Frequent fliers: Albemarle okays religious mail: Jerry Falwell's Liberty Counsel contacted the Alebemarle school district because it prohibited the distribution through fliers of religious material but not secular material. Now, the school district is changing its policy. Essentially, any group with a religious bent is allowed to send home recruiting material in your kid's backpack: using taxpayer dollars (the teacher has to pass them out!) I agree with the remarks from the ACLU: either prohibit all material from outside non-profits or allow it all. But I think the school district made the wrong choice by allowing it all.
  • (3/4/07) Bush Signs the Reichstag Fire Decree: Another article on the dangers of the "Military Commissions Act of 2006" and a reminder that if we don't learn the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat them.
  • (3/4/07) US is only country to oppose UN arms trade treaty: The treaty doesn't really impose new restrictions. It simply closes loopholes in existing restrictions. That the US opposed closing those loopholes says a lot about our coutry's commitment to world peace.
  • (3/4/07) Abstinence message goes beyond teens: Now the federal government is trying to tell adults as old as 29 not to have sex before marriage. They're targeting this age group because it has shown the greatest increase in births by unwed mothers. They're trying to suggest that only families with married male/female parents are healthy. I'm sure that a large part of the increase is due to lesbians choosing to have families and, because their marriages are not recognized as valid by the government, it appears as an "out of wedlock" birth. This is another way of attacking gay families as well as imposing the RRR moral code onto a larger segment of the population.
  • (3/4/07) Homeland Security Tightens Grip on International Travel: This is also a vastly undercovered story. According to the new rules, anyone traveling internationally will have their name submitted by the travel agent (ie, airline, cruise ship, etc.) to the Department of Homeland Security, who must give their permission for any traveler to board the plane, ship, etc.
  • (3/4/07) Immigrants may be held indefinitely: Immigrants arrested on charges of suspected terrorism can be held indefinitely and have no legal recourse by which to prove their innocence because the Bush misadministration has closed off civilian courts to them. This applies to any non-citizen. Even those here on legal visas.
  • (3/4/07) New Rules Compel Firms to Track E-Mails: Watch what you send through email or messenger services if you're using your company's computer.
  • (3/4/07) US gov't terror ratings draw outrage: If you're traveling out of the country, you will be assigned a terrorist risk assessment by a computer. An assessment you cannot challenge. You can't even see what it is. And the government will keep it on file about you for forty years.
  • (3/4/07) John McCain's War On Blogs: A blatant attack on the freedom of speech would make blogowners responsible for the contents in the comments section of their blogs. It would also make any social networking sites responsible for deleting any material from a know child molestor/pedophile.
  • (3/4/07) White House Visitor Records Closed: Without fanfare or notification, the White House and Secret Service decided that the White House visitor log was no longer going to be considered open to the public. That was in the midst of the Jack Abramoff scandal. Those same logs were used to show the comings and goings of Monica Lewinsky during the Clinton administration. One has to wonder what the White House has to hide...
  • (3/4/07) Military expands intelligence role in US: The Pentagon is now in the domestic spy business...thanks to the US PATRIOT Act.
  • (3/4/07) Adultery could mean life, court finds: This is what happens when the government sticks their nose in the private lives of citizens and uses laws outside in ways not in keeping with the spirit of the law.
  • (3/4/07) Automated Targeting System: Another article on the computerized risk assessment for international travelers.
  • (3/4/07) Gitmo trial rules would allow coerced statements: This just makes my skin crawl. Essentially our government is setting legal precedent for the dismantling of the US Constitution and there's no mass outcry. Barely a whimper...
  • (3/4/07) Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation: Read this. Please. And if it doesn't scare you, pinch yourself to make sure you're awake. Then read it again. Pay particular attention to where it says, "The White House will thus have a gatekeeper in each agency to analyze the costs and the benefits of new rules and to make sure the agencies carry out the president's priorities." As if civil rights are subject to cost/benefit analysis...or that the president's priorities are what should be carried out.

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Bush v Hitler

Sometimes it's hard to believe that this is the USA when you hear some of the things this president says or legislation this congress passes or policies this misadminstration endores. The articles below deal with how closely the US at this point in her history resembles Germany in 1933.

  • Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism: Where is the line that marks full blown facism and have we already reached it?
  • When Democracy Failed: I've probably linked to this half a dozen times in the previous pages, but it's important enough to include here as well. The parallels are striking between this current administration and its policies and that of Hitler and the Nazis more than 70 years ago.
  • How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power: There is much debate on how much "contact" Prescott Bush had with Hitler's government and whether he really aided Hitler's rise to power, but this article bears reading.
  • 31 Similarities Between Hitler and President Bush: Rather self explanatory title, don't you think?
  • Senator Byrd is correct to equate Bush with Hitler: From the article: "Byrd said Bush's moves to destroy time-honored Senate rules parallel Hitler's ramming fascist legislation through his gutted Reichstag. 'Hitler never abandoned the cloak of legality,' said Byrd. 'He recognized the enormous psychological value of having the law on his side. Instead, he turned the law inside out and made illegality legal.'"
  • (8/16/05) Shocking Parallels Between The US Patriot Act & the Nazi Enabling Act: People don't want to see it. Some people say that even bringing a comparison to Hitler or Nazi's into a debate essentially ends the debate. But when it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, swims like a duck, chances are it's a duck.
  • (3/3/07) UW Instructor Compares Bush to Hitler: Unfortunately, the focus of this story was that the instuctor's essay was in a book of essays that contained required reading for his students. The instructor's essay was not required reading.

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For all the trouble the stigmatization of John Kerry as a flip-flopper caused him, it's causing Bush none of the same problems despite his 180° about-faces on so many issues. And he's not the only one flip-flopping.

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These articles contain examples of not only the fear-mongering but also ask what happened to that fear-mongering after the election was over.

  • War on terror 'vanishes from agenda': Where is all the talk about bin Laden and how we're not going to rest until we capture him now that Bush has begun his second reign?
  • America's New Freedoms: Bush told us that terrorists hated us because of our freedoms. This details some of the new "freedoms" we have since he took office.
  • Hijacking Catastrophe: The only thing you'll find on this site is the opportunity to buy a movie everyone should see.
  • (10/31/05) UQ Wire: Timeline of Terror Alerts: It's long been alleged by many that the "terror alerts" that used to be such a common occurance before the 2004 election (and have all but since disappeared) were nothing but attempts to raise Bush's approval ratings. Each "terrorist strike attempt" that never materialized could be chalked up to an other "successful" intercession by our "fearless leader". This site shows the correlation between Bush's approval ratings and terror alerts. This graph from another source also shows this correlation in a more visual manner.
  • (10/31/05) Where fear can't take us: Analyzing the use of fear by the Bush administration and warning against the use of fear by the anti-Bush forces.
  • (10/31/05) The Nexus of Politics and Terror: More evidence of the use of fear and terrorist threats as distractions from public scrutiny for what ails this misadministration.
  • (1/27/06) New Orleans mayor says God mad at US: And that's why Katrina was so devastating. Those who believe in the end times are pointing to natural disasters as proof that we need to return to our "Christian heritage" since failure to do so could mean eternal damnation. Fear-mongering at its finest.
  • (3/19/06) Conservatives Endorse The Fuhrer Principle: Our Leader über alles: A speaker at a convention for conservatives got a standing ovation when he suggested that the rule of law must not prohibit allowing Bush to do what he wants to protect Americans from terrorism.
  • (4/07/06) Poll: Opposition to same-sex marriage on the decline: Despite all the fear-mongering by this misadministration and the RRR, the people of this nation are seeing that gay marriage won't lead to a decline in "morals" in this nation.
  • (4/07/06) Some Gay Couples Adopt to Molest, State Rep Says: With sixteen states working on laws that would ban gay adoption, this kind of fear mongering will only get louder.
  • (4/22/06) U.S. Officials Are Mulling Iran Strikes, Experts Say: After this story hit the papers, gas prices in my area jumped more than forty cents a gallon. You saw what higher gas prices did for the oil companies' profits last year. There's no need to every actually attack Iran, but simply to threaten and instantly the oil companies are making millions more every single day of the year.
  • (4/22/06) Iran 'years from nuclear bomb': While this misadministration is clammoring about the threat from Iran, analysts expect it to be at least 3-5 years before Iran can produce a nuclear bomb.
  • (8/29/06) Drug firms 'inventing diseases': The pharmaceutical companies have a huge lobby in Washington. They've come up with a new kind of fear-mongering: make you afraid of natural processes like menopause.
  • (8/29/06) Report: Don't count on federal bird flu rescue: Whether or not a pandemic bird flu is imminent (which, according to the WH official, it is) isn't the fear mongering I'm talking about here. It's the "It's coming and you're not going to get any help in dealing with it" that's the problem. Now people have an added fear: if I get it, how will I survive for months?
  • (8/30/06) Senate OKs Border Fence, Backs Citizenship: Now here's some very subtle fear-mongering. We need to build a triple layer fence (kind of like the one they had between East and West Germany) to protect us from these "horrible illegal immigrants"! My great-grandfather was in all likelihood an illegal immigrant: we've found no record of his departure from England or of his arrival in America. So what gives any of us the right to say "NOW is the time to cut off illegal immigrants from moving here." Ask any legisltor in Texas what would happen to the local economy if the the illegal immigrants were to be stopped from coming over here. Do you want to pay $5 a head for lettuce? [Note: The article in question is the second one on the page.]
  • (10/16/06) A Misleading Appeal To Fear: Yes, deception and fear-mongering in the same breath! And an attempt to subvert the meaning of "progressive" (by naming a group with ultra-conservative views "Progress for America") just as they've subverted the meaning of "patriot" and "American" and "democracy".
  • (10/16/06) War's Critics Abetting Terrorists, Cheney Says: Follow the logic here for a second. Cheney says those against the war are abetting terrorists. There are many in Gitmo who are there on suspicion of aiding and abetting terrorists. Now that the new law that was recently signed is in effect, even US citizens suspected of aiding and abetting terrorists can be held without charges, without bail, without access to legal counsel. The subtle message: if you talk about opposition to the war, you might be arrested for "aiding and abetting terrorists".
  • (3/4/07) Fear and distrust of Muslims run deep in US: This misadministrations fear-mongering policies against Muslims are succeeding...

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What They Don't Want You to Know

The stories below are examples of the Bush policy either failing or producing results they didn't expect or want. Or just outrageous things that are happening in this country, many of which are the result of policies enacted by this misadministration or its GOP predecessors.

  • NY Times: Paul Krugman - Ashcroft's Hidden Terrorist: I'll bet you've never heard of William Krar, but had his plan succeeded, this American would have killed more than 30,000 of his fellow citizens with the biological bomb he had all the components to make— more than 18 months after the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act. And if he hadn't addressed a package wrong, he'd still be out there...
  • Prominent DC Shrink Diagnoses Bush to be a Paranoid, Sadistic Meglomaniac: After analyzing speech patterns, behavior, attitudes, etc., here what this prominent psychoanalyst has to say about our "fearless" leader.
  • Moon Over Washington: The connection between the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his newspaper, the Washington Times, and elected representatives and other government officials in Washington.
  • Reagan Played Decisive Role in Saddam Hussein's Survival in Iran-Iraq War: The US was one of Saddam Hussein's biggest supporters until we no longer needed him to serve our military goals.
  • US Military Operations: Past and current military operations that we were told were to "protect our freedom". Some were, others were not.
  • The United States Has Killed At Least 8 Million People In The Last 50 Years: A sobering look at what regimes and juntas the US has backed and supported, either with money, arms and/or personel and the staggering death toll those operations took on civilian populations.
  • Let the Bloody Truth Be Told: A Chronology of U.S. Imperialism: The history that is mostly white-washed from our school books...
  • The Consequences of Iraq: The real cost of the war no one wants you to know about.
  • Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election: They buying of the US presidency. Ever see "The Manchurian Candidate"? There is a follow-up article here.
  • The Truth About Terrorism: In the course of reviewing seven books about the topic of terrorism, a wonderful article comes out showing the futility of "the war on terrorism".
  • Social Security "fright mail" targeting seniors helped fund GOP leader's trips to UK, Asia: Tom DeLay, that pillar of righteousness, took two trips with his wife totally more than $130,000, funded by the money raised a conservative think-tank after sending scare letters to seniors about social security.
  • Show Me the Money: The real effect privatization will have on your social security.
  • Participants Would Forfeit Part of Accounts' Profits: You won't get near as much money as you're being told.
  • Secret FBI Report Questions Al Qaeda Capabilities: Surprise, surprise! Another Bush justification for the USA PATRIOT Act appears to be just another lot of hot air. They've foud no true "sleeper agents" in the US despite their intensive search, illegal detentions, torturous interrogations and ignoring of court rulings. In other words, the threat they said exists, doesn't. The level of danger is not what they said it is.
  • Study: Many virgins take other risks: More proof that yet another Bush doctrine doesn't work: abstinence only sex education doesn't prevent "virgin" teens from getting STDs. This study shows that they take other risks that place them at even more danger of STD transmission because of lack of knowledge about how to prevent STDs and what the symptoms are so they can see treatment. Just a sample from the study of 12,000 teens: "Among virgins, boys who have pledged abstinence were four times more likely to have had anal sex than teens who have remained abstinent but not as part of a pledge, according to the study. Overall, pledgers were six times more likely to have oral sex."
  • Scores died in U.S. custody in war zones: Bush would have us believe that the torture and murder of prisoners of war were acts of a few rogue soldiers. Anyone surprised that this too is untrue?
  • Pull the Plug on Pandering: Congress wasn't as interested in saving Terri Schiavo's life as they were in making her a pawn in their game of politics.
  • (8/17/05) Atty. Gen. Gonzales Responds to Frank Rich's '12-Hour Gap' Charge: Remember the 18-minute gap in the Watergate tapes? How about a 12 hour gap in the time between when Attorney General Gonzales was informed by the Justice Department to "preserve all materials" related to the Valerie Plame case and the time Gonzales actually acted on that by demanding any information from the White House— AFTER Gonzales told White House Chief of Staff that the investigation was forthcoming.
  • (8/17/05) Preknowledge of London Bombing: Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning: According to reports, the Israeli embassy was warned by Scotland Yard about possible terrorist attacks that day— causing the Israeli Finance Minister to cancel his appearance at a conference in a hotel above one of the bombed stations. Why weren't the people of London warned? [Note: This is NOT an anti-semitic article.]
  • (8/17/05) More troops developing latent mental disorders: Official statistics of the casualties in Iraq don't include these veterans or their families. But it should.
  • (8/17/05) Military's Opposition to Harsh Interrogation Is Outlined: High-ranking military lawyers objected to the harsh interrogations (read "torture") of prisoners at Guantanomo Bay as far back as 2003, but Bush and his misadministration ignored them. [Note: This article is archived and can only be read completely if purchased.]
  • (8/17/05) Bush's New Defense Budget: The figures given by the misadministration for the 2006 FY budget don't include a lot of things that most people assume it includes.
  • (8/17/05) U.S. Military Spending vs. the World: The US spends more on defense than the next top 15 countries combined, which includes both Russia AND China. And that's based on the figures that don't include everything...
  • (8/17/05) Work For Wal-Mart? You May Need Welfare: US corporations, thanks to the pro-corporate laws and tax breaks enacted by the Bush misadministration, are finding new ways of sticking it their employees. Wal-Mart may save you money in the short term, but it's costing this nation billions of dollars every year to line the pockets of Wal-Mart shareholders and CEOs.
  • (9/9/05) Ending the Impunity of the Bush White House: When it comes to killing Iraqi civilians, Bush spares no expense. When it comes to saving American lives, it's like pulling teeth from a lion.
  • (9/9/05) California Earthquake Could Be the Next Katrina: At a training seminar in August 2001, FEMA discussed the three most likely disasters to hit the US: a terrorist attack on New York, a superstorm hitting New Orleans and a major earthquake on the San Andreas fault...
  • (9/9/05) Point Those Fingers: An excellent article about how the Bush administration is spinning this disaster to make it the fault of state and local authorities.
  • (9/9/05) Cuba offers model of how to plan for disaste: Last year, Hurrican Ivan battered Cuba with 160 mile and hour winds— but there was not one death or serious injury. Cuba has one of the best disaster preparedness agencies in the world. Will Bush be willing to learn from them even if they're not a "democracy?"
  • (9/9/05) Florida businesses got September 11 SBA loans:Remember the articles about the Red Cross? Well, some Florida small business owners are getting loans that were originally part of the monies set aside for 9/11 reconstruction. And they're not the only state to get them. Loans using 9/11 funds were also made to several businesses in Denver. Where else did the money that was supposed to go to the victims actually end up?
  • (10/31/05) Journalist: U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran: With the fiasco in Iraq, which the Bush misadministration wants you to believe is due to poor intelligence and not outright empirialism by the US to gain control of Iraq's oil fields, apparently the US isn't taking any chances with "faulty intelligence" in the event they decide to invade another Middle East country: Iran.
  • (10/31/05) US Military Deaths in the Conquest of Iraq: Make sure you look at both graphs so you can see the trend at an ever increasing death toll.
  • (10/31/05) White House Releases Pre-9/11 Intel Memo: This release was way back in 2004, but it seems to have slipped in under the radar with not much publicity. It shows that the US did know that bin Laden was planning a terrorist attack, including hijacking of US airliners.
  • (10/31/05) Cover-Up: Toxic Waters 'Will Make New Orleans Unsafe for a Decade': The estimate of the billions of dollars needed to rebuild New Orleans does not even begin to take into account the health risks posed by the toxic soup dredged up by Katrina and later spread by Rita. And those most at risk will be the cleanup workers, many of them migrant workers being paid sub-standard wages thanks to the suspension of the Bacon-Davis wage laws signed by Bush without Congressional approval.
  • (10/31/05) How Bush Blew It: This Newsweek story details the failure of this misadministration's response to Hurricane Katrina and also shows the difference between Bush's public persona and that which most of the public never sees: an angry, blaming man out of control.
  • (10/31/05) Put to Katrina's Test: The subtitle to this story tells it all: "After 9/11, a master plan for disasters was drawn. It didn't weather the storm."
  • (10/31/05) Bush whacked Rove on CIA leak: According to insiders, Bush expressed his "displeasure" at how Rove handled the CIA leak...before he told the American public that no one in his misadministration knew anything about it.
  • (10/31/05) FEMA Official Says Boss Ignored Warnings: More proof of the incompetence of this misadministration if you still need it.
  • (10/31/05) Congress probes hurricane clean-up contracts: Congress is looking into how the contracts for the cleanup of the aftermath of Katrina were awarded.
  • (11/24/05) White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies': And the files are not just on big wigs, but on everyday Americans who have somehow pissed off this misadministration.
  • (11/24/05) Does your boss want you dead?: Back in the 80s, under "Reaganomics", the government (both state and federal) removed roadblocks that allow your employer to take out a life insurance policy on you naming them as the beneficiary. They don't have to tell you about it, they don't have to give any of that tax-free money to your survivors. And they can borrow money against the proceeds and use the money to pay for retirement benefits— for management.
  • (11/24/05) State by State GOP Scandal Scorecard: Just how many people in the GOP are affected by the scandals involving Jack Abramoff? Check here and see if anyone in your state is under investigation.
  • (12/16/05) Diebold insider alleges company plagued by technical woes, Diebold defends 'sterling' record: There's long been suspicion of Diebold voting machines since a memo from the CEO came to light essentially promising Bush a victory. But now an insider explains some of the security issues while the company continues to maintain there are no problems.
  • (12/16/05) Diebold CEO resigns after reports of fraud litigation, internal woes: Six days after an insider talks to Raw Story...
  • (12/31/05) Investigator: U.S. shipped out detainees: When word leaked out about the US illegally holding detainees in Europe, said detainees were quickly shipped to North Africa. How much more will the American people or the people of the world allow this misadministration to get away with?
  • (12/31/05) Conservative Scholars Argue Bush's Wiretapping Is An Impeachable Offense: Where's the outrage from the RRR? Clinton gets a little action on the side and they're screaming about moral integrity. Bush tramples the US Constitution and we get a couple conservative constitutional scholars saying it's an impeachable offense, but nary a peep from the RRR.
  • (12/31/05) Iraq's election result: a divided nation: This article is archived and you can only read it if you buy it, but the two sentence synopsis says it all.
  • (12/31/05) Former fellows at conservative think tanks issued flawed UCLA-led study on media's "liberal bias": Remember reading on the page about Matt Drudge about a study that said his site was one of the most centrist? Remember the questions I raised about the accuracy of such a measurement? It seems someone else thought the same thing. This article says the study's results are, for all intents and purposes, useless because of the built in bias of their methodology. Gee, imagine that! I knew that and I'm not a researcher or staistician.
  • (1/2/06) Secret court modified wiretap requests: When the FISA court began modifying the requests for spying on US soil, the Bush administration simply chose to ignore them and do what they wanted. There's a second related story here.
  • (1/2/06) Rice authorized National Security Agency to spy on UN Security Council in run-up to war, former officials say: How long will it be, after revelations like this, before the rest of the world decides the US has grown too big for its britches?
  • (1/3/06) Homeland Security poorly managed: audit: Now, doesn't that make you feel safe from terrorists?
  • (1/3/06) NSA Gave Other U.S. Agencies Information From Surveillance: Why worry about identity theft when the government that's supposed to protect you is sharing your information with whomever it chooses.
  • (1/3/06) The Failures of Post-9/11 Media: Another nail in the coffin of the myth about a "liberal media".
  • (1/3/06) New Book Reveals Secret War Operations: An Associated Press article about a new book that reveals that the CIA knew that the Iraqi "nuclear weapons program" was dead long before Bush authorized an invasion of that country.
  • (1/26/06) 4-year-old turns up on government 'no-fly' list: And we're supposed to feel safer because a child can't fly to see his grandma! Make sure you read what one of the ticket agents told her.
  • (1/26/06) Extra Armor Could Have Saved Many Lives, Study Shows: A secret Pentago study has said that the vast majority of fatal injuries to Marines in Iraq might have been prevented had they been supplied with additional armor that has been available since 2003. In a somewhat related story, those soldiers and their families who take the protection of their lives into their own hands by buying additional armor for themselves are being told to get rid of the added armor or risk losing their death benefits or face disciplinary action. So not only is the Pentagon not supplying the troops with what they need, they're preventing the troops from protecting themselves as well!
  • (1/27/06) NSA Whistleblower Alleges Illegal Spying: The spying went further than they want you to know about and an insider from the NSA says it was illegal.
  • (1/27/06) The Abramoff Scandal (R., Beltway): An article appearing in a conservative national magazine that points out that the Abramoff scandal is a REPUBLICAN scandal. A report linking Senator Reid to Abramoff is being denied by sources close to the ongoing investigation, who says Reid is NOT a target of further investigation.
  • (2/12/06) Palace Revolt: The article's "teaser" says it best: "They were loyal conservatives, and Bush appointees. They fought a quiet battle to rein in the president's power in the war on terror. And they paid a price for it."
  • (2/12/06) Blair and Bush 'conspired to go to war regardless of United Nations': The article's been archived and you have to pay to read it, but even the introduction tells you what you need to know: that Bush created a reason to invade Iraq.
  • (2/12/06) Iraq, Niger, And The CIA: An extensive article detailing how this misadministration was fully aware there was no attempt by Saddam Hussein to buy depleted uranium from Niger and how they began their smear campaign that eventually resulted in the outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA operative.
  • (2/12/06) The White House memo: The minutes of a pre-war meeting in January, 2003 between Bush and Blair reveal that they discussed trying to trick Saddam into attacking first by using a US spyplane painted with UN colors.
  • (2/12/06) Specter Believes Spy Program Violates Law: Senator Arlen Spectre, a Republican, believes Bush was wrong and broke the law...
  • (2/12/06) The War Within: The story of one Iraq invasion soldier's battle with post traumatic stress disorder: something that's effecting many of returning vets from Iraq. And our government is doing virtually nothing to diagnose or help them deal with it.
  • (2/12/06) Hallucinations linked to drug given to troops: The anti-malarial drug that is given to all troops serving in Iraq has a rare but severe side-effect of causing hallucinations— and no one told the soldiers that before they took the drugs.
  • (2/12/06) Soldier pays for armor: A West Virginia soldier who had to be evacuated by helicopter after his arm was nearly blown off when his tank was hit by a bomb was forced by the military to pay more than $700 for the personal armor that was taken off him and destroyed as a biohazard before he was evactuated. No one ever recorded that the armor was destroyed, so the military made him pay for it. Not an uncommon thing, according to the story. Since the story first hit the news, the military has reimbursed this soldier, but how many others were forced to pay for gear destroyed in the war simply because someone didn't file the proper paperwork? What a way to treat our vets, huh?
  • (2/12/06) Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information: And yet no one is being arrested. But let a man get oral sex from someone other than his wife and we'll spend years and billions of dollars trying to convict him of lying about it (which virtually any man caught doing so would do.) The priorities of the Republican party are clear: self-interest and retain power first, truth, honesty and the American ideals come last.
  • (3/15/06) Secret Prosecution; Secret Judicial Decisions; Illegal Surveillance: True or false: a defendent on trial in the US has the right to confront witnesses against him and to see the evidence against him in order to prepare his defense. If you answered true, think again....
  • (3/19/06) UN Report Calls for End to Guantánamo Detentions: A UN report calls the treatment of detainees in US custody "torture". Why did it take so long to get an "official" report? After Abu Ghraib, was there any doubt we US forces use torture? If they're going to do it in Iraq, why would they not do it in Cuba?
  • (3/19/06) Whistleblower says NSA violations bigger: An insider in the NSA domestic spying program implied that the spying went far beyond what this misadministration officials are admitting. Does that really surprise anyone?
  • (3/19/06) Report: Katrina response a 'failure of leadership': Anyone surprised at this either? And the report was prepared by "a Republican 11-member House select committee" and blasts Bush and the Department of Homeland Security.
  • (3/19/06) McClellan's Defense of Conditions At Gitmo Backfires: One of the counterpoints to the UN's call for the US to shut down their prison/torture camp in Cuba is that no one from the UN visited the facility. Mr. McClellan pointed out that the Red Cross has been granted full access to all detainees. What they don't want you to know is that the American Red Cross has called the conditions there "tantmount to torture".
  • (3/19/06) DoD Staffer's Notes from 9/11 Obtained Under FOIA: And guess what these notes show? That Bush already had plans to attack Iraq...
  • (3/19/06) Industries Get Quiet Protection From Lawsuits: Gee. Imagine that. A big-business misadministration using "arcane regulations and legal opinions" to shield big business from consumer lawsuits and state regulations.
  • (3/19/06) W aides' biz ties to Arab firm: At least two misadministration officials have business ties to the Dubai company that had been set to take over control of US ports, including Secretary of the Treasure John Snow.
  • (3/19/06) Rumsfeld and Pace Not Consulted On Transfer Of Port Operations To UAE: Bush isn't even consulting his own cabinet now about matters of great importance.
  • (3/19/06) Arab Co., White House Had Secret Agreement: No wonder they didn't want anyone to investigate. Now our government is making secret deals for its profit in spite of safety risks to its citizens.
  • (3/19/06) United Arab Emirates Donated At Least $1M To Bush Library: Not only did the White House have a secret deal with the UAE, but the Bush Library received at least $1 million from the UAE. Who was it that said "Follow the money trail..."
  • (3/20/06) Intelligence agencies warned about growing local insurgency in late 2003: And we did what?
  • (3/20/06) Army to open criminal probe of Tillman death: First the family was told that Tillman was killed in combat. Now they're being told it was from friendly fire. And a probe is being launched to determine if it was in fact criminal conduct. You can read another story on this here.
  • (3/20/06) G.O.P. Senators Say Accord Is Set on Wiretapping: Seeking to avoid a Democratic call for a full investigation into Bush's illegal wiretapping, Republican senators have reached an agreement with the White House on future spying. Of course, you know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Bush already has broken several laws— except that his legal eagles find someway to justify HIS breaking it. What makes anyone think that he's going to follow this one?
  • (4/07/06) Former first lady's donation aids son: Barbara Bush made a donation to the Katrine relief fund. But guess what? She earmarked that money so that it can ONLY be used to install her son's software program into schools. Wasn't that generous of her?
  • (4/07/06) For politicians, family ties can include payroll: Nepotism is alive and well in Washington.
  • (4/07/06) For politicians, family ties can include payroll: Nepotism is alive and well in Washington.
  • (4/07/06) Congressman Doolittle, wife profited from Cunningham-linked contractor: When Randy Cunningham was forced to resign after it was revealed he took kickbacks from defense contractors, he started naming names of other legislators who also helped get contracts for the defense contracters. One was John Doolittle of California. Two months after he was appointed to the Appropriations Committee, his wife launched a new fundraising business that has no phone number, no website and no other employees. Additionally, Mrs. Doolittle refuses to say what kind of fundraising experience she has. But she charged her husbands election campaign a 15% commission on any donations she helped bring in. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if I answer the phone and it's a contributor, I can say I "helped" bring in that contribution. So here we have not only kickbacks but more nepotism.
  • (4/07/06) Justice Department responds to House questions on NSA wiretapping program: Their response? Essentially, "It's none of your business. You've got as much information as we're going to give you." What happened to the checks and balances of our government?
  • (4/07/06) Pentagon insider speaks: NeoCons LIED early and as often as possible: An article about an interview with Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski and the internal workings of the Pentagon and how US policy is being shaped by PNAC.
  • (4/22/06) Bush authorized leak of intelligence data on Iraq: New testimony by Scooter Libby suggests that Bush was consulted before leaking classified information to the press about pre-war Iraqi intelligence.
  • (4/22/06) Workers accused of fudging '04 recount: Gee. Imagine that. More suggestive evidence that the 2004 election results were tampered with and still no action by Congress to impeach Bush...What's it going to take?
  • (4/22/06) Children Continue To Be Main Victims Of U.S. Occupation: I guess that's one way to get rid of future "terrorists": kill them while they're children.
  • (4/22/06) Phone-jamming records point to White House: More evidence of White House involvement in an underhanded plot to deter Democrats from voting in New Hampshire in 2004.
  • (4/22/06) Waste in Katrina Response Is Cited: More than $1 billion dollars was likely squandered away that could have gone to help the hundreds of thousands displaced by Katrina. Maybe Mr. Exxon CEO could help pay back the money?
  • (4/22/06) Kirsch: Cheney Tax Return Shows Katrina Tax Benefits for Non-Katrina Charitable Contributions: Cheney claimed $6.8 million dollars in charitable deductions last year: a full 77% of his adjusted gross income. The limit is 50%, but last year, because of the generosity of Americans in the wake of Katrina, the IRS allowed a greater deduction. And Cheney took it despite that fact that apparently none of the charities he donated to had anything to do with helping Katrina victims.
  • (4/22/06) E-Mail Said to Link Abramoff, Safavian: More than 275 emails between Abramoff and a Bush official show just how closely this scandal hits the White House.
  • (4/22/06) Cheney Authorized Leak Of CIA Report, Libby Says: He didn't tell Scooter to release it, but he authorized its release according to this story.
  • (4/22/06) GOP senator expects seven lawmakers headed to prison after corruption probes: Names weren't named, but the Jack Abramoff scandal will take its toll on the careers of quite a few people.
  • (4/22/06) Rove on the Stand?: Patrick Fitzgerald is trying to get Karl Rove, Bush's right hand man until recently, on the stand. There are other indications that Rove may actually be indicted.
  • (8/29/06) FBI Investigated 3,501 People Without Warrants: But we're to believe that they're only looking for terrorists....
  • (8/29/06) Those Who Forget History...: This article is based largely on an archived (and therefore not free) story in the NY Times entitled "Pardons Granted 88 Years After Crimes of Sedition" and discusses the secret many families from Montana hid for generations: a family member had been convicted of sedition (akin to traitorous activity) for criticizing the government during WWI. It's happening again, folks! People being arrested and called traitors for demanding accountability of the government. Free speech zones being set up and anyone caught outside that zone with a derogatory message is arrested....
  • (8/29/06) Frist and Hastert Let Vaccine Industry Write Its Own Multi-Billion Dollar Giveaway: Bill Frist, Senate Majority leader, and Dennis Hastert, House speaker, inserted language in a Defense Department spending bill after hours— after both committees decided that such language wouldn't be included— that would give drug companies virtual immunity from any injury or death as a result of their vaccines. Guess who was on the lobbying committee for the vaccine industry? Three of Bill Frist's former staff members and Hastert's son, Joshua. What does this have to do with Defense Department appropriations and why did they feel the need to slip it in under the cover of darkness and against the will of the entire committee? Such blatant nepotism is all too common nowadays in Washington.
  • (8/29/06) Cheney wrote about exposed agent: This article is now archived, but the first couple lines tell most of the story.
  • (8/30/06) For Muriel - current IRI draft: Guess whose helping to set up the new Iraqi government?
  • (8/30/06) Officials: Hastert "In the Mix" of Congressional Bribery Investigation: This kind of just dropped off the airwaves, despite a report by Raw Story that says ABC is standing by its report.
  • (8/30/06) Republicans, incumbents receive large majority of oil lobby cash: Everyone who is suprised by this, please raise your hand.
  • (8/31/06) Triple suicide at Guantanamo camp: This article says that the camp commander called the suicides an "act of war"— presumably war against the US. It also says these men were held in the highest security section of the camp. So tell do three men who are in the highest security area of a prison and have been held there for more than four years manage to co-ordinate a triple suicide? And how, pray tell, is that an act of war ON the US?
  • (8/31/06) War on terror called failure: Terrorist incidents have more than tripled since Bush launched his "war on terror" that he claims we're winning...
  • (9/2/06) Tax Cheats Called Out of Control: Yep...and this misadministration is making it even easier for people to be tax cheats.
  • (9/2/06) Source: U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests: The British wanted to continue surveillance to gather more evidence. The US wanted the arrests now— and got them! Why? What did they want to get out of the public spotlight? Or was it simply the beginning of the "election season", which means you'll start seeing more terrorism stories and probably lower gas prices.
  • (9/4/06) See Dick Run (the Country): Bush is a puppet whose strings are being pulled by a "cartel" and their man in the White House is Dick Cheney.
  • (9/4/06) Study: Terror prosecutions at pre-Sept. 11 levels: Terrorist incidents are up more than 300%. Prosecutions are down to what they were before 9/11. But we're "winning" the war on terror....How does that make sense?
  • (9/4/06) President wants Senate to hurry with new anti-terrorism laws: A quote from the article: "He also said he had some problems with the president's proposals to expand wiretapping." The "he" was Rep. Senator Orrin Hatch and the president was Bill Clinton. So Republicans cringe when Clinton wants to legally expand the governments wiretapping abilities, but they're okay with Bush doing it illegally.
  • (10/16/06) Study of Bush's psyche touches a nerve: The opening paragraph of the article says it all: "A study funded by the US government has concluded that conservatism can be explained psychologically as a set of neuroses rooted in 'fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity'." Tell me which of those four this misadministration does not exhibit and I'll send you a check for $100.
  • (10/16/06) What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA: And how she spent two years trying without success to find evidence to support this misadministrations claims regarding WMDs in Iraq.
  • (10/16/06) The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers : And what's more, no one's doing anything to stop it other than an occassional slap on the wrist.
  • (10/16/06) Iraqi leader details oil output strategy: And guess what that strategy is? They're going to have to partner with outside oil companies, who will take a share of the profits. Gee, what a surprise!
  • (10/16/06) U.S. count of Baghdad deaths excludes car bombs, mortar attacks: In other words, it's vastly underestimated.
  • (10/16/06) US soldiers killed British TV reporter: It may have been considered "self-defense" if the minivan in which the reporter was riding had been fired upon while facing the US tanks. But the damage to the vehicle was in the back and was sustained after the minivan turned around to pick up the injured.
  • (10/16/06) Situation Called Dire in West Iraq: But "Mission Accomplished" happened more than three years ago.
  • (10/16/06) Won't Deploy? Can't Deploy.: There are no more combat ready troops to send.
  • (10/16/06) GOP lawmaker tied to convicted lobbyist pleads guilty: Hopefully, this is just the start of something much bigger. I don't care what party they belong to, those who took gifts from Abrahmoff and other lobbyists need to be kicked out of office.
  • (11/30/06) Ties to GOP Trumped Know-How Among Staff Sent to Rebuild Iraq: When hiring people to help rebuild Iraq, the questions being asked potential candidates weren't one like "How much experience do you have?". They were ones like "Did you vote for Bush in 2000?"
  • (11/30/06) False RCMP info 'very likely' led to Arar deportation: report: This story highlights the dangers of this misadministrations policies with regards to determining who might be a "terrorist".
  • (11/30/06) Bush Detainee Plan Adds to World Doubts Of U.S., Powell Says: This quote from the story says it all: "Former secretary of state Colin L. Powell said yesterday that he decided to publicly oppose the Bush administration's proposed rules for the treatment of terrorism suspects in part because the plan would add to growing doubts about whether the United States adheres to its own moral code."
  • (11/30/06) CREW Releases Second Annual Most Corrupt Members of Congress Report: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is a public interest, non-partisan group. Guess how many of the top twenty ofenders were Republican? Seventeen: among them were Frist, Santorum and Musgrave, all profiled here on this site. (Frist and Santorum ranked number 2 and 3 respectively.)
  • (11/30/06) U.N. expert says torture in Iraq may be worse now than under Saddam: What did they expect when the "liberators" made use of torture, thus showing it was okay to do so?
  • (11/30/06) U.S. fatalities in war exceed those from Sept. 11: So how, exactly, is this war on terror protecting American lives? (Saying nothing, of course, about the lives of the innocent civilians who have been and are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by the tens of thousands.)
  • (11/30/06) U.S. conservatives frustrated by Republicans: Conservative has become synonymous with "religious conservative" in the US and thus with "Republican". This story highlights how the RRR believes it should control the GOP.
  • (11/30/06) Turning Back the Clock on Rape: In an attempt to ram though a bill on interrogating suspected "terrorists", Bush threatens victims of rape with being raped by the judicial system.
  • (11/30/06) More War Veterans Suffering From Stress: Not just stress but mental disorders. Of course, given all the cuts this misadministration has made in VA benefits, it might be hard for all these vets to get the help the need and deserve.
  • (11/30/06) Ex-Military Officers Criticize Rumsfeld: What do you expect from a guy who only served three years in the military?
  • (11/30/06) White House Lashes Out: Well, they have to! They can't help it! If they didn't raise a stink about it and try to deflect attention by claiming foul, you might find out how deeply they were involved with Jack Abramoff...
  • (11/30/06) Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002, Whistleblowers Say: And they want us to believe our voting system is safe...
  • (3/3/07) President asserts power to edit privacy reports: Once again, the president gets rid of one of the checks and balances that have protected this nation from falling apart for the last 230 years. The grab for uncontrolled power is still on...
  • (3/3/07) Olbermann: "Why does habeas corpus hate America": Another Olbermann commentary that shows the danger behind the passage of the "Military Commissions Act of 2006" that was signed into law. It shows the potential effects outside (or at least we hope "outside") the intended goal of the law.
  • (3/4/07) Poison Dust: A real look at the effects of depleted uranium bombs and other nuclear/radioactive weapons the US is using in Iraq and their affect on the environment, the Iraqis and the US soldiers who must handle them and shoot them.
  • (3/4/07) Dead in the Water: The privatization and profiteering that's going on with the world's supply of drinkable water.
  • (3/4/07) Success of abstinence in cutting teen pregnancies is a 'myth': I think the title of this article says it all, yet we continue to pour millions and millions of dollars into these ineffective programs simply to keep the RRR happy and voting Republican.
  • (3/4/07) U.S. Is Said to Fail in Tracking Arms Shipped to Iraqis: We don't know where they are, who they're going to, whether they're working or not, where the spare parts have gone, etc. for hundreds of thousands of weapons that were intended for Iraqi security forces. Maybe we can prove that some terrorists got hold of them and charge Bush with supplying weapons to terrorists for failing to maintain strict control over the weapons he ordered sent over.
  • (3/4/07) Productivity slows to a standstill : So what were we hearing not too long ago about a "booming" economy? Maybe this should be in the "Lies, Lies and More Lies" section.
  • (3/4/07) British believe Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il: Our closest allies in the invasion of Iraq. And they think our leader is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea.
  • (3/4/07) Exclusive: NRCC's Foley "Damage Control": Read about how the NRCC tried to control the damage from the Foley scandal in an effort to save the elections— BEFORE the scandal broke into the mainstream news. Yes, BEFORE. Yet we're to believe Hastert et al knew nothing about it...
  • (3/4/07) Bush : U.S. Must Stay In Iraq To Control Oil And Protect Israel: The truth is finally coming to light fro official sources...
  • (3/4/07) MNSBC online poll: 87 percent say 'plenty to justify' Bush impeachment: Funny, isn't it, how 51% in 2000 was a "mandate", but in 2006 (when the pollwas taken), 87% was just an opinion that no president should be swayed by because it wasn't sound policy to listen to the whims of the people. And he had the nerve to call Kerry a "flip-flopper".
  • (3/4/07) Insurgent activity rising in Afghanistan: How long ago did Bush stand on that aircraft carrier and say "Mission Accomplished"? And we STILL haven't got Osama bin Laden in custody. (I'm not even sure we're trying anymore. OBL has done wonderful things for Bush's reputation. Given the penchant of presidents to pardon those who were helpful to them, OBL should be given US citizenship and a full pardon for all the good he's done for Bush.)
  • (3/4/07) Big Energy Firms Crimping Oil Supplies : If you think the price of oil is dictated by supply and demand like they teach you in economics, you've got another thing coming. The demand or supply never changed during the Iraq invasion, yet the price of oil jumped, more than doubling in some instances, based on the speculative fear of what MIGHT happen to the oil supply during the invasion. Now that that's not happened, why isn't the price of oil coming back down? This story may explain it.
  • (3/4/07) Bush, OPEC and Chavez of Arabia: This article is interesting in the other views it paints of Bush, OPEC and Chávez that we don't get to see in the US mainstream press. Makes you wonder what else we're not hearing about.
  • (3/4/07) Video Is a Window Into a Terror Suspect's Isolation: Torture on American soil against an American citizen.
  • (3/4/07) Richest tenth own 85% of world's assets: This, in my humble opinion, is the root of all terrorism.
  • (3/4/07) Panel: Bush's Iraq Policies Have Failed: So what does he plan to do? Stay the course and build up his policies even more. Now that makes sense...if you have no logical reasoning skills.
  • (3/4/07) The Baker Boys: Stay Half the Course: An insightful article by Greg Palast about "staying the course." Who are we really protecting?
  • (3/4/07) U.S. urged to boost efforts to aid Iraqi refugees: Estimates suggest that more than 100,000 refugees a month are fleeing the violence spawned by the US invasion of Iraq. And the US is doing little to help these refugees despite being the reason they had to flee their homeland.
  • (3/4/07) US scientists reject interference: Who is the interference coming from? The Bush misadministration and their political agenda.
  • (3/4/07) '04 Pentagon Report Cited Detention Concerns: A Pentagon report from 2004 expressed concern that the treatment of prisoners accused of terrorism in the US was violating accepted policies.
  • (3/4/07) Some Gitmo Detainees Freed Elsewhere: The US government kept them in deplorable conditions for years, then sends them to other countries, despite the governments assertion that they were trained killers and terrorists. And the government has no idea what happened to them after their release. Why not, if they're such a danger to US interests?
  • (3/4/07) 95% of Americans Have Had Premarital Sex: Remember the story above that talked about the new abstinance program targeting those up to 29 years old? Why are we wasting money on a program that's aimed at about 5% of the population? You can read another article on the same topic here.
  • (3/4/07) Most Outrageous Right Wing Comments of 2006: A reminder of the insanity being spewed by the RRR and this misadministration and its supporters. Keep these in mind at the next presidential election.
  • (3/4/07) America's Holy Warriors: This is a scary aticle about how the RRR is taking over the chaplaincies of the military and law enforcement and indoctrinating our youth serving our country with hatred, intolerance and bigotry.
  • (3/4/07) Radio host releases congressional "assassination" schedule: Why? Because he doesn't want people to vote for immigration reform that would extend amnesty to illegal immigrants who are already in the US. And this man is still walking around free...despite the fact that he's an white Christian terrorist.
  • (3/4/07) Death in Haditha: US Marines shoot and kill five unarmed Iraqis who arrived on the scene of a car bombing. But we're the liberators and Iraqis should welcome us with open arms! (sarcasm alert!)
  • (3/4/07) 2 Ohio vote officials guilty of rigging '04 recount: And we were told it was a clean election...
  • (3/4/07) Former Press Secretary Says Libby Told Him of Plame: Will the prosecution make its case stick? If so, will it allow them to go after Cheney?
  • (3/4/07) Millions wasted in Iraq reconstruction aid: Just another example of the incompetence of this misadministration.
  • (3/4/07) Watada Follows Military Rules on Dissent: First Lt. Ehren Watada is a true American hero. He is serving his country in the military but steadfastly refuses to participate in the illegal invasion of Iraq. He's not going AWOL to get out of serving and is, in fact, following proper military protocol despite the threat of being court-martialed and sent to prison for standing up for his beliefs.
  • (3/4/07) Brit, U.S. kids last in well-being list: After reading this article, can you understand why some nations might not want to have the American way of life imposed on their society under the guise of "democracy"?
  • (3/4/07) Americans unaware of Iraqi death toll: We know almost to a man how many US soldiers have died. But when it comes to the Iraqi civilians who have died, most miss the mark by about 300-400%.
  • (3/4/07) Ammo, weapons, tunnel found in California home: An American terrorist?

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The following stories/sites illustrate the hypocrisy of the Bush administration, the RRR and our government in general.

  • Who Would Jesus Torture: The Religion of George W. Bush: This is an absolutely marvelous article showing so clearly the hypocrisy of Bush.
  • Unnecessary Concessions: We put down bin Laden for "bombing" a building with innocent civilians inside just to make a political statement, then we turn around and do the same.
  • Cuba? It was great, say boys freed from US prison camp: The US government recently released several children after they'd spent at least 14 months in the camps on Guantanamo where they were taken when they were 12 and 13 years old. Can you imagine the uproar from the US government if any military took US children captive and held them for 14 months without any contact with family members?
  • Stop All Terrorsm: Including US Terrorism:The US has backed many a terrorist regime with arms, money and/or intelligence support. We have terrorists in our own back yard a la Timothy McVeigh. Yet we go after the ones outside our borders and decry other's support of terrorists while ignoring our own.
  • Friendly Fire: Author James Bamford, in his book "Body of Secrets" (Doubleday) details documented plans formulated by the US military to attack US citizens on US soil in order to provoke a call from Americans to attack Cuba back in the 1960s.
  • Christian right mum on Gannon Affair: "Jeff Gannon" was a "journalist" that was given White House access unlike many other reporters. Turns out, Gannon is an alias. He's not a reporter but he IS a gay "escort" and runs a gay "escort" service where he charges up to $1200 for a weekend. In other words, the White House either knowingly gave clearance to a gay male prostitute or their background checks are so utterly worthless there's no reason to trust they can protect us from terrorists (even if such protection were possible. Ask Israel how successful they've been stopping terrorism.)
  • W.'s Stiletto Democracy: Bush's recent trip to Russia and chastisment of Putin for stiffling democracy is hypocrisy given the way the Bush administration under the guidance of the RRR has destroyed the US Constitution. Not to mention stiffling free speech with the purchase of several key mouthpieces, including Maggie Gallagher, profiled on this site.
  • U.S. Says It Has Withdrawn From World Judicial Body: When the rest of the world tries to hold the US accountable for its actions, it simply quits and ignores the rest of the world— a tactic Saddam Hussein used and for which we illegally invaded his country.
  • Schiavo, Hudson, and Nikolouzos:Fifteen-month-old Sun Hudson had his life support removed over the objections of his mother because his mother was not able to pay for his continued care in the hospital. This was made possible due to a law signed by then Governor George W. Bush that allows hospitals in Texas to remove life support from a patient if they deem it futile to continue with treatments if a.) the family cannot pay for continued care and/or b.) no other hospital in the state will take them as a charity case. So much for Bush's "culture of life".
  • Boy Scout leader charged with child porn was defender of anti-gay policy, "Youth Protector" Pleads Guilty: Citing the danger to young boys as their main reason for not allowing out-of-the-closet gays to be members of the Boy Scouts of America (all the while allowing in-the-closet gays to be members due to a "don't ask/don't tell" policy), the BSA fails to protect the youth from the danger posed by straight child pornographers. Former National Director of Programs Douglas Smith pled guilty to charges of child pornography but the BSA says there's no evidence he ever molested any children.
  • (8/16/05) When "All People" Doesn't Mean ALL People: A well written article demonstrating the hypocrisy of the radical religious right with respect to the disenfranchising of gays in America.
  • (8/16/05) Karl Rove's Nondisclosure Agreement: When Valerie Plame's identity was leaked to the press, Bush promised to fire whomever was involved. Karl Rove signed a non-disclosure agreement and he violated it, even if he only confirmed what was told to him. Without that confirmation, the story might never have gone forward. Now Bush refuses to fire Rove...
  • (8/17/05: Coulter caught cribbing from conservative magazines: Ann Coulter, that venom-spewing mouthpiece who is always condemning others for their lack of morals, was caught plagerizing articles written years ago in Conservative magazines.
  • (8/17/05) A High-Powered Lobbyist's Swift Fall From Grace: The list of politicians who benefitted from contributions from Jack Abramoff's considerable fortune reads like a list from Who's Who in the Republican party.
  • (9/3/05) Ahh, the good ol' days: Read some of the comments that the Republicans had to say about former President Clinton getting the US military involved in Bosnia. You might recognize some of the sentiments— sentiments that those same Republicans are now calling "disloyal" and "unpatriotic" and "unAmerican" when spoken by those who oppose and/or question the Bush regime and their motivation for the war in Iraq.
  • (9/3/05) Bush's Aid Cuts On Court Issue Roil Neighbors: The Bush misadministration has cut foreign aid to more than two dozen countries who have refused to sign an agreement holding US forces immune to prosecution for war crimes. Of course, if US forces weren't committing war crimes, they couldn't be prosecuted for them, could they? [Note: This article is archived and can be read only if you pay for it, but the abstract more than tells the story.]
  • (9/3/05) Hypocrites and Liars: An article by Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan who was killed in Iraq. Bush refuses to meet with Sheehan to discuss why he lied about the reasons for going to war, on the hypocrisy of this misadministration and many in the mainstream media.
  • (9/3/05) Terrorism Then and Now: This wonderful article details how the definition of "terrorist" has changed over the last 30 years in the US and shows how the US has backed terrorist regimes in many countries around the world.
  • (9/3/05) Robertson called for the assassination of Venezuela's president: Pat Robertson, who calls himself a Christian man of God, called for the assassination of Venezuela's duly elected President, Hugo Chavez. In later days, Robertson "apologized", although his apology was more a statement that he had been "misunderstood". Chavez, in response, called for the US to take legal action against Robertson's terroristic threats and then Chavez offered to sell cheap gas and provide free medical help to the US poor despite the fact that the Bush misadministration is doing nothing about Robertson's threats and despite the fact that this misadministration had funded a coup attempt against him.[Note: This last link is a reproduction of the original found on The Independent.]
  • (9/3/05) Joe Scarborough: Kathleen Harris, former Florida secretary of state during the 2000 elections, is running for US Senate in 2006. Harris reportedly is doing so bad in the polls that the Republican party is scouting around for alternatives. One they asked, but who refused (for reasons that might become apparent in the articles in this link), is Joe Scarborough.
  • (9/9/05) Pentagon Investigator Resigning: Joseph E. Schmitz was the Pentagon's top investigator. He resigned last week after amid allegations that he had blocked investigations into Bush administration officials' wrongdoings and was himself facing possible charges of " investigating waste, fraud and abuse."
  • (9/9/05) An Embattled Bush Says 'Results Are Not Acceptable': Bush said, "I am satisfied with the response. I'm not satisfied with all the results." Talk about spin!
  • (9/9/05) Former FEMA Chief Seeks to Profit from Katrina: Another Halliburton in the making?
  • (10/31/05) Pat Robertson's Katrina Cash: Pat Robertson's "Operation Blessing" has been given the unofficial position of "best charity to contribute to in order to help victims of Katrina" by being included as one of the first organizations listed by FEMA on their website and in information released after Katrina hit. Robertson and the political arm of the Christian Coaltion are huge contributors to the Bush regime and the Republican party and it appears that, like Halliburton, they're getting their reward. This story reveals some of the other connections between Robertson and this misadministration.
  • (10/31/05) Blasphemy About New Orleans: A God with Whom I Am Not Familiar: A scathing commentary regarding the hypocrisy of some white "Christian" bigots.
  • (10/31/05) Bonanza for Bush allies: A look at how Bush allies are cashing in on the relief and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurrican Katrina. So much for bringing integrity back to the Oval Office.
  • (10/31/05) FEMA, La. outsource Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping scandals: Surprise, surprise! Another firm run by a friend of the Bush family in Texas is given a contract by FEMA to set up a temporary morgue: a firm that has been plagued with several scandals involving illegally dumping and/or desecrating corpses.
  • (10/31/05) 'They left us to die, all of us - it was hell' : Bush's acceptance of "full blame" for the failure of the federal government's disaster relief efforts are too little too late and are seen by many as simply a way to try to increase his approval rating and the status of the Republican party.
  • (10/31/05) 23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak: For a president who promised to bring integrity back to government, this is just another indicator of another failure. This is a very detailed and well-referenced article on the officials involved in the Plame Leak.
  • (10/31/05) Bush Official Arrested in Corruption Probe: For a president who promised to bring integrity back to government, this is just another indicator of another failure. Sound familiar? Another administration official arrested for obstructing the investigation into Jack Abramoff's dealings with the federal government.
  • (10/31/05) Bush Waives Saudi Trafficking Sanctions : If you support Bush's "war on terrorism" and have a lot of oil in your country, I guess you can get away with not trying to stop trade in the sex slave industry.
  • (10/31/05) Senate Defies White House on Torture: The Senate defiance was the passage of a bill to PREVENT torture— something the White House says it doesn't do but wants to protect their right to do.
  • (11/24/05) House spurns calls for immediate Iraq pullout: Republicans, who don't hestiate to scream "grandstanding" against any Democrat who speaks out against this misadministration, did a bit of their own, yet denied that's what it was. Anyone surprised?
  • (12/5/05) This Season's War Cry: Commercialize Christmas, or Else: Jerry Falwell and his lawyers are another part of the onslaught of the RRR to control every aspect of the media. The hypocrisy comes from the RRR arguing that we must remember that Jesus the Christ is the "reason for the season" and yet they're boycotting stores because they're not saying "Merry Christmas" as they sell their holiday wares....I mean, Christmas presents. Which is the REAL reason for the season in modern America.
  • (12/16/05) Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper': But it's "just a goddamned piece of paper" that Bush swore to uphold, not destroy.
  • (12/31/05) Fitzgerald was long suspicious Rove had hidden evidence; Not swayed by last minute testimony, lawyers say: And yet, despite promising to deal with whomever had a role in revealing Valerie Plame's name, Rove has not been fired by Bush...
  • (12/31/05) Stumped: Condi Unable to Explain What Gave Bush Authority to Eavesdrop Without Warrant: While Ms. Rice repeatedly points out she's not a lawyer, what she doesn't want you to remember is that she was head of the NSA when Bush authorized the spying on US citizens. As head of the NSA, isn't it her job to know what is legal and what is not legal with respect to the actions of the agency she heads?
  • (1/2/06) Halliburton, other lobbyists stall Pentagon ban on human trafficking: Hypocrites, plain and simple.
  • (1/2/06) Firebomb thrown at abortion clinic: The "right to life" groups throwing firebombs...
  • (1/3/06) President Bush: Please Define "Democracy" : For someone who said they were going to bring responsibility and accountability back to the White House, this should be an easy thing to do.
  • (1/26/06) Presidential Adviser Says Bush Can Legally Torture Children: Can you imagine the outrage this country would express if an American child were to be tortured by a foreign nation? Many in this country went ballistic when some American was caned as punishment for a crime! And yet here we have the president of our nation seeking to justify the torture of "enemy combatants", even if they're minor children.
  • (1/27/06) Gov.'s Top Aides' Pay Bolstered by Donors: When Bush took control of our country, he promised that Republicans would bring integrity back to government. Yet here we have a story from California regarding Gov. Schwarzenegger's top aides receiving "bonuses" to their pay for campaign work and that being paid out of donations from those who do business with the government in Sacramento.
  • (2/12/06) Spy leak trial for Scooter Libby set for 2007: How convenient...all the dirty laundry won't be aired until after the 2006 elections. If this had been a democrat, Congress would have demanded a trial start immediately and if the courts wouldn't do it, Congress would have.
  • (2/12/06) Abramoff's Evangelical Soldiers: James Dobson denouced Jack Abramoff's (successful?) attempts to buy politicians' votes, but has yet to address his own associations with Abramoff.
  • (3/15/06) Rags-to-riches Bush aide on fraud charges: Remember when this administration promised to return integrity and honesty to Washington? Well, yet another Bush administration official— the top domestic policy adviser— has resigned amid charges of serial fraud. The hypocrisy is in this man's "holier than thou" moralizing and claims to be a born-again Christian.
  • (3/19/06) Cheney Accidentally Shoots a Fellow Hunter: Tell me, how many "average Americans" could shoot someone in a hunting accident, not report it for more than 14 hours and have the case closed within two day? Why did Mr. Cheney delay in reporting the accident? Was, as some many speculate alcohol a contributing factor to the accident? After 14 hours, any alcohol in your system would be below levels of intoxication. Once again, members of this misadministration get special treatment by the law. A few days later, Mr. Whittington suffered a "silent heart attack". This news report says that Mr. Whittington was shot at a distance of 30 yards (90 feet). How did such a small piece of shotgun pellet travel more than 90 feet and still have enough force to penetrate any protective safety gear as well as Mr. Whittington's skin, muscle tissues, etc. to get close enough to his heart to cause a problem?
  • (3/19/06) The Shot Heard Round the World: A Newsweek article that attempts to answer some of the questions above as well as provide some insight into the very secretive Dick Cheney.
  • (3/20/06) Most Americans Now Disapprove of Bush on Terrorism, Poll Shows: Remember when Bush was installed in office for a second term? Remember how the RRR and the Republicans were saying he had a "mandate" because he had 51% of the vote? Now, more than 60% of Americans believe that Bush is on the wrong path but, surprise, surprise!, you never hear the word "madate" anymore.
  • (3/20/06) Right-Wing "Compassion": Rape, Incest Victims Can Have Abortions If They're Religious Virgins: Read this story and see the hypocrisy of "compassionate conservatives" and the RRR.
  • (3/20/06) Hannity the Tyrant on Dayside: How many times have you heard the RRR scream that they were being misquoted and their comments taken out of context? How about Pat Robertson and his comment about assassinating the president of Venezuela? But it seems it's okay to misquote and take out of context the words of someone who disagrees with you.
  • (4/07/06) Bush says Iraqi prime minister is no longer acceptable, and that he'd better not remain prime minister for long : We supposedly invaded Iraq to get rid of non-existant WMD's as well as to get rid of Saddam Hussein and give the Iraqi people the right to determine their own form of government, right? And now Bush is saying, "We don't like your prime minister who you elected, so you better get rid of him soon." What gives him the right to tell the Iraqi people who they can and cannot choose to be their prime minister? Another article about this story appeared in the Asia Times and shows that the rest of the world sees the hypocrisy of this misadministration.
  • (4/22/06) State senator's son, 2nd teen admit 'brooming': The son of the Arizona's Senate President admitted to "brooming" eighteen young boys between the ages of 11 and 15. But all the charges against him were reduced to one. 'Brooming' is the practice of poking a camper, while clothed, in the rectal area. These kids were restrained when this happened to them and by all rights the two who did it should have been charged with sexual assault. Now, they may not ever serve a day in jail, but their victims have to deal with the trauma of the assaults. What are the chances that your child or mine would have been given this kind of a deal?
  • (4/22/06) Homeland official arrested in online sex sting: This should make you feel really safe! A DHS official was arrested for soliciting sexual favors from someone he believed to be 14 years old. And using his government issued cell phone to do it! And this from the administration who was going to bring morality and responsibility back to Washington.
  • (4/22/06) Creature's picture irks Board of Ed member: A Kansas Board of Education member who voted for teaching "intelligent design" asked a Kansas school principal to order one of his teachers to remove a picture depicting the Flying Spaghetti Monster, around whom an almost comical cult has emerged. FSM's creator wants his theory of intelligent design taught in Kansas schools as well as the RRR's version of ID.
  • (4/22/06) After 50 years, Alabama pardons Rosa Parks: And why couldn't they have done this while Rosa Parks was still alive?
  • (4/22/06) CIA fires officer for 'leaking info about secret jails': So for telling the truth about illegal US operations, this woman is fired. BUT, Condi Rice allegedly leaks information to a pro-Israel lobbyist and she's the Secretary of State.
  • (8/29/06) Kansas establishes minimum marriage age: Kanas, which seems to consider itself the bastion of all that is right and Chrisitan and moral, until May of 2006, had NO minimum age at which a minor with parental consent could marry. NO minimum age! So a ten year old whose parents were drug addicts could give permission for the child to marry a pedophile who would pay them in drugs... But that's not the only hypocrisy in this story. A 22-year old male has sex with a 14-year old female and gets an 18-30 month sentence. A 36-year old woman has sex with a 15-year old male and gets a mere 9 months. And remember, females, in general, mature faster than males. But here's the final hypocrisy: in a state that's supposed to be so "pro-family", let's throw the father of a child in jail for being the child's father! Let's break up the family, let's insure that this guy has a criminal record that will severely limit his ability to provide a living for the family and let's put him in jail for doing the right thing and marrying his girlfriend after he got her pregnant.
  • (8/30/06) Comparing Al Gore to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels: They scream and shout when the parallels between events leading up to WWII and modern American are highlighted. Yet the first opportunity they have, they're turning around and comparing what has been deemed a scientifically accurate movie to the propoganda put out by Joseph Goebbels.
  • (8/31/06) Olbermann exposes O'Reilly on Malmedy: Fox News claims to offer "fair and balanced" news. Yet When Bill O'Reilly made a HUGE blunder regarding the massacre at Malemedy of American soldiers— claiming instead that American soldiers had massacred SS troops— rather than say "We made a mistake" they went back and changed the transcripts that appeared online. They whitewashed them and tried to say that O'Reilly said "Normandy" instead of Malmedy.
  • (8/31/06) Documents show issues with wives, child support: A Republican candidate for Congress from California, Jim Galley, has as one of the planks of his campaign a "pro-traditional family" stand. Not only is Galley now married to his third wife, but he was married to wives' #1 and #2 at the same time. For seventeen months! He also defaulted on child support payments and his second wife filed a restraining order against him for alleged abuse. That sure sounds "pro-traditional family" to me!
  • (8/31/06) Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule: If an American soldier is captured, we expect him/her to be treated according to the Geneva Convention and we're up in arms when that doesn't happen. Yet we think it's okay not to teach our soldiers how to treat prisoners according to the Geneva Convention? How hypocritical can you get?
  • (8/31/06) Westmoreland co-sponsors bill on the Ten Commandments and can't even name them: Lynn Westmoreland, a Republican congressman from Georgia, co-sponsored House Resolution 214, which directs that the Speaker of the House to provide for the display of the Ten Commandments even if the US Supreme Court rules such display is unconstitutional! Mr. Westmoreland was also a co-sponsor of what has come to be known as the Istook Amendment and has to do with "protecting" religious liberties. The kicker is that Mr. Westmoreland admits he can't even name all the the ten commandments. This guy would also like to get rid of the Department of Education....
  • (8/31/06) Top US general in Iraq says it's time to cut and run: Bush okay with detailed timetable for partial US withdrawal from Iraq: So when Democrats suggest leaving Iraq, it's bailing out, it's cowardice, it's not finishing the job...But when Republicans suggest it...
  • (9/2/06) In Senate race, family values campaign tested by real life: Another "upstanding" candidate with hypocrisy stamped all over him.
  • (9/4/06) Broadcast Chief Misused Office, Inquiry Reports: Remember Kenneth Tomlinson? He was the former head of the PBS, who was removed from that post after evidence that he had allowed the politicizing of PBS. Tomlinson, who has strong connections to the White House (ie, Karl Rove), was given another post: head of broadcasts to foreign countries. Well, guess what? There's been a new inquiry and they found out that Mr. Tomlinson has been running a horse-racing operation out of his office, has improperly hired a friend and has violated other rules that resulted in overbilling for his time as well as used government employees under him to run his personal errands. And guess what? "[T]he United States attorney's office here had been given the report and decided not to conduct a criminal inquiry." Why not???
  • (9/4/06) Sources: State Department official source of Plame leak: Remember Bush's promise to fire anyone of his administration who was involved in this? I guess since Armitage resigned with Colin Powell, Bush doesn't have to worry about firing him...
  • (10/16/06) Gingrich: "It's not an insult[ ]" to compare Bush administration critics "to those who enabled Hitler": And yet anyone compare this misadministration to Hitler (and for a chilling comparison, you have to read "When Democracy Failed") and you hear the right screaming bloody murder.
  • (10/16/06) In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal: The party that claims to be bring back integrity and honor to Washington is the party whose into digging up dirt on their political opponents. Rather than running on their records, they've taken to mud-slinging. Very respectable behavior, don't you think?
  • (11/30/06) Bill Maher Not "Free" To Speak On CBS: CBS was doing a segment on free speech....with a list of approved topics.
  • (11/30/06) Pakistan: U.S. threatened to bomb us back to Stone Age: And we're supposed to be over in Iraq and contemplating invading Iran because they pose a danger to world peace. Anyone else find this attitude hypocritical?
  • (11/30/06) The GOP Hypocrite of the Week: And you thought I was exaggerating the hypocrisy of the Republican party and the RRR.
  • (11/30/06) GOP aide busted for fake blog posts on liberal sites: From the party who pledged to bring back honesty and integrity to Washington...
  • (11/30/06) Olbermann: Threatening letter no joke: A newspaper owned by ultra-conservative Rupert Murdoch ignores a request by the FBI to keep details of a threatening letter sent to Olbermann under wraps in order to make Olbermann the butt of a joke.
  • (11/30/06) A Statement of Conscience: A commentary on the misadministration's attempts to legalize torture while trying to deny they're supporting it.
  • (11/30/06) The Sexually Explicit Internet Messages That Led to Fla. Rep. Foley's Resignation: Hypocrisy at its height: a man crusading for laws to protect kids from people like himself. It also shows the hypocrisy of those in control of Congress— the Republicans— who knew about Foley and did nothing to stop him. [Warning: this story contains strong sexually suggestive messages.]
  • (3/3/07) Watch Pat Buchanan play the NAMBLA card: Pat Buchanan trying to shift blame from the shoulders of the Republican leadership where it belongs to the shoulders of journalists and to Nancy Pelosi (this was before the election, mind you). During his tirade, Buchanan talks about how journalists waited to dump this in October on the Republicans, yet at the same time, he tries to dump it on Nancy Pelosi! Hypocrite!
  • (3/3/07) Buchanan baselessly charged that Pelosi, Sen. Clinton marched with NAMBLA; no challenge from Blitzer: And they want us to believe that the media is controlled by liberals.
  • (3/3/07) Congresswoman on page board buried file on husband's child abuse allegation: This kind of ties into the Mark Foley scandal. The allegations against the congresswoman's husband are iffy. Not really anything to worry about. But the problem is the abuse of her power and position to make the files disappear. It's interesting to note she was on the page board and the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children caucus and claimed to not have known about Mark Foley's actions until the ABC news story was made public.
  • (3/3/07) Judge Orders Cheney Visitor Logs Opened: What has Cheney, part of the misadministration who promised to bring back accountability and credibility to Washington, got to hide? Except maybe what lobbyists are coming to visit him the most...
  • (3/4/07) Tulsa Pastor Arrested In OKC On Lewdness Charge: This fine, upstanding male pastor was arrested after asking an undercover male police officer to come back to his hotel room for oral sex. This same find, upstanding pastor has railed against homosexuality for years.
  • (3/4/07) Rev. Lonnie Latham - Hypocrisy and Corruption in the Pulpit: An article recounting the hypocrisy of fundamentalist preachers who rant and rave against homosexuality and other "sins" they are later caught doing themselves. Kind of a "Do as I say, not as I do" philosophy.
  • (3/4/07) How Can I Be A Martyr If You Won't Take Me Seriously?: This guy is just looking for a fight...trying to become a martyr for his faith and in the process is totally oblivious to the fact that he's trying to force the US Navy to become an evangelical Episcopalian organization.
  • (3/4/07) Papers Knew of Foley E-Mail but Did Not Publish Stories: This is one of those no-win situations for the media. If they publish without checking their facts, they may ruin a man's career. But if they take the time and check their facts, they're accused of hiding it until it was politically opportune for them to "push their agenda". What's so hypocritical about this story is for the radical right to scream about them hiding it and yet attempt to defend their own leadership from hiding it. There's a very big difference between the media uncovering a story and checking their facts and the leadership of the radical right trying to cover their own butts.
  • (3/4/07) RNC Chief Ken Mehlman accepted political contributions from gay porn king?: Probably wouldn't have raised my eyebrows at this one if it hadn't been for the fact that just week before the RNC had lambasted Rep. Harold Ford for taking a political contribution from porn movie producers. Come to find out that the RNC gets lots of political contributions from Nicholas T. Boyias, who owns and operates one of the largest distribution companies for gay porn! Can we say "Hypocrite"?
  • (3/4/07) McCain Hires Key Falwell Staffer For Presidential Campaign: At one point in time, when he still had some integrity (IMHO), John McCain lambasted the Rev. Jerry Falwell for his intolerance. Now, in an apparent attempt to win the votes of the RRR, he's hired the debate coach from Liberty University, founded by Falwell to teach his own particular brand of Christianity.
  • (3/4/07) House Republican leaders were negligent in scandal, panel finds: And yet no charges are going to be filed. No one will be disciplined or reprimanded. Can you imagine what would have happened if Clinton had done this? Look at what happened when he did it with a consenting adult! Hypocrites!
  • (3/4/07) Political exchange of the year: Bill O'Reilly vs the coolest 8 year old girl in the world: While I'm not sure I agree with using this young child in such a strongly worded political commercial, I find the comments made by O'Reilly and his "child advocate" to be so far over the top its not funny! To suggest that using a child in a commercial like this is "the ultimate inhumane treatment of a child" makes me want to question the credentials of this "child advocate." How is using a child in a political commerical like this worse than using a child in a horror film? How is it worse than having a child sexually abused or neglected or kidnapped and murdered? If, as the advocate suggests, the child has no idea what she is talking about, how is it harming her? And if, as the advocate postulates, some nut might come looking for her, wouldn't the nut be someone from the radical religious right?
  • (3/4/07) Political exchange of the year: Bill O'Reilly vs the coolest 8 year old girl in the world: While I'm not sure I agree with using this young child in such a strongly worded political commercial, I find the comments made by O'Reilly and his "child advocate" to be so far over the top its not funny! To suggest that using a child in a commercial like this is "the ultimate inhumane treatment of a child" makes me want to question the credentials of this "child advocate." How is using a child in a political commerical like this worse than using a child in a horror film? How is it worse than having a child sexually abused or neglected or kidnapped and murdered? If, as the advocate suggests, the child has no idea what she is talking about, how is it harming her? And if, as the advocate postulates, some nut might come looking for her, wouldn't the nut be someone from the radical religious right?
  • (3/4/07) But It's Thomas Jefferson's Koran!: What gets me about this whole story is that the official swearing is done without any kind of books whatsoever. The only time the Bible is used is in the photo-op session AFTER the official swearing in. It's so utterly hypocritical of Virgil Goode to suggest that using the Qur'an undermines the values of this country when the values of this country include freedom of religion! This is NOT a Christian nation and was never intended to be a Christian nation. That doesn't mean our founding fathers didn't have strong beliefs in God, even in the Christian God. But it DOES mean they chose to allow everyone to define God for him-/herself. I love the irony of Ellison using Jefferson's copy of the Qur'an for the photo-op session. Slam dunk on that one!
  • (3/4/07) 46 of 49 Nations OK Ban on Cluster Bombs: Again, one has to question the commitment the US has to helping usher in a new era of peace when it snubs a peace conference aimed at reducing the damage done to innocent civilians by cluster bombs.

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The following stories/sites deal with the events of 9/11 and the lack of action by our government before that day. It is easy to dismiss such theories as "conspiracy", but our government has a history of lying to the American people. Just ask those who were used as guinea pigs for medical experiments by the US military, those who worked on projects facing biological/chemical hazards that they were not warned about and the veterans of Viet Nam and the Persian Gulf, many suffering from unknown ailments with unknown causes after being exposed to things like napalm, agent orange and depleted uranium in bombs.

  • Timeline of 9/11: A very extensive and complete timeline of not only the day in question, but the events— some decades before— that led up to 9/11.
  • Stand Down: Everyone's probably seen the movie "War Games" starring Matthew Broderick where a high school computer geek puts the entire North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on high alert because he begins to play a "game" of thermonuclear war with NORAD's computer. NORAD is America's "first response" system to deal with any attacks on the US. Yet for some reason, on 9/11, NORAD was ordered to "stand down" and did not respond to the attacks on the World Trade Center. If they had, they might have prevented the attack on the Pentagon. This is an extensive site well worth the time to read.
  • WTC7: The two towers were not the only buildings in the World Trade Center complex to completely collapse that day. WTC7 also came down— but why?
  • 9/11: The Road to Tyranny: While this site seeks to get you to buy a book by Alex Jones, there is an extensive list of discrepancies and unanswered questions and missed opportunities to stop what happened on 9/11 as well as evidence to suggest that the Bush administration ignored those warnings. [Note: Alex Jones is an extremist of another kind. But that doesn't mean there isn't some truth in the articles that appear on his site. Take what you read with a grain of salt and do your own research to verify what you read.]
  • Why did it happen? Things we need to know about 9/11: Another extensive site with links to more information on the Carlyle group, Enron, and all the "insider trading" that went on just prior to 9/11.
  • The 9/11 secret in the CIA's back pocket: The Bush misadministration withholds public distribution of a CIA investigation that would place responsibility on senior officials for bad intelligence that led to 9/11.
  • 9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings: Couldn't decide if this should go under "Things they don't want you to know" or "Lies, Lies and More Lies"...
  • 'Why do they hate us?': Written 2 weeks after 9/11. Find out the real reasons why Americans are often despised outside our own borders.
  • September 11: the shocking evidence of secret deals, missed chances and fatal misjudgements: A story from England about the 9/11 commission report.[Note: This article is archived and must be purchased to be viewed.]
  • "Taliban told US they would give up Osama": A year before 9/11, the Taliban offered to give up bin Laden. The first real talks were held in November 2004, the same time that Bush was declared the president-elect. No further talks took place until five days after 9/11.
  • "The Lone Gunmen" Pilot Episode: The Bush Administration insists that no one could have foreseen that hijackers would use planes as bombs and fly into the World Trade Center. Yet on the pilot episode of "The Lone Gunmen", a spin-off of the very popular "X-Files", that is exactly what happens. The episode aired six months before 9/11.
  • 911 Victim's Wife, Ellen Mariani, Files RICO Act: A widow of 9/11 files a lawsuit against George W. Bush and his cabinet under the federal government's RICO act, the same laws often used to nab members of the mafia.
  • The Citizens' Commission on 9-11: This site is an excellent source of information that not many in the mainstream media paid attention to or that the Bush administration tried to sweep under the carpet.
  • Rescue Worker Drops New 9/11 Revelations: Rescue workers were often forced to not do their jobs in those first few days at ground zero. Read about who stopped them from one who was there.
  • New Details on F.B.I. Aid for Saudis After 9/11: Just how much did the FBI help Saudis leave the US after 9/11? New revelations show it was more than we were originally led to believe. Does that surprise anyone?
  • (9/3/05)Radiation Expert Claims High-Radiation Readings Near Pentagon After 9/11 Indicate Depleted Uranium Used; High-Ranking Army Officer Claims Missile Used at Pentagon, Not Commercial Airliner: While conspiracy theories abound, there is often a seed of truth in them. Our current misadministration has shown time after time that it is not trustworthy. Was it a plane or was it a missile?
  • (9/3/05) NY Times, Fox News falsely reported that second military official backed up Shaffer's Able Danger claim: The mainstream media began reporting about "Able Danger", a project that it claimed had identified Mohammed Atta, one of the hijackers on 9/11, as a terrorist more than a year before the attacks. It was, I believe, a way of laying the blame at former President Clinton's feet for not "bringing him in". NY Times and Fox News both reported that a second person has verified this report, but in truth, the "second person" was actually the source for Fox News' source. Don't expect a retraction or admission of a screw up...
  • (10/31/05) A Letter to All Who Voted for George W. Bush from Michael Moore: Worth the read whether you like Michael Moore or not. Asks some hard questions that many will find hard to answer.
  • (12/16/05) US told Saudis about Qaeda plane threat pre-9/11: More than three years before 9/11, the US told the Saudis about the possibility of al Qaeda targeting civilian aircraft. Yet Bush said we couldn't have foreseen what might happen. When will we tire of the lies and say "Enough!"?
  • (12/16/05) Memo notes U.S. feared jet attack prior to 9/11: Another story from MSNBC on the issue with some additional information.
  • (2/12/06) Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United: George Bush's brother is on the board of directors for the company in charge of security for the WTC and United Airlines, one of the two airlines used in the attacks on 9/11.
  • (2/12/06) Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax: Scholars for 9/11 Truth, an organization of distinguished experts and scholars says that the entire 9/11 "attack" was simply a means for the Bush misadministration to get public support for his attack against Iraq.
  • (3/19/06) Sept. 11 Report Ties Bin Laden to UAE: Remember when Bush said he was going to protect you from terrorists?
  • (3/20/06) Agent who arrested Moussaoui blasts FBI: He said the FBI missed many opportunities to prevent 9/11...
  • (4/07/06) Controversial Charlie Sheen 9/11 interview begins to attract media attention: While I don't believe that our government planted explosives to bring down the WTC, I do believe that they knew about the impending attacks and allowed them to happen. But it's nice that someone with a "big name" is finally getting the general public to consider the possibility (probability, IMHO) that our government was involved in 9/11.
  • (4/07/06) Cries for Help Edited Out of 9/11 Tapes: I can't imagine being an emergency operator and having to hear all those cries for help. I know there are many people upset who said that the operators were not properly trained, but just how do you train someone on how to instruct people to get out of every skyscraper in New York City? Or to get out of any single skyscraper when entire floors are on fire partway up the building?
  • (4/22/06) 9/11: a 7-Man Job: If our government was involved in 9/11 (and I think they were), did it have to be a huge conspiracy? Could it have been pulled off with only seven people in the know?
  • (8/31/06) The One Percent Doctrine: I rarely link to pages that are nothing but advertisements for a product, but everyone really should read this book....
  • (9/1/06) Government releases nearly all evidence in 9/11 conspirator sentencing: What will eventually be revealed?
  • (10/16/06) Discover the Secret Right-Wing Network Behind ABC's 9/11 Deception: ABC's recent showing of the propoganda piece "Path to 9/11" was full of fictitious scenes that ABC hoped would pass for factual events.
  • (10/16/06) Post: Counterterrorism official says Osama bin Laden trail 'stone cold': So much for Bush's promise to bring bin Laden to justice.
  • (3/6/07) Ex-employee says FAA warned before 9/11: If they didn't even think such a thing was possible, that someone would use a plane as a weapon, they weren't paying much attention to history. How many boats in Pearl Harbor were sunk because of a kamikaze pilot crashing into it?

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Expect More of This

The following stories/sites deal with some of the problems for Americans that have arisen under Bush's regime and the policies advocated by the RRR. They're just a sampling and you can expect many more like these.

  • Battered Pregnant Woman Denied Divorce: The RRR wants to make divorces harder to get and a Washington state Superior Court judge is helping them— even if unwittingly.
  • Kansas investigating late-term abortions: The Kansas attorney general says he needs records that include "the patient's name, medical history, details of her sex life, birth control practices and psychological profile" in order to investigate charges of rape of a child and illegal late term abortions. But one has to wonder why there is a gag order that prevents the medical facilities from even telling the 90 patients their records are being sought.
  • Cheerleading Coach Finds Prayer Not a Team Sport: A University of Georgia cheerleading coach was fired for insisting that the girls on the squads attend Bible studies at her home that were led by her husband, a minister.
  • Conservative students, liberal profs: Students are suing teachers when they disagree with reading assignments— namely because said assignments "offend" the students' Christian faith according to them.
  • Experts See Military Draft as Inevitable: With enlistments down and the forced extension of tours about to run out of time, how is Bush going to maintain a military presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan as well as everywhere else we have soldiers stationed— not to mention here at home. Of course, they could get rid of the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy since it's costing the US military hundreds of millions of dollars to replace gays who come out.
  • Despite study linking abstinence education with increased sex, Bush seeks $39m more: Ignore facts and blindly follow faith and everything will be just peachy!
  • Daughter of conservative Republican calls herself 'liberal queer': Allan Keyes daughter talks about living with her father and his conservative, Christian approach to life.
  • The Emperor's New Hump: Squashing reports unflattering to the White House or that show the president in a negative light is a form of censorship. And it's going on all the time.
  • Glen Eyrie: The organized assault on gay rights : This kind of organized attack and planning is the norm. The RRR is very organized and focused.
  • Writer Backing Bush Plan Had Gotten Federal Contract: Maggie Gallagher was paid by the administration to push Bush's agenda and failed to reveal that her readers.
  • Third Columnist paid by Bush Administration: And that was before the discovery of Jeff Gannon...
  • Congress Steps in on Schiavo Case: Congress and the president of the United States passed legislation that by-passed the lawful and due process procedures of the court. This is a dangerous precedent to set, but there was very little attention paid to this aspect of Congresses interference in a very personal matter.
  • Thought Toddler Gay, Dad Kills Son: A 21-year-old Tampa man is charged with the capitol murder of this 3-year-old son. The boy's mother said her husband thought the child might be gay.
  • Fire, anti-gay graffiti found at UCC church: Just days after the United Church of Christ passed a widely supported resolution endorsing gay marriages, a UCC church is the victim of arson and vandalism.
  • Tenn. investigates ex-gay camp: A young teen's blog— and his increasingly suicidal emails to a fellow blogger— have prompted the state of Tennessee's Child Services (part of the Department of Health) to open an investigation into an unlicensed "ex-gay" camp for youth. Gay teens are sent by their parents to be "converted" to heterosexuality. [(8/17/05: A follow up article by the founder of "Love in Action" quotes the minister as saying that "My ministry shatters lives."]
  • (8/16/05) How Comcast Censors Political Content: Comcast is fast becoming one of the nation's largest providers of internet access. Which gives them unprecedented ability to censor what emails you actually receive. Which has already begun to happen.
  • (8/16/05) Sinners in the hands of an angry mob: I'm honored to know the woman this story is about— a courageous minister who chose to recognize the rights of gays to marry despite a ban by her church on recognizing such unions as marriages. She's now facing disciplinary action for standing up for justice.
  • (8/16/05) 'We Could Take out Their Holy Sites': Colorado's Tom Tancredo suggests that, in the event of a nuclear terrorist attack, that we take out Islam's Holy Sites, thereby once again insinuating that all Muslims are terrorists.
  • (8/17/05) FBI Is Keeping Documents on ACLU and Other Peaceful Groups: The FBI is directing files and records be kept on groups like the United for Peace and Justice to be sent to (or CC'd to) counter-terrorism directors. PETA, the ACLU, Greenpeace, and many other organizations are under surveillance by the FBI.
  • (8/17/05) Senate Backs Scouts' Use of Military Bases: Ignoring the US Constitution, the US Senate voted in July, 2005 to continue to allow military bases to host events by the BSA. [Note: I do not agree with the politics of the rest of this site, but it is the only site I could find that had the original article in its entirety.]
  • (8/17/05) Here's why you can't buy the News Journal at Wal-Mart: Another attempt at censorship by giant corporations. [Note: the district manager of Wal-Mart overrode the store manager and the News Journal is back on sale at Wal-Mart's in Pensacola.]
  • (8/17/05) Utah woman can keep 'GAYSROK' license plate: More attempts at censorship and disenfranchising of the gay population— this time by the state of Utah, which sought to have two license plates revoked: one that read GAYSROK and another that read GAYRYTS.
  • (8/17/05) The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico and Strange fish parade seen in Englewood: Frightening precursors of what may become common place if we continue along this misadministrations path of denying that global warming is happening and rolling back pollution controls and standards.
  • (8/17/05) The American Taliban: This list of quotes from some of the countries leading religious leaders and politicians should scare the hell out of you.
  • (8/17/05) Beliefs drive research agenda of new think tanks: More and more "experts" are disputing findings of professional groups like the APA. But these "experts" are basing their "evidence" on faith, not science or reason. Yet because they're given "expert" status— despite, in many cases, the fact that their research has been discredited by their peers— they're swaying public opinion.
  • (8/17/05) The sins of the fathers: While this particular incident occurs in Canada, we've already seen vestiges of this with respect to the Catholic church here in the US which has, in various diocese, refused communion to those who are pro-choice, gay and/or promote gay equality.
  • (9/3/05) Indiana Judge Excommunicates 'Non-Mainstream' Religions: In May, 2005, a judge in Indiana ruled that a couple getting a divorce, Thomas E. Jones Jr. and Tammie U. Bristol, were not permitted to "expose" their son to their faith: Wicca. While this ruling has subsequently been overturned, the fact that the judge felt it was permissible to make such a ruling in the first place is indicative of the intolerance and misunderstanding prevalent in society towards non-Christians.
  • (9/3/05) 'I'd leave here broke': Earlier this summer, the US Supreme Court ruled against seven homeowners in New London, CT who were fighting to keep a development company from using eminent domain to condemn their homes and take over their property. Now, the development company is charging those 7 families rent for the five years this case dragged on in court. You have to read this "shining" example of corporate greed.
  • (9/3/05) Fla. Woman Dies of Flesh-Eating Bacteria: With this misadministrations alterations to environmental laws, pollution in our nation's rivers and the oceans surrounding us will continue to rise.
  • (9/3/05) Politicized Scholars Put Evolution on the Defensive: Unable to persuade the majority of American's that teaching creationism in schools is a good thing to do, the RRR has taken a new path: deceive people by calling it "intelligent design" and have "research institutes" that do "scientific" research to prove their point is just as valid as evolution. This kind of slick packaging is a trademark of the RRR.
  • (9/3/05) American Legion Declares War on Protestors — Media Next?: This is a quote from the article. If it doesn't scare the hell out of you that such a stand is even contemplated in the US, the land of the free, you need to wake up.
    "The American Legion will stand against anyone and any group that would demoralize our troops, or worse, endanger their lives by encouraging terrorists to continue their cowardly attacks against freedom-loving peoples," Thomas Cadmus, national commander, told delegates at the group's national convention in Honolulu.

    The delegates voted to use whatever means necessary to "ensure the united backing of the American people to support our troops and the global war on terrorism."

  • (9/3/05) Minister of hate to "hunt down" Swedish king: Fred Phelps heads to Sweden to protest the imprisonment of anti-gay minister Åke Green on charges of inciting hatred of homosexuals. Mr. Green is on record as saying he wants nothing to do with Phelps— which will probably lead Phelps to lable Mr. Green a "fag-enabler". Such is Christianity according to Fred Phelps.
  • (9/3/05) Is Katrina God's punishment for abortion? It had to happen sooner or later. After all, Jerry Falwell blamed gays, abortionists, feminists, the ACLU and a slew of others for 9/11. And following in his notorious footsteps comes Columbia Christians for Life, who says that the satellite image (color-enhanced) looks just like a six-week old fetus in the womb. And since Louisianna has 10 abortion clinics, God is punishing New Orleans through Katrina. [Note: If you aren't a member of, you need to watch an ad to get a free one day pass to read articles there.]
  • (9/3/05) Gays 'Responsible' For New Orleans Devastation Group Claims : [Note: You'll need to read under "Comments" for the article.] Not to be outdone, Repent America, an evangelical Christian organization that has received support from the likes of the Southern Baptist Convention, Center for Reclaiming America, AgapePress (associated with the American Family Association), Concerned Women for America, the Traditional Values Coaltion and even Fred Phelps himself, claims God destroyed New Orleans because they were set to host "Southern Decadence", a gay festival. [Note: carries a list of the above groups with links to articles giving their support.]
  • (9/3/05) Banished Whistle-Blowers : The Bush misadministration makes it standard policy to demote, fire or otherwise force to resign those who contradict the spin that's put on any of the tragic messes Bush has landed us in. The list includes former assistant secretary of the Army, Mike Parker, a former congressman from Mississippi, one of three states to suffer the most severe damage during Hurricane Katrina. Parker once headed the Army Corps of Engineers, the agency in charge of fortifying the levees around New Orleans.
  • (9/3/05) Budget cuts delayed New Orleans flood control work: Budget cuts on projects like the levees around New Orleans were cut to help finance the contiued occupation of Iraq. Along with changes to environmental protection laws, which many experts say will only speed up global warming (something that many say helped contribute to the ferocity of Katrina and the increasingly violent weather we're experiencing), this misadminitration has placed the entire country and even the entire world at risk. And the worst part of this years hurricane season has just started....
  • (9/3/05) New Orleans City Council President: "Maybe God's Going To Cleanse Us": Perhaps this is just a way of trying to find purpose to something as catastrophic as Katrina, but once again, it's the gays and non-Christians who are named as needing to be "cleansed". [Note: This site is, I believe, a prime example of the kind of "spin" the RRR puts out. For example, from the "About Us" page: "LifeSite emphasizes the social worth of traditional Judeo-Christian principles but is also respectful of all authentic religions and cultures that esteem life, family and universal norms of morality." What is an "authentic religion" and what are the "universal norms of morality"? My guess is that a gay Wiccan who is pro-choice wouldn't qualify as one that should be accorded respect, but I may be wrong.]
  • (9/9/05) Patriot protests Katrina response: You wouldn't expect to see the flag flying upside down at Edward Skewes' house. But it is— as a sign of distress as the state of affairs of this great nation.
  • (9/9/05) A Failure of Leadership Leadership needs a real leader and the US doesn't have one. They have a puppet on a string and when the winds blow too strong, the strings all get tangled up and nothing gets accomplished.
  • (9/9/05) Barbara Bush: Things Working Out 'Very Well' for Poor Evacuees from New Orleans Barbara Bush, former first lady, visited the Astrodome and spoke to some of the evacuees. Her comments about their situation show just how out of touch the current power structure in the US is with the American people.[Note: If you want the opportunity to listen to the comments, you can click here. Free registration is required at this site.]
  • (9/9/05) GOP leaders agree to joint Katrina hearings: Make sure you catch the part about DeLay blaming the governor of Louisianna (a Democrat) for not asking for help fast enough. He says the mayors of Mississippi and Alabama (both Republicans) asked much faster. Did it ever occur to this guy that Mississippi and Alabama didn't have the same kinds of problems to deal with as Louisianna? But I'm sure there was no partisan BS going on...
  • (9/9/05) UN Hits Back at US in Report Saying Parts of America are as Poor as Third World: With Bush giving tax breaks that benefit the wealthiest 1% of the country and cutting benefits to veterans and the poor and elderly, the gap between the haves and the have nots is only going to widen.
  • (10/31/05) : New Study Finds Oil Company Profiteering Behind Gasoline Price Spikes While this study focuses on California, having old "oil money" in the White House is most certainly good for oil company profits, especially now with three major hurricanes impacting the main US distribution point for the eastern seaboard.
  • (10/31/05) The Images FEMA Does Not Want You to See! Graphic pictures from New Orleans. The hurricanes we're now experiencing are likely part of the change in the overall weather pattern due to the global warming this misadministration denies is taking place. They won't be able to set up contingency plans for more of these monstrous hurricanes without changing their policy about global warming, so you can expect more of these monstrous disasters with equally monstrous aftereffects.
  • (10/31/05) Survivor rescued 16 days after the hurricane: Edgar Hollingsworth, 74, was rescued from his home 16 days after Katrina blew through ONLY because some members of the search parties checking out homes disobeyed an order to not bash in doors unless they heard actual cries for help. Mr. Hollingsworth was found unconscious but still alive. How many others died as a result of this policy? [Story update: Four days after his rescue, Edgar Hollingsworth died in a Louisianna hospital with his wife and daughter at his side.]
  • (10/31/05) In Rush to Cut Wages, President Forgets to First Declare National Emergency: Bush suspended the Bacon-Davis wage act, ostensibly to allow the rebuilding of New Orleans to take place at a faster, less costly rate. Yet such a suspension is supposed to be possible only in the event of a national emergency— something Bush didn't declare.
  • (10/31/05) Fleming senior wears racist T-shirt to school: Given the attitude of the RRR in this country, where being a "Christian" means you can blow up abortion clinics and tie gays to fence posts before pistol whipping them and leaving them to die, it's no surprise that someone who doesn't like blacks can say, in all seriousness, "I'm not a racist" while wearing a T-shirt that depicts two blacks being dragged by nooses behind the car of a just-married KKK couple.
  • (10/31/05) Plague-Infected Mice Missing From N.J. Lab: This misadministration wants you to think that we're safer now due to the policies they enacted that took away many of your civil rights. Yet, as Katrina and Rita and Wilma have shown, we're not safer from disaster than we were before 9/11. In fact, many could argue we're even less safe because Bush has stacked all the government positions with incompetent people who have demonstrated their "loyalty". And now, three mice infected with a deadly strain of the plague that wiped out one fourth of the population of Europe several centuries ago are now missing and no one knows where they went or how they got away. BUT the FBI is sure it's not a terrorist plot. Do you feel safe hearing that?
  • (10/31/05) At nursing home, Katrina dealt only the 1st blow: With no national policy in place for dealing with disasters and no one in charge who really knows what s/he is doing, and the forecast for more killer hurricanes like Katrina to continue (and maybe even get worse) over the next few years, you'll be reading more headlines like this.
  • (10/31/05) Test Results Cited in Delay of Mall Alert: The Department of Homeland Security didn't inform the CDC of a potentially deadly bacteria that could have indicated a bio-terrorism attack for more than 72 hours after it first detected the possible presence of the bug. Feel safer now?
  • (10/31/05) Legislator drops controversial plan: A legislator in the state of Indiana introduced legislation that would make it illegal for any unmarried woman to use "unnatural" ways to conceive a child. Indiana is a bastion of the RRR. This blog entry was written after the legislation was introduced by state Sen. Pat Miller.
  • (10/31/05) An American in chains: "James Yee entered Guantanamo as a patriotic US officer and Muslim chaplain. He ended up in shackles, branded a spy. This is his disturbing story."
  • (10/31/05) A Web of Truth: The character assassination of those who question this misadministrations ethics is continuing.
  • (10/31/05) Boortz: Faced with an impending national disaster, "we should save the rich people first": Another of the mouthpieces, Neal Boortz believes that the lives of rich people are worth more than the lives of the poor. Another shining example of the "compassionate conservatism" espoused by this misadministration.
  • (10/31/05) Katrina uncovers the forgotten queues at America's soup kitchens: With so much money being sent to the Gulf Coast, what's going to happen to the millions of poor in the rest of the country?
  • (11/24/05) Raid on torture dungeon exposes Iraq's secret war: A raid by American's unearth's evidence (in the form of more than 170 people rescued from a torture dungeon) that paramilitary "posses" are operating in Iraq working for the Iraqi government. And most have been trained and armed by the US military.
  • (12/5/05) Jaguar, Land Rover ads halted in gay media, Ford confirms: After the AFA (American Family association, profiled here) announced a boycott of Ford because of Ford's ongoing support for the GLBT community, Ford entered into "negotiations" with the AFA and capitulated to these bigots. Now it's time for everyone who supports equality to boycott Ford and then they'll see just how small a portion of society is represented by the AFA.
  • (12/16/05) Saudi Billionaire Boasts of Manipulating Fox News Coverage: Well, the radical religious right can control the media and now, apparently, so can rich foreigners who don't like what's being said about their country.
  • (12/31/05) New York Times admits it held domestic spying story for a full year: Another example of how wrong the RRR is when it claims a "liberal bias" in news coverage. At the request of the White House, the NY Times sat on the story of the blatant violation of your civil rights for more than a year!
  • (12/31/05) Sen. Reid calls US Congress 'most corrupt in history': While this may be an attempt to distance himself from the investigation around Jack Abramoff, who is reportedly making a deal to name names, it should be noted that Reid claims he never received any money from Abramoff.
  • (12/31/05) Critics Question Timing of Surveillance Story: Let the spin begin! In at attempt to get the focus of the illegal actions of the Bush misadministration, some conservatives are questioning the timing of the article, suggesting they published it to get the "scoop" before it was revealed in a forthcoming book. As if that matters one iota! We should be pissed they sat on the story for a year, but whether they did it to scoop a book or not has nothing to do with the fact that the sitting president of the US has essentially declared he can violate the US Consitution whenever he deems it necessary.
  • (12/31/05) Iowa klansman wants protest of gay marriage: Douglas Sadler is a bigot. He doesn't believe that gays have the right to marry. In fact, he doesn't even believe they have the right to exist.... [Note: The article is actually in the comments section near the bottom of the page.]
  • (1/2/06) Bush Presses Editors on Security: There are countless stories on how the media has a "liberal" bias, and yet we now know that this misadministration has been calling on newspapers not to publish stories that are damaging to its agenda. Of course, the RRR and the Republicans will spin this to say that the fact that they've now published these stories just proves that liberal agenda.
  • (1/26/06) G.O.P. Lobbyist Pleads Guilty in Deal With Prosecutors: Jack Abramoff struck a deal with prosecutors and is going to start naming names. And I'm willing to bet a lot of people in Washington are breaking out in cold sweats.
  • (1/27/06) Pakistan Condemns Purported CIA Airstrike: As US forces are stretched thinner and thinner, as their frustration and not being properly armed and protected, as their resources are taxed more and more and the "intelligence" they're given becomes shakier and shadier, and as this misadministration gets more and more desparate for some "good news", expect more misfired missiles and civilian "collateral damage". Pakistan says that there's no evidence that the Al Qaeda leaders the CIA says it was trying to kill were even at the targeted home.
  • (1/28/06) Democrats want ethics committee to probe 'day trading' allegations: I still believe Martha Stewart's conviction was a warning to other high-powered women and this story only confirms that feeling a bit more. We have high lots of high powered male congressman (Frist and DeLay among them) whose office staff are passing along information to "day traders" on how the Congress is likely to vote on legislation affecting various industries, which has an impact on stock prices. In other words, a different version of "insider trading"— and Congress has been sitting on a request since November, 2005 to investigate these charges further. Of course, the Republican controlled Congress in its infinite "wisdom", will probably put Frist in charge of the investigation just like they put Santorum in charge of new legislation tightening the rules on accepting donations from lobbyists despite Santorum having taken in more money this election cycle from lobbyists than anyone else so far.
  • (1/28/06) Reports on college literacy levels sobering: Part of the RRR's agenda is to dumb down America and they've been frighteningly successful. If they dumb down America, don't teach kids how to reason and encourage only regurgitation and memorization, it's easier to get people to buy the rights-denying legislation they pass through in the guise of hot-dogs-and-apple-pie patriotism.
  • (1/28/06) Bush and Abramoff—Say Cheese?: The White House admits it's looking for pictures of Bush with Jack Abramoff. It doesn't say why it's looking for them (although Arianna Huffington has her ideas why), but it does say that Bush doesn't remember him. Now, how can any politician not remember meeting someone who is widely known and regarded as being the most powerful lobbyist in Washington's history? How stupid do they think we are? Of course, I graduated college before the RRR began to dumb down the education system.
  • (1/28/06) Chevron's 4Q Profit Soars to Record High: Surprise! There oil companies say they're charging us more because they're paying more...and yet Chevron has record high fourth quarter profits. If they're paying more, and we're paying more, their profits should be about the same. And yet it's a record profit. Do the math.
  • (2/12/06) Parshall suggested Matthew Shepard's lifestyle was responsible for his murder, called gay adoption "state-sanctioned child abuse": This lady is vying for her own "Mouthpiece" page. Look for one in the near future...
  • (2/12/06) A False Balance: Paul Krugman, a NY Times columnist, picks apart the Republican party's claims that the Abramoff scandal is "bipartisan".
  • (2/12/06) Exxon Mobil 4th-Qtr Profit Climbs to Record $10.7 Bln: And we're supposed to believe that this war wasn't about oil...
  • (2/12/06) Assertions on Spying, Jobs And Spending Invite Debate: Bush's 2006 State of the Union address is a shining example of spin, full of misinformation, distortion and outright falsehoods.
  • (2/12/06) U.S. sides with Iran, Sudan to bar gay groups from UN: Isn't it nice to know that our government is as progressive as that of Iran and the Sudan— all because two gay rights groups wanted official "observer" status.
  • (2/12/06) How I stalked my girlfriend: While this story has no relationship to the RRR or this misadministration, it is a chilling example of how easy it is for any member of the CIA, FBI or NSA to track your every movement.
  • (2/12/06) Fitzgerald says White House may have destroyed some emails potentially relevant to CIA leak case: With evidence of the destruction of evidence, why hasn't anyone been arrested other than Scooter Libby?
  • (2/12/06) Teen Wanted in Mass. Gay Bar Attack Caught: An 18 year old goes on a rampage in a gay bar in Massachusetts. The young man later dies after a shoot-out with police. Expect more of these kinds of attacks since the government has shown that gays don't deserve the protection of the law.
  • (3/15/06) Congressman writes White House: Did President knowingly sign law that didn't pass?: Bush has shown time and again that he considers himself above the law, contrary to the US Constitution. Now it appears he may have knowingly violated the US Constitution when he signed the recent budget reconciliation bill.
  • (3/15/06) A gospel of intolerance: The Anglican church and its American counterpart, the Episcopalian church, are engaged in a heated debate that threatens to split the Anglican church. The issue mainly revolves around gay marriage and the appointment by the Episcoplian communion of an openly gay bishop.
  • (3/19/06) Drives to ban gay adoption heat up in 16 states: Spearheaded by the RRR, pressure is being put on politicians to ban adoption by gays. Rather than allow children in desperate need of loving homes to be adopted by loving gay parents, the RRR would rather those children languish in the foster care system where many are subject to repeated abuse.
  • (3/20/06) EPA OK'd plan to dump nerve agent into Delaware: VX is a deadly nerve gas: all it takes to kill a human could literally fit on the head of a pin. The Army is beginning to neutralize its supply of VX and the process creates wastewater as a byproduct. The Army plans on dumping that wastewater into the Delaware River after the water itself is treated. Up to 4 million gallons. How much more can this planet take before the entire ecostructure collapses under the weight of all the pollutants we're pouring into the system?
  • (3/20/06) AFA Warns Sponsors to Separate From 'Desperate Housewives': In another attempt to force all of America to live by their narrow-minded and bigoted beliefs, the American Family Association is again warning businesses to disassociate themselves from a program that the AFA disagrees with.
  • (3/20/06) Alito thanks Christian right leader for supporting nomination; Says he will 'keep in mind' trust on court: Can you say "I owe you one"? Does it make you feel safe to know that Alito feels indebted to the RRR? Do you trust that his rulings will be fair and unbiased?
  • (3/20/06) Mississippi anti-abortion Senate Bill 2922: A look at the anti-abortion law of Mississippi. South Dakota passed a similar bill, but even more restrictive. And other states are enacting similar legislation. Will Alito "keep in mind" the trust of the RRR when he rules on abortion rights?
  • (3/20/06) Repro-hell: ending pregnancy via gunshot (self inflicted): And this was back in 1994 when no one ever thought abortion had a chance of being overturned...
  • (3/20/06) Police: Woman shot self to induce an abortion: Fast forward another 12 years (it's been 12 years since the other woman did hte same thing in 1994)...and think about the bills passed and signed into law in both Mississippi and South Dakota. [Note: the charges against this woman were dropped except filing a false police report.]
  • (3/20/06) We're Bringing the War Back Home: We're supposed to be fighting to install a democratic government in Iraq, right? Then how come our government is censoring soldiers in Iraq when they get online?
  • (3/20/06) US evangelicals warn Republicans: How much more proof do people need that the RRR controls the Republican party now?
  • (3/20/06) Bush using straw-man arguments in speeches: As Bush's popularity drops through the floor, his only hope is to confuse the issues he's having to deal with. Strawman arguments are made to do just that and Bush is a pro at using them. He's been using them since before his first reign started.
  • (3/20/06) Iraqi police report details civilians' deaths at hands of U.S. troops: Of course, the military's denying it, but then they denied originally that Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire, that they engaged in torture, that the insurgents were winning, etc.
  • (4/07/06) Pentagon probes alleged marine 'rampage' in Iraq: After a make-shift bomb tore into a marine convoy, at least fifteen unarmed civilians, most of them women and children, were found shot to death. Videotape of the incident has prompted the Pentagon to launch a criminal investigation into the incident. Remember My Lai?
  • (4/07/06) Top White House aide Card resigns: Washington insiders suggest that the Bush misadministration will be shaking up their staff in an attempt to bolster a steady decline in approval ratings. But Card is also implicated in the Valerie Plame case since it was Card that Attorney General Gonzalez supposedly told privately twelve hours before announcing publicly that there would be a special prosecutor appointed.
  • (4/07/06) Amnesty International details police abuse of gays and lesbians in the USA: And yet the RRR claims we have the same rights...
  • (4/07/06) Profits surge to 40-year high: Corporate profits are up 21.3% last year. Yet unemployment is still high, the economy still sucks, prices are going through the roof on everything and Bush is giving corporations and millionaires even more tax cuts.
  • (4/07/06) MoveOn to target four GOP House candidates in $1.3m ad buy: But NBC affiliates are refusing to air it in some places. Once again, so much for the lie about a "liberal" media. This kind of censorship by the corporate media will only get worse as the election nears because without the Bush misadministration and the Republicans in power, big business won't make as much money at the expense of the taxpayers.
  • (4/22/06) Biggest investment tax cuts went to the richest: Does this really surprise anyone? And yet so many still continue to believe that they'll benefit from Bush's "tax cuts".
  • (4/22/06) 'Playing The Clash made me a terror suspect': Now if you sing along to the music you enjoy, you might be detained as a possible terrorist!
  • (4/22/06) Student Expelled After Revealing He's Gay On MySpace: While any religious school is free to admit who they want, do they also dismiss those who steal, lie, cheat, etc? Or just the gays?
  • (4/22/06) McClellan: Media Should "Publicly Apologize" For Reporting On Mobile Weapons Lab Story: Apologize for what? Telling the truth? Or making Bush look bad? Either way, the media told the truth and no apology is needed. But this story just highlights so nicely the arrogance of this misadministration who believes it can do no wrong.
  • (4/22/06) Rumsfeld and Cheney Revive Their 70's Terror Playbook: Remember how long the Cold War lasted? Now Rumsfeld is intimating that the war in Iraq (which they want us to believe is part of the war on terror) is gonna last just as long...
  • (4/22/06) Exxon Chairman's $400 Million Parachute: How would you like to retire with a $400 million dollar bonus? Now do you still need to ask whose making money on high gas prices?
  • (4/22/06) Church units not penalized for refusing gay adoptions: As the RRR gains more power, more and more agencies will openly discriminate against gays. Now, if this agency is not receiving state money, discriminate all you want. But if it is, then either accept gays or close up shop or continue discriminating but don't expect any funding from the state.
  • (4/22/06) 2 million scores ignored in 'No Child' loophole: And ignoring those scores makes it appear that Bush's disaster of a program is working. This is the first of a four part series.
  • (4/22/06) More Purity Ball: As the RRR gets more desperate, these kind of "rituals" will become more common. Girls, many of them very young looking, taking part in a ritual pledge of purity with their fathers of all people.
  • (8/29/06) Faulty Testimony Sent 2 to Death Row, Panel Finds: This article demonstrates many of the growing trend in this nation: to get others to think for us and to tell us what to do. To overlook the lack of credentials or put too much stock in the same. To effectively consider someone guilty until proven innocent when it comes to horrific crimes, especially against children. To continue to support the barbaric practice of the death penalty.
  • (8/29/06) ExxonMobil chair, CEO to NBC: No 'help' is on the way: It's been officially confirmed: money is more important to big oil than the hardships their profiteering puts on consumers.
  • (8/29/06) Iraqi Police Execute "Gay" Child in Baghdad: Well, why not? After all, in our own country, this misadministration is trying to make it illegal for gays to have equal rights. And Bush has said we're there to give the Iraqis a chance at the kind of democracy we have. And it seems that's just what they're getting....even faster than we are....
  • (8/29/06) Sex, Lies, and Government Contracts: More corruption in Washington is coming to light. Some of the biggest scandals are being unearthed during the presidency of the man who promised to bring morality and accountability back to the White House.
  • (8/29/06) Security issue kills domestic spying inquiry: The Justice Department began looking into the domestic spying issue but found themselves up against a brick wall: they were denied the security clearance to get the information they were required. How's that for the perfect crime? Break the law, then when someone tells you their investigating you, you force them to stop.
  • (8/29/06) Report: Suicidal troops sent into combat: Despite their superiors recognizing signs of mental illness, members of the armed forces have been sent into combat because of the huge shortage of soldiers and the shortfalls in recruiting.
  • (8/29/06) Brutal US Attack on Unarmed Afghans Captured by Photos: Yet another incident where US soldiers have attacked civilians whose only "weapons" were rocks thrown after a US truck lost its brakes and ran into Afgahni vehicles, killing one person.
  • (8/30/06) Battle Cry for Theocracy: Any good dictator or wanna-be dictator (or their supporters) knows that you have to win the hearts of the youth if you want your "movement" to continue. The rallies mentioned in this article are reminiscent of the Hitler Youth with respect to their fervent fear-mongering rhetoric, distortion of facts and fundamentalism.
  • (8/30/06) Lawmaker: Marines killed Iraqis 'in cold blood': There are those who remember history and those who don't. My guess is that the vast majority of kids involved in this atrocity have no idea what happened at Mai Lai. But there's a whole lot of us who DO remember and my guess is that the top brass remember as well. But they obviously learned no lessons from it because it's happening again and again in this ongoing invasion and occupation.
  • (8/30/06) Photos Indicate Civilians Slain Execution-Style: More on the Iraqi Mai Lai.
  • (8/31/06) Accusations Against U.S. Enrage Iraqis: And if those accusations are true, do you blame them? How do you think our nation would react if an occupying army did that to our citizens?
  • (8/31/06) NYT's Herbert: Kerry 'almost certainly' won Ohio in 2004: And now Ohio is poised to destroy all the paper ballots that could prove or disprove Mr. Herbert's assertion. Well, maybe not, because so many people were not given the chance to vote.
  • (8/31/06) Police to Get Access to Student Data: A Virginia law requires all colleges and universities in the state to give police access to the student files of all students they admit to their schools. The reason: so police can cross-check the names against the registries of sexual offenders. First, why can't the schools do that themselves? Second, if a sexual offender hasn't been caught, s/he's not going to be on the registries. Third, how many sexual offenders actually register? Fourth, do you know how easy it is to get forged documents that say you're someone else? This is just another step into the removal of our right to privacy and more government invasion of our personal lives.
  • (8/31/06) Pol blames Satan for crap luck: No, really, that's what John Jacob of Utah, running against five-term incumbent, Chris Cannon.
  • (9/1/06) Troops Facing Murder Probe: Another incident...they're going to keep happening and getting worse until we get out of where we don't belong.
  • (9/1/06) No Choice When It Comes to License Plates: Another example of the government supporting one point of view over all others— which could be seen as a violation of the first amendment in the case of choice/anti-choice matters.
  • (9/1/06) Jewish family flees Delaware school district's aggressive Christianity: This kind of state-sponsored religion will only become more and more common until we stand up and take back our nation from religious fanatics who have no respect for the first amendment.
  • (9/2/06) Public editor reveals New York Times editor decided to hold wiretap story on eve of 2004 presidential election: I wonder what its like to know that you could have saved the lives of tens of thousands of people by publishing the story and having people vote Bush out of office and you didn't do it....
  • (9/2/06) Democrats Assail GOP Fundraising Effort: Just hours after the announcment by the British police of their arrests in the "foiled terrorism plot", a Republican fundraising letter come out that mentioned the war on terror. They claim it was a staffer's fault, yet if Bush ordered the arrests (or strongly suggested they be arrested), then they knew about the plot and I'm sure someone in the administration knew about the fundraising letter....You can connect the dots, can't you?
  • (10/16/06) Birth Defects Seen in Gulf War Vets' Kids: A government study found that the children of Gulf War vets are 2-3 times more likely to have birth defects.
  • (10/16/06) Lawyer Says FCC Ordered Study Destroyed: A government study on the damage and dangers of taking away controls aimed at keeping media moguls from owning large numbers of TV and radio stations was destroyed. Since the vast majority of media outlets are owned by conservative corporations, does that surprise anyone?
  • (11/30/06) Second Secret Study Surfaces at FCC: A second government study on the damage and dangers of media consolidation has surfaced. A second study buried to prevent its findings from coming to light.
  • (11/30/06) Film Shows Youths Training to Fight for Jesus : A frightening look at a camp training kids on how to become Christian terrorists. Think that's too strong? Here's the words of the camp director: "I want to see them as radically laying down their lives for the gospel as they are in Palestine, Pakistan and all those different places."
  • (11/30/06) Audit: Bush reading program beset by favoritism, mismanagement: Given the nepotism and demands of "loyalty" exhibited by this misadministration, do the results of this audit really surprise anyone?
  • (11/30/06) Bitter Pill: This is what happens when we let personal morals override civil rights.
  • (11/30/06) Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terrorism Threat: More proof that you can't win a "war on terrorism".
  • (11/30/06) Top Generals Hint at Army Expansion of 60,000 Troops: If they can't even meet their current recruiting goals, where do you think these extra 60,000 troops will come from?
  • (11/30/06) U.S. blocked hurricane report, journal says: The government says the report just wasn't ready...but it still wasn't released when it was.
  • (3/6/07) Army Recruiters Accused of Misleading Students to Get Them to Enlist: Gee! Imagine that! A government agency that doesn't tell the truth! I'm shocked! (Was that too heavy on the sarcasm?)
  • (3/6/07) A scarlet letter for sex offenders?: A judge in Delaware orders a convicted sex-offender to wear a T-shirt, announcing that he's a registered sex offender, to work for about the next two years. Protecting the population from registered sex offenders does NOT include putting the life of that sex offender in jeopardy each time he walks out the door. This punishment is reminiscent of putting someone in the stocks and posting their crime on a board beside them. It's been outlawed as cruel and unusual punishment, but now we're bringing it back under the disguise of protecting our children.
  • (3/6/07) Houston landscapers refuse gay couple's job: A landscaper in Houston, Texas, turned down a job because the couple trying to hire his company was gay.
  • (3/6/07) Colo. Residents Spar Over Peace Sign: A resident in a housing development in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, was told she would be fined $25 a day until she removed a Christmas wreath that was shaped to look like a peace sign. The home-owners association president, Bob Kearns, said some residents felt it was an anti-war protest and others felt it was a symbol of Satan. [Note: Believe it or not, many of the more fundamentalist Christian faiths DO consider the peace sign a symbol of Satan as they see it as an upside down broken cross.] Mr. Kearns fired all the board members of the home-owners association when they refused to do his bidding by requiring the woman to take down the wreath. I guess Mr. Kearns forgot the part where the angel says "Peace on Earth. Goodwill toward men." This is how narrow-minded and closed-minded and controlling the RRR is.
  • (3/6/07) Nato split on Afghan combat curbs: NATO, misled by the same misadministration, agreed to support the invasion of Afghanistan to hunt for Osama bin Laden. They didn't count on the US changing direction and focus. Now, with the continuing resurgence of violence, the US is asking that NATO forces accept a greater share of the dangerous assignments. Many NATO countries are refusing.
  • (3/6/07) Bush and the Full Court Press: A look at the more subtle ways this misadministration is taking over the courts.
  • (3/6/07) Gonzales: Judges unfit to rule on terror policy: The head attorney in the US, that guy who is supposed to champion the US Constitution, says that judges should just do what the president wants....When will people understand that an "activist judge" is not someone who throws out laws that are unconstitutional even if they are popular.
  • (3/6/07) Rape victim jailed after reporting attack: Jailing a rape victim is bad enough but to not allow her to receive the emergency contraceptive pill because it violated the beliefs of the medical staff at the jail is simply outrageous! But this kind of thing— pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions because it violates their beliefs, doctors refusing to prescribe medication because it violates their beliefs, etc.— is becoming far too common.
  • (3/6/07) Schools required to distribute 'ex-gay' literature; Truth Wins Out slams move: It seems the latest tactic of the RRR, particularly the homophobic sections, are focusing on indoctrinating the youth of our nation through the distribution of fliers through the "backpack mail" kids in many schools take home every day. Even if the information is false and full of lies it can be sent home if the organization jumps through the right hoops.

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